7 Dec 2018

Battlefield Trust ECW Battle Packs Released from Pendraken Miniatures

Battlefield Trust ECW Battle Packs Released from Pendraken Miniatures

After they were launched at the Battleground show a fortnight ago, we've now added these ECW battle packs to the website as well.  Covering the 3 ECW battles that took place here in the north-east of England, each pack contains a representation of the forces present at each engagement, at a ratio of roughly 1:10.

In August 1642, King Charles I declared war against his Parliament.  The North, led by William Cavendish, Earl of Newcastle, generally supported the King.  Cavendish’s 6-8,000 strong Royalist northern army marched south from Newcastle to relieve the Parliamentarian threat to Royalist York.  En route it defeated a small Parliamentarian force at Piercebridge and then went on to challenge Parliamentarian forces led by the Fairfaxes in the west (Leeds/Bradford area) and the Hothams (Hull) and Cholmleys (Scarborough) in the East.  The struggle for control of the bridge crossings of the River Tees, in order to move Royalist supplies of munitions from the Continent down to York and beyond, led to the engagements at Guisborough and Yarm.

These packs are all available on our website now, Packs cover

The Battle of Piercebridge (1 December 1642)
The Battle of Guisborough (16 January 1643)
The Battle of Yarm (1 February 1643)

More info on the Battlefields Trust.

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