Friday, 20 March 2015

Aquan Prime Firepower Leviathan

The graceful stride of the El-Shami Firepower Leviathan very often spells death to the enemies of Aquan Prime forces. Its sleek lines, excellent manoeuvrability and powerful fore mounted firepower make it a most dangerous opponent that hunts its foes through the blasted battlefields of the Firestorm Galaxy with a predatory hunger.

The Leviathan is armed with two deadly Solar Titan Lasers that are capable of eliminating any target in the Firestorm Galaxy with a combination of blistering laser fire and pinpoint accuracy that is unparalleled among its contemporaries.

Aquan Prime Firepower Leviathan

In addition to these weapons, the El-Shami has a built-in Nexus Designator it can use to further increase its damage potential by use of highly effective target locks.

The war engine also has a powerful anti-infantry weapon that strikes fear into the hearts of its targets – the Venom Missile System. This prototype weapon is often used on Aquan Ground Attack Aircraft, but not in the numbers mounted on the El-Shami, which fields the system in unprecedented amounts.

In addition, the El-Shami is often accompanied by a number of Imzani Light Skimmers, the crews of which are chosen from among the best of the Aquan Battle Shoals. These ‘super-elites’ are utterly fearless and provide excellent support to their parent element, both in terms of its raw firepower and tactical flexibility.

The Aquan Prime Firepower Leviathan Helix contains 1 El-Shami and 8 Imzani Light Skimmers, and is now available to pre-order from the Spartan Games online store.

Spartan Games

Sorylian Collective Firepower Leviathan

At first glance the Nor’Bar’Ro Firepower Leviathan is often mistaken as a beast of burden, but nothing could be further from the truth. In Sorylian Collective society the ‘Ancient One’ stands as a paragon of intellect and maturity among members of society.

A creature blessed with far reaching knowledge and a profound understanding of the various theatres of war, the Ancient stands as a bulwark against the enemies of the Collective, imparting its learning to its followers while at the same time devastating the enemy with a variety of advanced weaponry.

Sorylian Collective Firepower Leviathan

The Ancient carries a howdah on its broad back from which it directs debilitating firepower, bringing down enemy flyers with ease using its Nar’Mok Precision Missiles and engaging enemy armour with its dual Nar’Vak Titan Cannons. When the enemy do eventually close with the behemoth, the Ancient focuses its Sar’Nav Grenade Launchers to finish its foes off.

The Ancient is often accompanied by a number of fanatical Ka’Kun Light Skiff units who are Oath Sworn to their master, and will fight to the death to defend it. Whilst not heavily armed, these light recon vehicles can be used to harass enemy who stray too close, ready for the Nor’Bar’Ro to deal the killing blow.

The Sorylian Collective Firepower Leviathan Helix contains 1 Nor’Bar’Ro Ancient, 4 Sorylian infantry figures and 10 Ka’Kun Light Skiffs, and is now available to pre-order from the Spartan Games Online Store.

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The Relthoza Firepower Leviathan

There are few war engines in the Firestorm Galaxy that inspire the same degree of dread amongst its enemies as the Varisei-Kei.

Armed with two banks of Chrysalis Shard Cannons, this mighty vehicle is capable of directing a fearsome amount of ordnance at a single target or, if required, it can engage different enemies using its advanced targeting systems.

The Relthoza Firepower Leviathan

When the enemy close in, the powerful Bio-Toxin Projectors mounted in the vehicle’s tail can sweep across formations, spitting out caustic acid capable of eating through all bar the thickest of armour.

The Varisei-Kei is also blessed with some of the best nanites developed by the Relthozan tech-adepts, giving the massive war engine the ability to cloak itself on the battlefield. This tremendous feat of engineering is also supplemented with the enhanced self-repair systems that are consistently found on Relthozan military assets.

In addition to the Varisei-Kei, the Helix is often fielded with a number of contingents of Namisc Light Drones. These warriors are far down the pupation-path to becoming a fully-fledged Relthozan warrior, but are specially chosen to escort the Leviathan as they have been seen to exhibit a higher degree of aggression than normal pupates at the same development stage.

The Relthoza Firepower Leviathan Helix contains 1 Vardiss Heavy Walker and 12 Namisc Light Walkers, and is now available to pre-order from the Spartan Games Online Store.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Russian Pack II in 10mm Available From Epsilon

The most popular release by Epsilon customers has been Russia I in 10mm, so we now offer Russia II for sale. Russia II has three houses in the same style as Russia I, and is a perfect complement if you have the first pack.

Russian Pack II in 10mm Available From Epsilon

The price of this release is €20.00 EUR, and we send the pack painted. If you are interested in buying, this is available on our website.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Escenografia Epsilon

Escenografia Epsilon


In 2002 I started selling the first two pieces of  Scenography Epsilon catalog. Since that moment I have tried to offer the best pieces in Wargames scenery and accessories that I have created at best prices possible.

My interest in creating accessories Wargames scenery started in the 90's, when I made some pieces just to play my own battles. In 1996 I started working in Games Workshop  where I carried out some collaborations for the  White Dwarf  and for their Spanish WEB. I was also the person responsible for the tables of  Games Day  during the time I was working for the Company.

I have also collaborated with different magazines as  Warmodel, Games Forces, Fantasy Division, Wargames Soldiers and Strategy

Escenografia Epsilon

10mm buildings from Escenografia Epsilon! our also sold at Pendraken.

American Civil War, buildings
Colonial, buildings
Dark Age, buildings
Fantasy, buildings
Medieval, buildings
Vietnam, buildings
World War II, buildings

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Monday, 9 March 2015

New 10mm Carthaginians

New 10mm Carthaginians

We have added the following Ancients to our range of 10mm figures:

10CA01 – African Heavy Infantry
10CA02 – Libyan Heavy Infantry
10CA03 – African Heavy Cavalry
10CA04 – Carthaginian Elephants
10NU01 – Numidian Infantry
10NU02 – Numidian Cavalry
10SP01 – Spanish Scutarii
10SP02 – Spanish Caetratii
10SP03 – Spanish Cavalry
10SP04 – Balearic Slingers
10SP05 – Celtiberian Scutarii
10SA01 – Samnite Infantry
10R07 – Numidian/Moorish Light Cavalry
10CE04 – Celtic Slingers