30 Oct 2017

5 New Packs of Figures & Heavy Weapons to Our 10mm Cold War 84 Range from Timecast

We Are Pleased to Announce That We Have Added Five New Packs of Figures & Heavy Weapons to Our 10mm Cold War 84 Range


BR12 120mm Wombat Recoilless Rifle & Crew

BR12 120mm Wombat Recoilless Rifle & Crew

The iconic Wombat 120mm recoilless rifle, complete with 3 man crew.

BR13 Engineers

BR13 Engineers

Royal Engineers with demolition and mine clearing equipment. (8 models)


SMR11 Soviet Engineers

SMR11 Soviet Engineers

 Engineers with demolition and mine clearing equipment (8 models)

SMR12 Dismounted Recce Vehicle Crews

SMR12 Dismounted Recce Vehicle Crews

Soviet recce vehicle crews in camouflage overalls, carrying small arms and radios. (8 models)

SMR13 SPG-9 Recoilless Rifle

SMR13 SPG-9 Recoilless Rifle

Found in the anti-tank platoons of BTR equipped MR Battalions, the SPG-9 was used alongside the AT-3 and AT-4 anti-tank missiles. (2 guns and crews)

The models are 10mm scale and retail at £1.30 GBP per pack of eight models.


28 Oct 2017

Chinese People's Liberation Army from 1/144 Tank

The Chinese People's Liberation Army. The most powerful army on earth.

Chinese People's Liberation Army from 1/144 Tank picture 1

Chinese People's Liberation Army from 1/144 Tank picture 2

Chinese People's Liberation Army from 1/144 Tank picture 3

1 Set= about 240 soldiers+ More than 10 officers(The estimated price is RMB 200 yuan/ 1 set)

1/144 Tank

New Ogres & Chaos Dwarf from 10mm Fantasy Miniatures

New Ogres and Chaos Dwarf from 10mm Fantasy Miniatures.

Ogres and Chaos Dwarf

Ogres and Chaos Dwarf picture 1

Ogres and Chaos Dwarf picture 2

10mm Fantasy Miniatures

New LoA & WSS Releases from Pendraken Miniatures

We've got another batch of new releases ready now, with a few assorted goodies for the LoA and WSS periods.  First up Clib's done some conversion work to change the previous LoA command into tricorns, suitable for the latter end of the Augsburg period through into the WSS.  He's also put some fur hats on the dragoons, just in time to go with the new dragoon flags we've received from Sandinista!  Thanks to both for their work on these.

Bringing up the rear, we've replaced the Marlburian dismounted dragoon sculpts and added a horse holder set for them as well.

League of Augsburg

LOA38   Dismounted Command group, tricorn (3 figures + 1 horse)     £1.00

LOA38   Dismounted Command group, tricorn (3 figures + 1 horse)

LOA39   Mounted Command, standing, tricorn (7 figures)     £2.50

LOA39   Mounted Command, standing, tricorn (7 figures)

LOA40   Mounted Command, moving, tricorn (7 figures)     £2.50

LOA41   French Dragoons in fur hats (15 figures, inc. command)     £4.95

LOA42   Allied Dragoons in fur hats (15 figures, inc. command)

LOA42   Allied Dragoons in fur hats (15 figures, inc. command)     £4.95

PNFL218    William III Dragoon Regiments    £2.50

PNFL218    William III Dragoon Regiments

PNFL219    Allied Dragoon Regiments    £2.50

PNFL219    Allied Dragoon Regiments

PNFL224    Louis XIV Dragoon Regiments    £2.50

PNFL224    Louis XIV Dragoon Regiments


MAL21    Dismounted dragoons (30)    £4.95

MAL21    Dismounted dragoons (30)

MAL22    Horse holder with horse (5 pairs)     £2.50

MAL22    Horse holder with horse (5 pairs)

(The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed the jump in flag codes from 219 to 224, which is due to the GNW flags we released a couple of months ago.  That'll annoy my OCD for years to come...!)

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Pendraken Miniatures

Revamped 1860 Austrians from Pendraken Miniatures

These were previewed a short while ago and we've got them into production moulds now, so here they are!  We've revamped the Jagers and Grenzers for our 1860 Austrians, which brings that whole range up to par now with our recent sculpts.

1860's Austrians

AU3    Jagers, inc. command (30)    £4.95

AU3    Jagers, inc. command (30)

AU12    Grenzers, inc. command (30)    £4.95

AU12    Grenzers, inc. command (30)

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Pendraken Miniatures

27 Oct 2017

Forests for 2mm, 6mm, 10mm & 15mm Wargames

One-piece tree canopies in a range of styles and seasons for the 2mm, 6mm, 10mm or 15mm wargamer. For Winter too!!

Forests can be represented on the wargames table in a number of ways. Each have their own pros and cons.

Single trees on bases are cheap and allow gamers to admire their miniatures, even when hiding in cover. However, if model trees are permanently attached to a forest footprint, placement of larger units can be difficult. Even if weighted, individually based tree models are prone to toppling over with a domino effect on other trees or snagging on miniatures.

Besides, from the gamer's view of the tabletop (similar to hovering hundreds of metres above the landscape), all but the most sparse of wooded areas appear as undulating unbroken swathes of vegetation.

My tree canopy style representations of forests (as opposed to highly detailed and accurate tree models) will bring a practical and aesthetic dense forest effect to your 3mm, 6mm, 10mm & 15mm wargaming tables.

Pledging for additional sets will of course, greatly add to the variety of foliage and appearance of the tabletop scenery in larger games.

Don't forget that the reward level forest styles listed can be customized when the project goes ahead, for instance to request either the triangular or rectangular shapes or the Frosty/Snowy types for Winter campaigns.

Product Description

There are three tree canopy sections in each hand made set, cut from a single 15cm x 15cm piece of tree canopy material (just over 6" square), which is just enough for the smallest of skirmish games.

'Deciduous' and 'evergreen' three and four sided styles (pictured rather closer together than normal!)
There are two kinds of shaped woods available for variation: three sided and four sided, although they are trimmed to have undulating edges for a natural look. (As they are handmade, straight sided plantations could be easily produced in addition to other custom requirements).

A view under the tree canopy.The wood on the right is set up to be sited on a gradient.
Originally designed for 6mm gaming, there is at least 25mm of adjustable clearance underneath the tree canopies for your miniatures with the standard 'tree trunk' supports. (For 15mm gamers, or if using troops with standard bearers or AFVs with whip aerials, taller supports may be better, which can be supplied). Not every tree trunk is specifically represented with these forests, only the minimum number to provide stability and adequate headroom. If the forest is to be sited on a hillside they can be inserted into the vegetation at appropriate angles. Most importantly, these tree canopies can be lifted off the table without snagging on the miniatures underneath.

I do not use a 'footprint' for replacing the forests after lifting (for example, a felt cut out 'shadow') in my games as I find there are usually enough points of reference (especially once miniatures have moved underneath). This could be changed depending on feedback.

They are available in eight foliage styles for battles in any season which can be seen in the following sets and test mock-ups:


Deciduous foliage style
A standard tree with mid green leaves and using green branches for extra verdance.

Light Oak

Light Oak, again with 6mm miniatures for scale
Standard dark brown branches with light green 'Spring growth'

Dark Oak

Dark Oak triangular set
Standard deciduous leaves on dark brown branches.


Evergreen rectangular set
Blue-green pine effect foliage on dark branches. Pictured is a single colour test foliage which will be improved upon with variegation.

Early Autumn

Early Autumn wood
The leaves on the trees in this wood are just beginning to turn yellow.

Late Autumn

Late Autumn wood
Dark brown branches visible through yellow leaves. A more Copper Beech leaf colour is in development.


Trees in blossom
A darkish tree in flower (eg Sycamore, Rhodedendron).


Heavy Frost
It is envisaged that Frosty sets will vary in appearance, depending on pledge feedback and suggestions. Options could be from bare branches through a very light dusting all the way up to heavy frost (as shown), with a different effect on each forest section, or whatsoever the customer prefers.


An extension of the heavy frost level, branches will be almost completely covered by a thick layer of 'snow'.


So in the coming days, look out for news on planned improvements to the foliage on the evergreen and late Autumn ranges, better images for frosty & snowy mock ups.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.


I am intending to charge only for postage & packing at cost. With luck I will get some delivered for Christmas but for most it will be something to look forward to in the New Year!

UK signed: £5

Worldwide signed: £10-15 depending on destination & volume

Risks and challenges

These scenic items have been tried and tested in my wargames for a number of years, with no noticeable wear and tear.
Aside from making random shaped forest sections when developing the concept for my own use, I have timed the making of a few test sets, costed the materials and of course, shipping. Being self-employed, I can devote as much time as necessary for the completion of orders.
If all goes well, I hope to develop an extension range for 15mm-28mm miniatures.


Wargames Illustrated 361, November 2017

Wargames Illustrated 361, November 2017

November Issue of Wargames Illustrated Available The theme for our latest issue is The Cavalry, wargaming with big men on big horses.

We take a look at what’s new and upcoming in the world of wargaming.

One of our friendly neighbourhood Napoleonic era buffs takes a wargamer’s eye view of the heavy cavalry at Waterloo.

Joe McCullough provides an exclusive solo scenario for use with his Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago rules from Osprey Games.

Just how effective was a knight on horseback, how did they evolve and then disappear, and how are they treated by a variety of popular rules?

Bruce Wiegle expounds upon the influences behind the latest expansion to his popular grand tactical rule system.

Jim Graham charts the evolution of one British cavalry unit as it moved through the ages from the horse to the armoured vehicle.

We caught up with the ‘Best Game’ winners at The Other Partizan to find out more regarding their Battle of Crecy demonstration game.

Nick Buxey discusses the history of those cultural icons, the U.S. Cavalry, and explores some gaming possibilities.

It’s the 1930s, the world in which you live is a mess, what do you do about it? Why, take a car, arm and armour it up and head out into the wasteland – see you on the road, old boy!

Steve Wood is back again, taking us through his technique for painting up
some British cavalry.

Regular contributor Pete Brown begins with a familiar tale of a wargamer sucked into a new period, and concludes by telling us how to game The Battle of Al-Hamed, in order to suck you into gaming the British in Egypt!

The final part in our series takes a closer look at an interesting confrontation with a touch of everything which makes this period worth wargaming.

Nick Buxey provides us with a great method for creating North American maize fields.

We take a look at some of the excellent entries for our competition at Historicon this year, run as a joint venture with the HMGS.

What is this company up to? Where in the world do they visit? And why should you go along on one of their excellent tours?

Wargames Illustrated

26 Oct 2017

Ancient History Magazine 13, Nov-Dec 2017

Ancient History Magazine 13, Nov-Dec 2017

Ancient History Magazine 13 with everyday life in Pompeii

From food and architecture to graffiti and sanitation, in this issue, we explore the daily realities for Romans living in this famous ancient city before its destruction.

Theme: Everyday life in Pompeii

Sandra Alvarez, 'Historical introduction - A slumbering giant awakens'.
Julie Ackroyd, '"Mercator says hello" - Graffiti in Pompeii'.
Sophie Hay, 'A small neighbourhood in Pompeii - Home sweet home'.
Ray Laurence, 'Roman childhood and adolescence - Growing up in Pompeii'.
Kate Trusler, 'Finding a toilet in Pompeii - Where's the loo?'.
Jessica Venner, 'Diet, drink, and daily life in Pompeii - What's for dinner?'.
Ingrid Rowland, 'The rediscovery and romanticism of Pompeii - Lost but not forgotten'.
Danielle Trynoski, 'Ancient History travels - The hidden glories of Pompeii'.


Alexandra Grigorieva, 'Roman cuisine for new Barbarian kings - Bringing home the bacon'.
Danièle Cybulskie, 'Donations and giving in ancient Rome - Blessed are the poor?'.
Sandra Alvarez, 'A new exhibit of Scythian culture - Warriors of the steppes'.
David L. Reinke, 'Rome's best-known general on screen - Cinema Caesars'.

Ancient History Magazine

More 10mm Fantasy Figures from Laran Miniatures

More 10mm Fantasy figures from Laran Miniatures

Witch Hunter Party

Witch Hunter Party

This Witch Hunter Party is ready to hunt and destroy any deviant that haunts our loved nation.
We used a pre order system to put these in production and are now funded to cast and deliver these miniatures for all customers.

Delivery is planned after Christmas.​



This rogue warrior's call themselves the Bravados and come in pack of 20 miniatures with 5 poses.
Can be used as pirates, or mercenaries in a Renaissance Fantasy setting.
These are almost funded trough the preorder system.

We plan to add more references as the funding proceeds.

Discussions are up on the Minihammer group to determine the look of the next venture.

The Year of Slaughter: Armies on the Western front during 1916

The Year of Slaughter: Armies on the Western front during 1916

1916: The Year of Slaughter is a supplement for the ‘Through the Mud and Blood’ ruleset by Dobbies Hobbies. 1916: The Year of Slaughter will provide you with army lists for the major powers fighting on the Western Front during 1916. To use these rules, you will need a copy of the main rules ‘Through the Mud and Blood

Wargame Vault

25 Oct 2017

Through the Mud and Blood

Though the Mud and Blood is a quick play divisional scale rule set which can be used to recreate large scale engagements from the Great War. It is suitable for all theatres from Flanders to Gallipoli to Russia. Armies for different theatres will be provided in year/theatre specific supplements.

Though the Mud and Blood is designed as a fast play ruleset, even large divisional scale engagements are easy to finish in a single evening. This rule set will give you the option to fight detailed engagements without the rules that bog down many large scale Great War games.

Now there's just one last question.... Will you be able to advance through the mud and blood into the green fields beyond?

Wargame Vault

Markers (scale 6mm/10mm)

Markers (scale 6mm/10mm)

Markers (scale 6mm/10mm), These markers is designed at the 6/10mm gaming scale.

Wargame Vault

Four Against the Abyss

Four Against the Abyss

Four Against the Abyss, When standard dungeons do not pose much of a challenge anymore, your experienced heroes may want to go deeper, looking for greater rewards. Once all of your characters reach 5th level, you will want to start using this book!

This is an expansion to Four Against Darkness designed for character levels 5 to 9. It includes;

using a d8 for combat and saves
new monster reactions
new, more powerful, monsters
expert skills that your characters can learn
new spells for wizards and elves
rules for madness, vampirism and lycanthropy
details of hirelings and professionals your party can hire
plots for campaigns to link a series of dungeons
updates to all charts, including new monsters, encounters and treasures.
Take your party into the Abyss and step into the tier of experienced adventurers!

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24 Oct 2017

TTCombat Announce Purchase of Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander

TTCombat Announce Purchase of Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander.

Today we have an extremely exciting announcement here at TTCombat. We have completed a deal with Hawk Wargames to purchase both the incredible Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander.

Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander.

For the past few months we have been talking to Hawk about handling their logistics. The difficulty of off-site production combined with fulfilling one of the most successful UK wargaming Kickstarters of all time was putting strain on their business.

David Lewis is one of the most talented designers in the industry; he’s made two amazing games and a beautiful range of miniatures to support them. However, as time went on, David found himself spending most of his time running a company and dealing with the fall-out from the Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter.

After discussions on how to best move the business forward into 2018 and beyond, we both came to the conclusion that it would be better for Hawk Wargames to become a part of the TTCombat family.

David is of course staying on as lead designer and will now have his time freed up to do what he does best: design breath-taking miniatures. The TTCombat team have been working on a range of buildings and accessories which will launch alongside Dropzone Commander 2.0 at Salute in April, and there will be plenty more before then!

We have a lot of moulds that require remaking, so some supplies may be a bit short while we facilitate the transition, so we please ask all the DZC and DFC fans to be patient with us during this time. If you’ve followed TTCombat in the past, you’ll know that it won’t be long before everything is up and running.

The Dropfleet Commander Battle Fleet box deals will finally see release at the end of November and we are already building a good quantity of stock to ensure we can meet demand. David has already begun work on the destroyers for Dropfleet and they are looking fantastic!

The Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter still has some items outstanding, and we at TTCombat will be ensuring that all backers will receive all of their rewards promptly. If we have to make your toys from scratch then we will get pouring resin! There are also some outstanding vouchers, which of course we will be honouring via the TTCombat webstore. Once we have organised the stock we have collected from Hawk and got it all listed, you’ll be able to choose from any Dropzone Commander or Dropfleet Commander products, or the full range of TTCombat games, scenery, and accessories!

TTCombat games, scenery, and accessories!

The next couple of months will be a little hectic as we get everything back on track, but once we do, hold on tight! We have some exciting years ahead... a third Commander game in 2018 anyone?


23 Oct 2017

Naval SITREP #53 (October 2017)

The Naval SITREP is published twice a year by the Admiralty Trilogy Group. It supports the Admiralty Trilogy game system with scenarios, articles on history and technology, and rules expansions & corrections.

The Naval SITREP Issue #53 was published in October of 2017. Table of contents:

Nick Jellicoe visits the Washington Navy Yard

FG&DN Scenario: The Great White Fleet

     Ships for Great White Fleet

     Torpedoes for Great White Fleet

     Guns for Great White Fleet

Kitbash Corner: Converting Airfix’s Z 28

Harpoon Scenario: Lebanon 1976 - Suppression and Extraction

FG&DN Scenario: Fortress Borkum

     Fortress Borkum Guns

Coastal Ship Killers (Antiship Cruis Missiles)

Rule Changes and Corrections

Point Blank Fire

FG&DN Gets an Overhaul

And for CaS…

The Fitzgerald Collision Analysis

Product Updates

Good news from Shapeways

FlightDeck2400 Decals


Dr. Howard Todd Kauderer, 1955 - 2017

Book Review: Battle Ready, by David M. Hansen

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10mm Barbed Wire Barricades from Blotz

 This kit contains approximately 28" of 10mm scale barbed wire barricades.

10mm Barbed Wire Barricades

10mm Barbed Wire Barricades

There are 6 sections which are 4" long and 2 sections which are 2" long.
A 5 metre spool of "barbed wire" is included in the kit.

Precision cut from 2mm MDF.
Supplied unpainted.
Requires assembly.

Blotz, MDF Terrain and Accessories

10mm Cooling Tower and Nuclear Power Station from Blotz

What would a city be without its power supply ? Give your 10mm troops a reason to fight by letting them defend their power supply. Here we have our 10mm cooling tower and nuclear power station (which can double up as a radar facility by swapping out the dome for a radar dish (sold separately).
Our coal fired station is also on its way.

With nothing on the radar dish to tie it to a specific scale, it is equally good as a 28mm battlefield uplink or objective.

Cooling tower (B10-PS-001) @ £6.00

Cooling tower (B10-PS-001)

A 10mm scale cooling tower, suitable for use with games such as Dropzone Commander.

Height: 152mm / 6 inches
Length: 110mm
Width: 110mm
(measurements are approximate)

Precision cut from 2mm MDF.

Nuclear Power Station (B10-PS-004) @ £7.00

A 10mm scale nuclear power station, suitable for use with games such as Dropzone Commander.

Height: 83mm
Length: 185mm
Width: 116mm
(measurements are approximate)

The dome can be left separate so it can be swapped out for a radar dish (sold separately) allowing the building to be used as a radar / satellite uplink station

Precision cut from 2mm MDF.
Supplied unpainted.
Requires Assembly.

Large radar (B10-ACC-410) @ £3.50

Large radar (B10-ACC-410)

A 10mm scale large radar dish, suitable for use with games such as Dropzone Commander.

Height: 42mm
Length: 48mm
Width: 48mm
(measurements are approximate)

Can be combined with the Nuclear Power plant (B10-PS-004) to create a radar station.

Precision cut from 2mm MDF.
Supplied unpainted.
Requires Assembly.

Blotz, MDF Terrain and Accessories

Tiger 1 Sold Out by Arrowhead Miniatures,

Unfortunately the first batch of Tiger's are almost sold out. Get yours now while stocks last. Restocking by November 15th.

Arrowhead Miniatures

22 Oct 2017

WWII British Vehicles Photos from Pendraken Miniatures

Jason at J.A.D Designs has started working on our WWII vehicles and this first batch arrived earlier this year.  We'll keep adding to these threads as more finished models arrive.

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Pendraken Miniatures