31 Dec 2018

10mm Chinese Warring States Fogg of War Miniatures

As 2108 is coming to an end very soon I thought Id finish off with some pictures of the Fogg of War Miniatures Chinese Warring States range.

What do you think? Are there anything we've missed or you want added.

Chinese Warring States

Chinese Warring States picture 1

Chinese Warring States picture 2

Chinese Warring States picture 3

Chinese Warring States picture 4

Chinese Warring States picture 5

Chinese Warring States picture 6

We're hoping to get under in production during early 2019 but we'll keep you up to date on that as and when. Hope all members have a great New Year.

Fogg of War Miniatures

Wargaming Projects, 2018

Wargaming Projects

Wargaming Projects during 2018, I've actually been really good this year I've managed to stick with one project all the way through the year, I am hoping to continue this formula during the coming year what time will tell.

Wargaming Projects

The three projects below are my main interests at various stages of completion. further down are a list of distractions which keep me from completing my main interests.

I haven't touched this project since 29 November 2017, and then it was only to write an article the last bit of modelling I did was on November 2014, so it's been 4 years since I touched it. However I did buy both Celtic Warrior Army & Caesarian Roman Army Kickstarter by Lancer Miniatures.

Gallic & Celtic Army 99% complete
Caesarian Roman Army. 0% complete
Imperial Roman Army. 99% complete
Ancient Buildings. 99% complete
Painting Romans. 0% complete

I haven't touched this project since 5 June 2017.

American Civil War (ACW) Confederate Army. 0% complete
American Civil War (ACW) Union Army. 10% complete

I've done really well this year with this project I've pretty much consistently done it all year, and I hope to continue doing the same this coming year.

Completed Scenery & Terrain

I've not really completed any scenery pieces this year, started lots of bits and pieces but not finished any.

Figures & Scenery Bought 

As you can see I've spent a considerable amount on Figures & Scenery, this coming year I'm only going to buy what I need. Not what I want lol

Figures & Scenery Bought, 2018.

Rules Bought

I've not spent a great deal this year on rules.

Rules Bought 2018.

Wargaming Books Bought

Books Bought, 2018.
Books £302.01
Ebooks £71.99
Total £374.00

Shows & Events

I've managed to attend for shows this year which which is pretty good for me, as you can see I've still got two write ups to do.
  1. Vapnartak York Wargames Show 2018.
  2. Partizan Wargames Show
  3. Bovington Wargames Show.
  4. Claymore Wargames Show
Games Played

As always it's been a fantastic year for playing games, as you can see it's mainly been rapid fire this year, I'm also hoping to keep playing a lot of World War II this coming year.

Black Powder Rules 3
Blitzkrieg Commander Rules 3
Cold War Commander Rules 3
Dropzone Commander Rules 1
Hail Caesar Rules 1
Rapid Fire Rules 37

Games Played, 2018.

Painting Competitions

The painting competition was definitely a highlight of the year for me I never expected to come anywhere let alone second. So obviously a massive thanks to Leon from Pendraken Miniatures for organising these Competitions.
  1. Pendraken Painting Competition 2018.
  2. Pendraken Painting Competition 2016.
  3. Pendraken Painting Competition 2015.
  4. Pendraken Painting Competition 2014.
  5. Pendraken Painting Competition 2013.
  6. Pendraken Painting Competition 2012.
Previous Years
  1. Wargaming Projects, 2017.
  2. Wargaming Projects, 2016.
  3. Wargaming Projects, 2015.
  4. Wargaming Projects, 2014.
  5. Wargaming Projects, 2013.
  6. Wargaming Projects, 2012.
  1. 2018 Magazines.
  2. 2017 Magazines.
  3. 2016 Magazines.
Below is a list of other projects I do at various stages of completion, however I now class these as distractions.

10mm English Civil War (ECW) Project

French Indian War (FIW) British Army. 0% complete
French Indian War (FIW) French Army. 0% complete

American War of Independence (AWI) American Army. 0% complete
American War of Independence (AWI) French Army. 0% complete
American War of Independence (AWI) German Army. 0% complete
Painting American War of Independence (AWI) American. 0% complete
Painting American War of Independence (AWI) French. 0% complete
Painting American War of Independence (AWI) German. 0% complete

Texas War of Independence (TWI) Texian Army. 0% complete
Texas War of Independence (TWI) Mexican Army. 0% complete
Painting Texas War of Independence (TWI) Texians. 0% complete
Painting Texas War of Independence (TWI) Mexicans. 0% complete
Texas War of Independence (TWI) Battle Reports & Scenarios. 0% complete
My Texas War of Independence (TWI) Book Library. 0% complete
Useful Texas War of Independence (TWI)  Links. 0% complete

Making Rorkes Drift Base. 100% complete
Painting AZW British. 99% complete
Painting AZW Zulus. 99% complete 

10mm Wings of War Project

10mm Sci-Fi Projects

The Scourge Army. 0% complete
Post-Human Republic (PHR) Army. 0% complete
Shaltari Tribes Army. 0% complete
Resistance Army. 0% complete
Painting The Scourge. 0% complete
Painting Post-Human Republic (PHR). 0% complete
Painting Shaltari Tribes. 0% complete
Painting Resistance. 0% complete
Dropzone Commander Battle Reports & Scenarios.

Earth Alliance Army. 0% complete
Nova Federation Army. 99% complete
Painting Earth Alliance. 0% complete
Terra Nova Buildings. 0% complete

Survivors. 99% complete
Zombies. 50% complete
Painting Survivors. 99% complete
Painting Zombies. 99% complete
Buildings. 0% complete
Zombie Rules.

10mm Aliens Project 
Colonial Marines. 0% complete
Aliens. 0% complete
Aliens Buildings. 0% complete
Aliens Artwork.
Painting Colonial Marines. 0% complete
Painting Aliens. 0% complete
Aliens Battle Reports & Scenarios.
My Aliens Book Library.
Useful Aliens Links.

10mm Starship Troopers Project 
Mobile Infantry Army. 0% complete
Arachnids Army.  0% complete
Skinnies Army.  0% complete
Starship Troopers Buildings. 0% complete
Starship Troopers Artwork.
Painting Mobile Infantry. 0% complete
Painting Arachnids.  0% complete
Painting Skinnies.   0% complete
Starship Troopers Rules.
Starship Troopers Battle Reports & Scenarios.
My Starship Troopers Book Library.
Useful Starship Troopers Links.

10mm The War of the Worlds Project
Humans Army. 0% complete
Martians Army. 0% complete
The War of the World's Buildings. 0% complete
The War of the World's Artwork.
Painting Humans. 0% complete
Painting Martians. 0% complete
The War of the Worlds Battle Reports & Scenarios.
My The War of the Worlds Book Library.
Useful The War of the Worlds Links.

Abandoned Projects

10mm World War I (WWI) Project Project Abandoned

Messerschmitt Bf 109 G/K - G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4, G-10, K-4

Messerschmitt Bf 109 G/K - G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4, G-10, K-4

20 pages, drawings sheets A4, drawings sheet A3, 7 color profiles, Matte coated paper, Format (sizes): A4 (210x297 mm), Booklet binding

30 Dec 2018

Pendraken Miniatures 2018 Releases Summary

Pendraken Miniatures 2018 Releases Summary

All 313 of our releases in 2018!


AZT1   Command
AZT2   Jaguar warriors/Tzitzimitl
AZT3   Eagle warriors
AZT4   Quachic fanatic veterans
AZT5   Tequihuah veterans
AZT6   Huaxtec warriors/Priests
AZT7   Commoners
AZT8   Commoners with bow (15)
AZT9   Commoners with slings (15)
AZT10   Commoners with baggage (10)
AZT11   Chief of Men (2)
AZT12   Tzilacatzin, Warrior champion (1)
AZT13   Mixed backbanners (15 pieces)
Army Pack – Contains 2 x AZT7. 1 x AZT2, AZT3, AZT4, AZT6, AZT13. ½ x AZT1


NDB1   Dutch line infantry, march attack
NDB2   Dutch line infantry, firing line 
NDB3   Dutch line command
NDB4   Dutch mounted officer (5) 
NDB5   Belgian line infantry, march attack
NDB6   Belgian line infantry, firing line 
NDB7   Belgian line command 
NDB8   Belgian mounted officer (5)
NDB9   Dutch Jagers 
NDB10   Belgian Jagers 
NDB11   Dutch Militia, march attack 
NDB12   Dutch Militia, advancing/firing 
NDB13   Hussars (Dutch style) 
NDB14   Dragoons (Belgian style)   
NDB15   Carabiniers (Dutch style)   
NDB16   Carabiniers (Belgian style)   
NDB17   6pdr guns with line artillery crew (3)
NDB18   6pdr guns with horse artillery crew (3)
NDB19   7” Howitzer with line crew (3)
NDB20   7” Howitzer with horse artillery crew (3) 
NDB21   Prince of Orange and officer (2)
1815 Dutch Army Pack - Contains 3 x NDB1.  1 x NDB3, NDB9, NDB15, NDB17
1815 Belgian Army Pack - Contains 3 x NDB5.  1 x NDB7, NDB10, NDB14, NDB17

NHN1   Line in shako
NHN2   Line command in shako
NHN3   Line in cap
NHN4   Line command in cap
NHN5   Light/Jager, inc. command
NHN6   Landwehr, inc. command
NHN7   Mounted Officer (5) 

King's German Legion
NKG1   Line
NKG2   Line command
NKG3   Lights, march attack, inc. comm (16)
NKG4   Lights, skirmish, inc. command (16)
NKG5   Hussars
NKG6   Mounted Officer (5)

19th Century

1849-1866 Italians
ITL1   Line infantry in tunic (1849-1859)
ITL2   Line command in tunic (1849-1859)
ITL3   Line infantry in greatcoat (1859-1866)
ITL4   Line command in greatcoat (1859-1866)
ITL5   Grenadiers, including command (1849-1859)
ITL6   Bersaglieri, including command
ITL7   Garibaldini, including command
ITL8   Line cavalry (dragoons) in helmet with lance
ITL9   Cavalleggeri cavalry with lance
ITL10   Cavalleggeri cavalry with sabres
ITL11   Carabinieri cavalry
ITL12   8pdr guns with line crew
ITL13   8pdr guns with horse crew
ITL14   8pdr guns with Garibaldini crew
ITL15   16pdr guns with line crew
ITL16   15cm howitzers with line crew
ITL17   15cm howitzers with horse crew
ITL18   15cm howitzers with Garibaldini crew
ITL19   Mounted Officers (5)   £1.75
ITL20   Mounted Generals (5)   £1.75
ITL21   Giuseppe Garibaldi (1)   £0.75
ITL22   Casualty marker (10)   £1.75
1849-59 Army Pack - Contains 3 x ITL1. 1 x ITL2, ITL5, ITL8, ITL12
1859-1866 Army Pack - Contains 3 x ITL3. 1 x ITL4, ITL6, ITL10, ITL12

PNFL712   1848 Piedmont flags
PNFL713   1861 Piedmont flags
PNFL714   Papal/Naples flags
PNFL715   Garibaldini flags


AH21   Senior Officers (2)

B8   Senior Officers (2)
B9   Generals (Lt Gen Leman + generic) with map

BP68   Senior Officers (2)

F11   Dragoons
F41   Senior Officers (2)

GP49   Dismounted Uhlans
GP50   Senior Officers (2)

Middle East
ME4   Dismounted Australian cavalry
ME5   Australian cavalry
ME6   Imperial cavalry
ME7   Turkish cavalry

ME15   German Asia Korps infantry

ME22   Imperial Lewis gunners, prone (3)
ME23   Indian foot in turban
ME24   Turkish Arab Legion infantry
ME25   Irregular Arab cavalry
ME26   Sharifian regular cavalry

ME28   Turkish Stormtroopers

ME33   Imperial infantry in pith helmet, firing/kneeling
ME34   Imperial infantry in tropical helmet, firing/prone
ME35   Sharifian infantry
ME36   Turkish infantry, firing/kneeling
ME37   German Asia Korp, throwing grenade (10)
ME38   Turkish Generals (Cemal Pasa + Sevki Bey) with map

RP13   Senior Officers (2)   £0.60
RP14   Generals (Tsar Nicolas + Duke Nikolaevich) with map


American Misc
AMX1   Field armour for Sherman tanks (10)  £1.75

BEL1   Utility B tractor (2)
BEL2   T-13 tank destroyer (1)
BEL3   T-15 light tank (1)


BRF56   Riflemen in Mk III 'turtle' helmet
BRF57   Sten in Mk III 'turtle' helmet
BRF58   Officer Mk III 'turtle' helmet

BRV6   A9 Mk I / Cruiser Mk I (Vickers)
BRV7   A10 Mk I / Cruiser Mk II (Vickers)
BRV8   A13 Mk I / Cruiser Mk III (Vickers)
BRV9   A13 Mk IIa / Cruiser Mk IVa (Besa)

BRV31   M4A2 Sherman, mid-war, 75mm
BRV32   M4A2 Sherman, mid-war, 75mm, turret back box
BRV103   A9 Mk I CS / Cruiser Mk I CS
BRV104   A10 Mk Ia / Cruiser Mk IIa (Besa)
BRV105   A10 Mk Ia CS / Cruiser Mk IIa CS
BRV106   A13 Mk I CS / Cruiser Mk III CS
BRV107   A13 Mk II / Cruiser Mk IV (Vickers)


GRV13   Panzer IV D
GRV14   Panzer IV F1
GRV15   Panzer IV F2
GRV16   Panzer IV G
GRV17   Panzer IV H
GRV32   Jagdpanzer IV L70s  (no skirts)
GRV40   StuG IV
GRV87   Brummbar

GRV110   U304(f), Becker's halftrack
GRV111   Tiger I with zimmerit


SVV39   T-34/76 E, model 1943
SVV40   T-34/76 D, model 1943

Korean War

KUS1   Summer kit, advancing with rifle
KUS2   Summer kit, advancing with BAR
KUS3   Summer kit, standing, firing rifle
KUS4   Summer kit, standing, firing carbine
KUS5   Summer kit, standing, hip firing SMG
KUS6   Summer kit, kneeling, firing rifle
KUS7   Summer kit, prone, firing rifle
KUS8   Summer kit, prone, firing BAR
KUS9   Summer kit, .30 Browning MG team (5)
KUS10   60mm mortar with summer crew (3)
KUS11   81mm mortar with summer crew (3)
KUS12   4.2” mortar with summer crew (3)
KUS13   Summer kit, M20 3.5 bazooka with loader (5 pairs)
KUS14   Summer kit, throwing grenade
KUS15   Summer kit, radio operator
KUS16   Officers in summer kit
KUS17   Artillery crew in summer kit
KUS18   Winter kit, advancing with rifle
KUS19   Winter kit, standing, firing rifle
KUS20   Winter kit, standing, firing carbine
KUS21   Winter kit, kneeling, firing rifle
KUS22   60mm mortar with winter crew (3)
KUS23   81mm mortar with winter crew (3)
KUS24   4.2” mortar with winter crew (3)
KUS25   Officers in winter kit
KUS26   Artillery crew in winter kit
KUS27   Senior officer (2)      £0.50
KUS28   Sentry
KUS29   Casualty
KUS30   Tank commander in US helmet      £1.00

American Summer Army Pack
2 packs of KUS1, 2, 3, 4, 5
1 pack of KUS6, 9, 11, 15, 16

American Winter Army Pack
3 packs of KUS17, 18, 19, 20
1 pack of KUS15, 23, 25

KBR1   Tropical kit, advancing with rifle
KBR2   Tropical kit, standing, firing rifle
KBR3   Tropical kit, kneeling, firing rifle
KBR4   Tropical kit, prone, firing rifle
KBR5   Tropical kit, advancing with Bren MG
KBR6   Tropical kit, prone, firing Bren MG
KBR7   Tropical kit, Vickers HMG team (5)
KBR8   Tropical kit, M20 3.5 bazooka team (5)
KBR9   2” mortar with tropical crewman
KBR10   3” mortar with tropical crew (3)
KBR11   4.2” mortar with tropical crew (3)
KBR12   Tropical kit, throwing grenade
KBR13   Tropical kit, radio operator team (5 pairs)
KBR14   Officer in tropical kit
KBR15   Artillery crew in tropical kit
KBR16   Commando, advancing with rifle
KBR17   Commando, standing, firing rifle
KBR18   Commando, standing, hip firing SMG
KBR19   Commando, kneeling, firing rifle
KBR20   Commando, prone, firing rifle
KBR21   Commando with BAR
KBR22   Commando, firing .30 Browning MG
KBR23   81mm mortar with Commando crew
KBR24   Commando M20 bazooka team (5)
KBR25   Commando radio operator
KBR26   Commando officers
KBR27   Artillery crew in winter kit and beret
KBR28   Winter kit, advancing with rifle
KBR29   Winter kit, standing, firing rifle
KBR30   Winter kit, kneeling, firing rifle
KBR31   Winter kit, prone, firing rifle
KBR32   Winter kit, advancing with sten
KBR33   Winter kit, firing Bren MG
KBR34   Winter kit, Vickers HMG team (5)
KBR35   2” mortar with winter crewman
KBR36   3” mortar with winter crew (3)
KBR37   4.2” mortar with winter crew (3)
KBR38   Winter kit, M20 bazooka with loader (5 pairs)
KBR39   Officers in winter kit
KBR40   Senior Officer (2)   £0.50
KBR41   Casualty
KBR42   Tank commander in beret   £1.00

British Summer Army Pack
3 packs of KBR1, 2, 3
2 packs of KBR5
1 pack of KBR7, 10, 13, 14

British Commando Army Pack
3 packs of KBR16, 17, 18
1 pack of KBR19, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26

British Winter Army Pack
3 packs of KBR28, 29, 30
2 packs of KBR32
1 pack of KBR25, 34, 36, 39

KCH1   Summer kit, advancing with rifle
KCH2   Summer kit, standing, firing rifle
KCH3   Summer kit, standing, firing Type 50 SMG
KCH4   Summer kit, kneeling, firing rifle
KCH5   Summer kit, prone, firing rifle
KCH6   Summer kit, prone, firing DP LMG
KCH7   Summer kit, Model 92 MG with loader (5 pairs)
KCH8   80mm mortar with summer crew (3)
KCH9   120mm mortar with summer crew (3)
KCH10   Summer kit, throwing grenade
KCH11   Summer kit, bugler
KCH12   Summer kit, radio operator
KCH13   Officers in summer kit
KCH14   Artillery crew in summer kit
KCH15   Winter kit, advancing with rifle
KCH16   Winter kit, standing, firing rifle
KCH17   Winter kit, standing, firing 7.62mm Type 50 SMG
KCH18   Winter kit, kneeling, firing rifle
KCH19   80mm mortar with winter crew (3)
KCH20   120mm mortar with winter crew (3)
KCH21   Winter kit, throwing grenade
KCH22   Officers in winter kit
KCH23   Artillery crew in winter kit
KCH24   Casualty

Chinese Summer Army Pack
3 packs of KCH1, 2, 3
2 packs of KCH4
1 pack of KCH7, 8, 12, 13

Chinese Winter Army Pack
3 packs of KCH15, 16, 17, 18
1 pack of KCH12, 19, 22

North Korea, KPA 
KNK1   Advancing with rifle
KNK2   Advancing with DP LMG
KNK3   Standing, firing rifle
KNK4   Standing, firing SKS carbine
KNK5   Standing, helmet, firing PPSh M1941 SMG
KNK6   Standing, cap, firing PPSh M1941 SMG
KNK7   Kneeling, firing rifle
KNK8   Prone, firing rifle
KNK9   Prone, firing DP LMG
KNK10   82mm mortar with crew (3)
KNK11   120mm mortar with crew (3)
KNK12   Throwing grenade
KNK13   Radio operator
KNK14   Officers
KNK15   Artillery crew
KNK16   Casualty
KNK17   Tank commander in Soviet helmet   £1.00

North Korean Army Pack
2 packs of KNK1, 3, 4, 6
1 pack of KNK2, 5, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14

South Korea, ROK 
KSK1   Advancing with rifle
KSK2   Standing, firing rifle
KSK3   Standing, firing M1 carbine
KSK4   Standing, firing M3 SMG
KSK5   Kneeling, firing rifle
KSK6   Prone, firing rifle
KSK7   Prone, firing Browning
KSK8   60mm with crew
KSK9   81mm mortar with crew
KSK10   Throwing grenade
KSK11   Throwing satchel charge
KSK12   Radio operator
KSK13   Officers
KSK14   Artillery crew
KSK15   Casualty

South Korean Army Pack
3 packs of KSK1
2 packs of KSK2, 3, 4, 5
1 pack of KSK7, 9, 12, 13


MDV59   M46 Patton
MDV60   M60A3, 105mm
MDV61   Panhard AML 60
MDV62   M44 Self-propelled Howitzer, 155mm
MDV63   M52 Self-propelled Howitzer, 105mm
MDV64   Humber Pig
MDV65   ZSU-57-2
MDV67    AMX-VCI 12.7 
MDV68    AMX-VCI M-56
MDV69    Panhard EBR-75, FL-10 
MDV70    Panhard EBR-75, FL-11 (AMX turret)

Scenic Items

SCN-NML10   Badgers   (10)   £1.50
SCN-NML11   Foxes   (10)   £1.50
SCN-NML12   Deer   (10)   £2.00
SCN-NML13   Horses, bare   (10)   £3.00
SCN-NML14   Horses, saddled   (10)   £3.00
SCN-NML15   Horses, baggage   (10)   £3.00
SCN-NML16   Lions   (10)   £2.00
SCN-NML17   Wildebeest   (10)   £2.00
SCN-NML18   Water Buffalo   (5)   £2.00
SCN-NML19   Oxen   (5)   £2.00
SCN-NML20   Zebras   (10)   £3.00
SCN-NML21   Camels   (5)   £2.00
SCN-NML22   Crocodiles   (5)   £2.00
SCN-NML23   Hippos   (5)   £2.00
SCN-NML24   Rhinos   (3)   £2.50
SCN-NML25   Giraffes   (3)   £2.50

SCN-EMP10   Small earthen rampart
SCN-EMP11   Large earthen rampart

Eastern Front 
SCN-EF08   Ruined houses (x2)

TB Line

Middle Age Europe
TB-178   Knights on foot (30)   £5.50
TB-179   Armed peasants (30)   £5.50
TB-180   Peasants with bow (30)   £5.50

Middle Age Eastern Europe
TB-181   Mounted command (15)   £5.50
TB-182   Heavy knights with lance (15)    £5.50
TB-183   Light cavalry (15)    £5.50
TB-184   Heavy infantry (30)    £5.50
TB-185   Knights on foot (30)    £5.50
TB-186   Armed peasants (30)    £5.50
TB-187   Peasant archers (30)    £5.50


Pendraken Miniatures 2019 Show Dates

Pendraken Miniatures 2019 Show Dates

With a new year comes a new show season and we'll be kicking things off as always with the excellent Vapnartak show in York!  All of the show dates are listed below, so if you'd like to pre-order anything for any of these events, please make sure to let us know at least 7 days in advance!

There's a couple of changes to the schedule this year.  Firstly we've got a new Glasgow show back on the calendar which is great news.  Taking place at the end of June, we're hoping that people will come and support this new event.  Then at the other end of the year, there's not been any news about the Derbys show so we've knocked that off our list.

We're still waiting on a date for the Border Reiver show as well, Colours have moved their event back a weekend which has caused a clash.  The Border Reivers club are currently looking at their options and will be confirming a date very soon.

And of course there'll be our own Battleground show taking place on Saturday 30th November this year!

Sun 3rd - Vapnartak, York 

Sat 2nd - Hammerhead, Newark 
Sun 10th - WMMS, Wolverhampton 

Sat 6th - Salute, London 

Sat 11th - Carronade, Falkirk

Sat 15th - Phalanx, St Helens 

Sat 3rd - Claymore, Edinburgh 

TBC - Border Reiver, Newcastle 
Sat 7th - Colours, Newbury  

Sun 27th - Fiasco, Leeds

Sat/Sun 16th/17th - Warfare, Reading 
Sat 30th - Battleground, Stockton-on-Tees 

Hopefully we'll see some of you there, so make sure to drop by and say hello if you're around!

Pendraken Miniatures 2018 Review

Pendraken Miniatures 2018 Review

As we hit the end of the year I thought it would be good to look back at 2018 and assess how we did.  It's a bit of a mixed bag so we'll start with the areas that we didn't do so well...

Despite all of the work that has gone into BKC over the past 12 months we weren't quite able to get it finalised and off to the printers in time for Christmas.  We know that a huge number of you have been patiently waiting for this to be completed and it's something that I'll be thankful to get off my 'To Do' list personally.  The good news is that the bulk of the work is done, we're just fine-tuning things at this point.  I've got some edits to make to the army lists, plus a few tweaks from our initial round of feedback and then we'll be sending a pdf out to a wider group for our final round of feedback.  Once that comes back, we'll make any final adjustments and then it's off to the printers! 

TB Line
We'd really wanted to be further along the TB Line re-releases by now but with the BKC work above and our other releases this year, they got bumped down the queue and we only managed to get two of the ranges released.  We also underestimated how much clean-up work was required on the figures, so the job of simply prepping them for new moulds was a lot more intensive than we'd hoped.  We know what we're dealing with now and with clearer waters ahead we'll be able to crack on with this.

From a purely business perspective, the shows for 2018 were a bit hit and miss and by the end of the year our sales were down considerably.  A large part of this was the loss of the Derby event plus us not attending the Skelp and Durham shows, so for 2019 we've added a new Glasgow show to the calendar and we're hoping to add another if there's space for us.  We're also doing some work on the show stand to streamline the 10mm side of things and expand with some product lines that will appeal to a wider market.

So with those out of the way, let's look at the positives!

We managed 313 releases this year which is a huge amount of new product.  We put out a complete range for the Korean War, plus Aztecs and Risorgimento Italians, as well as expanding our WWI, WWII, Napoleonic and Modern vehicle ranges.  All of the releases can be found here: http://www.pendrakenforum.co.uk/index.php/topic,18103.0.html

Those 313 codes are just on the Pendraken 10mm side of things, we also added a variety of MDF buildings, multi-scale animals and some third-party products as well.  For next year we'll be continuing in the same vein with at least 100 new releases already sculpted or in the works, plus the new projects which we've got planned.  We'll have more info on those in a separate thread coming shortly.

Website Photos
This is something we've been working on for a long time and over the past year we managed to add nearly 400 new photos to existing codes on the website, as well as making sure that all of the new releases had pics as well.  We recently did a tally-up and found that we've got a little over 1500 codes still without images so this is going to be a priority for next year.

Turnaround Times
With the 2 new casting staff on board we've made real progress on our turnaround times, reducing them from an average of 11 days in the previous year down to an average of only 4 days for 2019.  The new guys are doing well on a variety of ranges now so we've got capacity to expand their workload for the first time in Pendraken's history.  Having this available means that we can work harder on getting new ranges released and new images added to the site, as well as some other jobs that we've never had time for at Pendraken HQ.

The not-Kickstarter proved to be a real success and demonstrated that this is a viable method of getting future ranges into production.  Once the 1809 expansion is complete we'll have a sit down and work out where we can utilise this next.  At this stage it's likely to be further Napoleonic ranges.

Minibits showed real growth this year, adding several new product lines in the form of Vallejo Panzer Aces paints and more RedVectors buildings, as well as running a successful Kickstarter for some new 28mm figures.  We've got plans for some more of the same through 2019.

Sales for 2018 were up on 2017, helped mostly by having a price increase in February (which always boosts sales in January) followed by the not-KS and KS boosts in November.  This helped to cover the downturn in show sales and keep the cash flow ticking over. 

WI Awards
Last month we managed to pick up 2nd place for Customer Service in the Wargames Illustrated Awards, which was a massive achievement.  When you consider the size of some of the 28mm companies and the massive market share that they occupy, for us to get that 2nd place is huge.  And it's all down to you guys and your votes, so thank you for that support.

So, all in all it's been a good year at Pendraken HQ.  There's obviously a few areas that we need to focus on but generally we've made good progress on several fronts.  With the plans we've got for next year, plus the imminent relaunch of BKC, things are looking pretty good!

We'll be discussing our plans for 2019 in a new thread very soon, so keep an eye out for that.  And in the meantime, we hope you all have a good New Year!

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Two Days from the New Year, Three Reasons to Give

Two Days from the New Year, Three Reasons to Give

Tis the season for year-end giving, and I know that can mean some hard decisions. With so many worthy causes you could give to, I humbly submit three big reasons why the Trust should make the cut this year.

1) You can trust us. I hope you'll rest assured that every dollar you donate to the Trust will be leveraged to save as much battleground as possible, as efficiently as possible. Thanks to you, we've been at this for over three decades and have developed partnerships and practices to maximize our ability to achieve our mission without wasting a cent. You don't have to take my word for it though  you can check our rating with America's largest independent charity evaluator, Charity Navigator. In 2018 we were honored to be among the two percent of charities to receive 4 stars for 9 consecutive years.

2) Time is of the essence. Only about 20 percent of the land where the Civil War was fought is permanently preserved and the proportion is even lower for the Revolutionary War and War of 1812. The rest is either unprotected or has already been destroyed. The National Park Service's American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP) has already identified the most historically relevant battlefields for preservation and there are plenty still worth saving but we have to act quickly. Developers won't wait. If our generation fights to win, we can save these hallowed acres before they are paved over, forever.

3) You can further your impact. Thanks to some dedicated longtime supporters, any amount you contribute to the Trust before the end of 2018 will be matched up to $100,000, doubling your impact.

Our work is only possible because of you. Your support now will allow us to protect hallowed acres in Gettysburg, Richmond, and other battlefields around the country and start 2019 off strong. Please take advantage of the generous matching opportunity your fellow history lovers and preservationists have set on the table by making a tax-deductible donation to protect American history today.

Want even more reasons to donate to the Trust this year? Here's a sample of what your support has already made possible in 2018. Make a tax-deductible gift before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, and your donation will be doubled!

American Battlefield Trust

29 Dec 2018

An Iconic Photo from Gettysburg and a Chance to Save that Iconic Place

An Iconic Photo from Gettysburg and a Chance to Save that Iconic Place

We don't know much about the three men in this photo. We know they were Confederate soldiers in Robert E. Lee's army and that they were taken prisoner at the Battle of Gettysburg. Yet, despite the best efforts of top historians, their identities remain a mystery to this day. That's how easily history can slip through our fingers.

We also know this photo was taken directly between parcels of land we are currently trying to save along what is now called Seminary Avenue. The wooden barricade stood along the western border of the largest parcel. That barricade was constructed by Confederate troops while they held a position on Seminary Ridge during those fateful days of battle in July 1863.

Over the years, you have helped to preserve more than 1,000 acres at Gettysburg the costliest battle ever fought on American soil. Today, we consider the 18 acres currently at stake on Seminary Ridge some of the most historically significant land from this battle that is still in private hands.

By now, you likely know that this campaign is a heavy lift to the tune of $3.5 million. We've made amazing progress so far thanks to generous supporters like you, but we need to cross the finish line by year's end. Fortunately, thanks to several long-time donors who've agreed to match contributions until the new year, every dollar you give now will have twice the impact! And don't forget, we're also featuring the names of each generous supporter who gives $100 or more on our Seminary Ridge Virtual Donor Wall.

My deepest thanks go to all who've already donated to this campaign. If you can take advantage of this important match with one more tax-deductible contribution, you will have my eternal gratitude.

I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating: without Seminary Ridge, you cannot tell the full story of Gettysburg, and without Gettysburg, you cannot tell the full story of the Civil War. Please make a gift today to ensure that story lives on for generations to come.

Wondering why saving these 18 acres at Seminary Ridge is so important? Our collection of quotes from historians sheds light on why this land is meaningful. Please make one final tax-deductible contribution before the end of the year and your gift will be matched!

American Battlefield Trust

28 Dec 2018

Double Your Impact: A Few Days Left to Make a Tax-Deductible Gift

Double Your Impact: A Few Days Left to Make a Tax-Deductible Gift

Gaines' Mill. Gettysburg. Cold Harbor. These three major battles punctuated three of the most volatile and harrowing years in our nation's history. They're also the battles that hallowed the 50 acres in Richmond and 18 at Seminary Ridge that we hope to preserve forever by year's end.

Between the Battle of Gaines' Mill in June of 1862 and the Battle of Cold Harbor in June of 1864, the Armies of Northern Virginia and the Potomac faced one another time and again across the Eastern Theater. Many of the same soldiers fought in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and what's now West Virginia over this two-year period. Here's a little of what we know about their experience.

They Marched. Over the course of the Civil War, soldiers traveled hundreds of miles on foot. In marches of urgency, they may have been instructed by their commanders to walk as many as 35 miles in a single day.

They Camped. Soldiers slept in tents, rustic cabins or under the stars, then rose at dawn for duty, drill and diversion. Camp activities included cooking, cleaning, manual labor, military training, playing cards, Bible study, reading and writing. Camps could be places of refuge and bonding. They could also be places of hunger, boredom and sickness.

They Fought. Many soldiers in the Armies of the Potomac and of Northern Virginia were seasoned veterans by the end of the war, fighting in battles across the Eastern Theater. Some who made it to the Battle of Cold Harbor had survived the bloodiest battle of the war at Gettysburg and the bloodiest single day of fighting at Antietam.

They Fell. The human cost of the Civil War was beyond anybody's expectations. While more than 100,000 soldiers were killed in the unprecedented violence of battles, twice as many succumbed to death from noncombatant foes. Poor shelter and food coupled with a lack of hygiene resulted in waves of sickness and disease. Roughly 2% of the population, an estimated 620,000 men, lost their lives in the line of duty.

In these final days of 2018, will you help honor these citizen soldiers by saving the land where they marched, camped, fought and fell? Time is running out to preserve 50 critical acres near Richmond, where the battles of Gaines's Mill and Cold Harbor were fought, and 18 acres at Seminary Ridge in Gettysburg.

Everything the Trust has achieved, we have achieved because of supporters like you, who choose to honor the legacy of American soldiers. From now until midnight on New Year's Eve, donations of any amount up to $100,000 will be matched, offering you the chance to double your impact. Please make your tax-deductible donation today to continue protecting America's history for future generations.

Already made an annual, tax-deductible contribution to Seminary Ridge or the 50 Richmond-area acres? Consider using one of our e-cards to give the gift of preservation to a history buff in your life.

American Battlefield Trust

27 Dec 2018

10mm Mongols Range from Fogg of War Miniatures

People have been asking so are here are some photo's of the Fogg of War Mongols. We are currently reworking the standard bearer though. I have also put in some pictures of these figures in mass, from Pete Foggins own collection.

Mongols Range

Mongols Range picture 1

Mongols Range picture 2

Mongols Range picture 3

Mongols Range picture 4

Any comments (good or bad) or thoughts on additions to the range are as always appreciated.

The website is currently a work in progress as that evil thing called work keeps getting in the way. But it as well as other things are on our massive list of things to do.

Fogg of War Miniatures

26 Dec 2018

Richmond, 1862 and 1864: Reflecting on Two Very Different Confederate Victories

Richmond, 1862 and 1864: Reflecting on Two Very Different Confederate Victories

I know this is a busy season, and I truly hope you're making the most of every second. That's why I want to jump right into some history to help you understand the significance of the 50 acres of Richmond-area battlefield we're trying to save before 2018 comes to a close.

In June of 1862, Confederate General Robert E. Lee won his first major victory with the Battle of Gaines' Mill. Two years later, on some of the same Richmond soil soil you and I have an opportunity to preserve today Lee triumphed again at the Battle of Cold Harbor. Yet while Gaines' Mill would mark the beginning of a streak of successes for the Army of Northern Virginia, the victory at Cold Harbor would mark the beginning of that same army's end.

Lee stunned North and South alike in the Seven Days Battles. With an aggressive offensive, he drove the Federal Army from within eight miles of Richmond all the way to the James River and ultimately Washington, D.C. This victory would be followed by others, launching Lee to national fame as a symbol of hope and pride for the Confederacy, and fear for the Union.

Yet there would also be Confederate losses. Antietam. Gettysburg. The Emancipation Proclamation. The fall of Vicksburg, and with-it, Confederate control of the Mississippi River.

And then, in March 1864, General Ulysses S. Grant rose to command of all Federal forces. Lee fought formidably in Grant's Overland Campaign in Virginia and made a powerful stand at the Battle of Cold Harbor. But he knew, as Grant did, that the Confederacy's supply of soldiers and resources was dwindling fast.

Lee himself believed that "we must destroy this army of Grant's before he gets to the James River. If he gets there, then it will be a siege, and then it will be a mere question of time." Despite the defeat at Cold Harbor, Grant managed to withdraw in good order, then deceive the Confederates for critical days as his army crossed the James and marched towards Petersburg. Lee would resist for another nine months before his grim prediction was confirmed.

The Battles at Gaines' Mill and Cold Harbor helped determine the trajectory and outcome of the Civil War. Today, we have the opportunity to preserve the very ground of these two major events in Lee's career. We're making slow but steady progress toward raising the $179,000 we need to buy the 50 acres. This is the hallowed ground on which the local county had imminent plans to build a sportsplex, so we cannot fail!

Through the end of the year, several longtime donors are matching all contributions to this campaign up to $100,000. Please give as generously as you can, knowing your gift will have twice the impact toward preserving this priceless American history.

Already made an annual contribution to save these 50 Richmond-area? Consider using one of our ecards to make a donation in someone else's name and give the gift of preservation to a history buff in your life.

American Battlefield Trust

24 Dec 2018

Christmas in the Civil War

Christmas in the Civil War

Many beloved holiday traditions have been celebrated since the Civil War. Often posted far from home, soldiers sought solace in customs like caroling, gift exchanges and decorating.

One soldier, Alfred Bellard of the 5th New Jersey Infantry Regiment, recalled a small tree, "decked off with hard tack and pork, in lieu of cakes and oranges," that added festivity to life in a winter camp. Another soldier, from the 17th Maine, recorded that he and his fellow troops eagerly awaited the "sundry boxes and mysterious parcels" directed to them "with feelings akin to those of children expecting Santa Claus."

Yet, despite troops' efforts to partake in holiday celebrations on the front, the season also served as a reminder that soldiers were separated from their loved ones and the comforts of home. Soldiers preparing for the bloody Battle of Stones River in late December 1862 or shivering in the trenches outside of Petersburg in 1864, found little respite on Christmas or New Year's Day.

At home, families did their best to celebrate the holiday, but wondered when the vacant chair would again be filled.

As we approach the end of 2018, please take a few moments to remember how soldiers in both blue and gray experienced the holiday season.

Christmas Bells

Did you know that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's 1863 poem "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" had its origins in the American Civil War? Longfellow wrote the piece on Christmas Day in 1863. Nine months earlier his son, Charles Appleton Longfellow, snuck away from home and enlisted in the Federal army in Washington, D.C.

Christmas in the Confederate White House

Varina Davis, wife of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, describes how the Davis family spent Christmas 1864 in Richmond, in an article originally published in the New York World in 1896.

Christmas in Wartime

Learn more about how Americans experienced the Christmas holiday during the wars that defined the United States. Our collection includes a look at warfare in wintertime and the battles that were shaped by the season.

"Christmas Night of 62"

Confederate soldier William Gordon McCabe sat down on Christmas night 1862 to write his thoughts and remember his family far away. 155 years later, his words are still poignant.

Clara Barton

Clara Barton was born on December 25, 1821. She spent several years in Washington during Christmas, which happened to be her birthday. It has been said that although she did not  dislike the holiday, it was not very exciting to her in adulthood, particularly during the trying years during the Civil War. Learn more about the life and legacy of the "Angel of the Battlefield."

Christmas on the Rappahannock

This story was published in Harper's Weekly in 1886 by the Rev. John Paxton, a veteran from the 140th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. Paxton's account takes place on Christmas Day, just weeks after the Battle of Fredericksburg, while performing often miserable picket duty.

When you let us know you've made a gift in your estate plans for the American Battlefield Trust, several generous sponsors will make an immediate $2,500 donation in your name before the end of the year.  Don't delay – activate your donation today.

American Battlefield Trust