20 Mar 2015

The Relthoza Firepower Leviathan

There are few war engines in the Firestorm Galaxy that inspire the same degree of dread amongst its enemies as the Varisei-Kei.

Armed with two banks of Chrysalis Shard Cannons, this mighty vehicle is capable of directing a fearsome amount of ordnance at a single target or, if required, it can engage different enemies using its advanced targeting systems.

The Relthoza Firepower Leviathan

When the enemy close in, the powerful Bio-Toxin Projectors mounted in the vehicle’s tail can sweep across formations, spitting out caustic acid capable of eating through all bar the thickest of armour.

The Varisei-Kei is also blessed with some of the best nanites developed by the Relthozan tech-adepts, giving the massive war engine the ability to cloak itself on the battlefield. This tremendous feat of engineering is also supplemented with the enhanced self-repair systems that are consistently found on Relthozan military assets.

In addition to the Varisei-Kei, the Helix is often fielded with a number of contingents of Namisc Light Drones. These warriors are far down the pupation-path to becoming a fully-fledged Relthozan warrior, but are specially chosen to escort the Leviathan as they have been seen to exhibit a higher degree of aggression than normal pupates at the same development stage.

The Relthoza Firepower Leviathan Helix contains 1 Vardiss Heavy Walker and 12 Namisc Light Walkers, and is now available to pre-order from the Spartan Games Online Store.

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