4 Sept 2019

Website Sorted from P.G. Models

Website Sorted

There’s been a “double whammy” with the P G Models website.  The first problem was that my Internet provider, BT Internet will now only allow me access to “btinternet.com” e-mail addresses.  As a result, I have not been able to access any messages sent to me using the pg-models e-mail address in the “Contact Us” section of the website, although I didn’t realise this until just the other day.  Please accept my apologies if you have been trying to contact me.  I wasn’t ignoring you, I just didn’t know that you were trying to contact me.

The second problem was that you could select the items you want to buy on the website, and fill in your details in the Checkout, but when it came to trying to pay, the link to Pay Pal was no longer there.  I eventually found out about this just two days ago when a friend of a friend contacted me through my btinternet e-mail address to tell me about the problem.

I am please to say that yesterday I contacted Team 8 Digital who administer the P G Models website for me, and they have sorted out both problems.  The link with PayPal is now up and running again, and any messages to me now get re-routed to my btinternet e-mail address, and come through to me once more.

Warrior Mechanised Combat Repair Vehicle picture 1

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on some new models.  This is the Warrior Mechanised Combat Repair Vehicle, used by the British Army from 1988 up to the present.

Warrior Mechanised Combat Repair Vehicle picture 2

Warrior Repair has a crane and stabiliser leg on the nearside, which take the vehicle outside of the loading gauge for the British railway system.  As a result, they are carried by road for any movements with in the UK.  However, they are carried by rail in Germany and Poland, and also in Canada, going to and from the BATUS ranges in Alberta, Canada.  The photo shows one of my models as a load on an Oxford Die-cast low loader.  They do this one, and another in Stobart Rail colours, which didn’t seem appropriate.

Warrior Mechanised Combat Repair Vehicle picture 3

Just two days ago I finished the High Mobility Trailer to go behind the Warrior.  This can be used for general cargo, and also to carry either one Challenger 2 power pack or two warrior power packs, and no, I’ve got no intention of making either.  The power packs are usually carried with a tarpaulin sheet over them, which would be the easiest way of showing one loaded.

I am now working on the instructions for both models and building up a stock of them.  Both models will be released at The International N Gauge Show (TINGS) in Leamington Spa the weekend after this one, 14th & 15th September.  I’ll put them both on the website when I get back from the show.

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