22 Sept 2019

News from Traders Galaxy


Just a quick update to get my head together

- the Valiant bashers are becoming preassembled bots that should fit ok so will technically not be conversion sets. They will be Bashers in background only. The first set Hotwheel, Topshot and Recovery will be released as a $45aud pre assembled set. The others will follow over the course of time.

- Snake corp vehicles will separate into a pack of 3 land based and a pack of 3 air based vehicles.

- queen is with the caster

- Leviathan, Destroyer, Gators and the Building kits are being printed.

- The Builders and Mirror Warriors are delayed

- first wave of Trashers are cast and ready. 4 sets in the first wave. Non limited Chopper, smasher, and 2 x 3 pre assembled bot sets.

- painting is way way behind. Still to paint - CRAB, mudskipper, Sandcrawler, Nekton, Hydro, Electrotryrant, 2 Swarms, Leviathan

- Atlantican model upgrade for Tanks and Gunship is coming

- Atlantican grav fighter unit is coming.

- battlemat design almost finished

Traders Galaxy

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