31 Oct 2019

Looking For Stockists from Traders Galaxy

Looking For Stockists from Traders Galaxy

Looking for stockists for Bot War in Australia, Canada and Europe.

Also, Northern USA.

Must have a bricks and mortar physical store.

Traders Galaxy

Modern City For Wargame, Kickstarter from Eskice Miniature


The 3D plans realised by Eskice Miniature (on YouTube or Website).

You can see a lot of our creation on MyMiniFactory here !

Here is a new set of modern city sets for wargamers at small scale and the train enthusiast (like N Scale) to make beautiful cities.

Added for free !

Added because you asked for it!

All items are available in .stl files for 3D printers owners, but I also  propose an already printed version (in limited quantity).

All plans are made for 3D PRINTING. They’ve been designed to allow everyone to print them easily, according to some constraints :

No support
Nice looking
Short printing time (in 0.2)
Better quality on SLA printer
This is why plans may seem to have a few odd details in some places…  those particular details were self-imposed at the conception or during  the print tests.

These 3D plans are 6mm scale (1/300e) and are totally resizable for N scale (1/160), Z scale (1/220), 10mm and 15mm  scale (for FOW for example).

For the railway model makers :

For N Scale (1/160) : 55%
For Z Scale (1/220) : 80%
For HO Scale (1/87) : 345%

For wargamer :

For 6mm : don't touch
For 10mm : 140%
For 15mm : 220%
For higher scales, print quality will be lower, but this is still possible.

With this pledge, you will receive all 3D files of this project and all unlocked stretch goal.

More than 50 models in the basic set ! Buildings, Skyscrapers, Shop, Parking, road, accessories... and a lot of stretch goals to reach 100 objects!

The perfect 3D printer to print this scenery is here !

ALL PRINTED SET COMES WITH A BUNDLE OF ACCESSORIES (vehicles, roof tank, traffic light, etc...)

The Printed set : 10 objects

With this pledge, you will receive 10 different buildings of your choice in scale you want (6mm or N scale). Max 1 skyscrapers.

The Printed set : 20 objects

With this pledge, you will receive 20 different buildings of your choice in scale you want (6mm or N scale). Max 2 skyscrapers.

The printed metro addon is a bundle with a lot of rails, 2 rams (each with 1 waggon & 2 trains) and a lot of pillars.

Metro 60cm or 24" (printed) in 6mm scale : 50 €, 120cm : 80€, for more, contact me.
Metro 60cm or 24"(printed) in 10mm scale : 80 € 120cm : 150€, for more, contact me.
Metro 60cm or 24" (printed) in 15mm scale : 120 € 120cm : 200€, for more, contact me.

You can add a certain amount if you want to get 3D files from my old projects.
You can also take the project ALL IN + ALL PREVIOUS PROJECT for all my productions.

Epic History Battle (+50€) :

A full collection of scenery, vehicles & figurines for 10mm wargame napoleonic to WW2 !

As you can see here, i have made a lot of project to play wargame at small scale. You can add +50€ to get ALL files for Epic History Battle system. This includes ALL the scenery, vehicles & figurines of the Blackpowder version and the WW2 version!

Wargame scenery for 6,10,15mm - Front Ouest WWII  +20€

Late medieval to Napoleonic wargame scenery for 6 to 28mm  +50€

Sci-Fi Scenery - Make your Hive ! 3D with foam board +30€

20th century terrain for Wargame - 3D stl files + 20€

Road to collapse - 3d stl files + 50€

Omicron  - Industrial sector + 40€

Old West Scenery - 3d stl files + 35€

The forest - 3d stl files scenery +10 €

Risques et défis
The 3D plans of the basic set are done and I will have no trouble making new ones.

For printed versions, the time will be linked to the quantity ordered, but I have a little 3D printing factory with 6 machines.

Risks and challenges
The 3D plans of the basic set are done and I will have no trouble making new ones.
For printed versions, the time will be linked to the quantity ordered, but I have a little 3D printing factory with 6 machines.

Eskice Miniature

Magyar Warriors, Volume 1: The History of the Royal Hungarian Armed Forces 1919-1945

Magyar Warriors, Volume 1: The History of the Royal Hungarian Armed Forces 1919-1945

The Hungarian armed forces (known as the Honvédség) were built up in the 1930s, their expansion gaining momentum once Hungary became free of the strict post-WWI Trianon treaty limitations in August 1938. Politically, Hungary was looking for a strong ally, who would help it to recover at least some of the territories containing sizeable Magyar ethnic populations that had been lost after the First World War. Initially, in the mid-1930s, Italy gave political assistance and supplied military matériel, then - on the eve of WWII - Germany also lent support. In November 1938, Hungary managed to peacefully recover a chunk of its former territory from Czechoslovakia, followed by the Sub-Carpathian area during a brief border war in March 1939, then the northern part of Transylvania from Rumania in August 1940. Later, in April 1941, the Bachka region and parts of Baranya were also taken back from the dismembered Yugoslavia, in a swift military action. The rub was that Hungary was sucked into the cauldron of the Eastern front, and soon the Honvéds (Hungarian soldiers) found themselves deep in Soviet territory, outgunned and outnumbered by the Red Army. Later on, from August 1944, the beleaguered Honvédség had to fight against the mighty Soviet army in defense of its own territory. Alongside tiny Croatia, Hungary remained the last German ally up to the bitter end.

This comprehensive reference, to be published in three volumes, and the fruit of over twenty years of meticulous research, strives to provide a complete picture of the Hungarian armed forces between the years 1919-1945. It starts with a brief history of the Magyars, describes the political situation in Hungary before and during WWII, the building of the armed forces, the growth of domestic arms manufacturers, the organization of the armed forces units and how they changed during the war. The various campaigns of the war are described in great detail, illustrated with many photographs and maps.

This, the first volume, contains approximately 550 photographs, many previously unpublished, as well as numerous tables and maps of the various campaigns. The authors drew on official Hungarian and German archives, and a multitude of private sources, both from individuals living in Hungary and Hungarian émigrés from the Western Diaspora. The result of this herculean effort is a three-volume series destined to be the reference work on the topic, a must for people fascinated by military history, or generally interested in the 1100-year-long rich history of Hungary and its Magyar Warriors.

AEV3 Kodiak Armoured Engineering Vehicle from Aotrs Shipyards

Aotrs Shipyards sells prints direct (contact us via Facebook or email) and takes printing commissions. Aotrs Shipyards also has a webstore on Shapeways.com, a 3D print house which had production and shipping facilities located in the USA and the Netherlands.

Aotrs Shipyards Task Force – join the group to be able to download the direct-print catalogue (beta).

Slightly belated due to various issues, including losing the back half of Saturday afternoon when this should have gone out to futilely trying to fix my SD card reader which died between one day and the next, here is this month's moderns release.

Just squeaking in under the wire! It has been a busy month, between one holiday and the birthday celebrations for my 40th and working on this month's release, the Kodiak!

This was a commission from Panzer-Shop.nl. The Shipyards has been, for the last couple of months, in partnership with Panzer-Shop.nl; they are producing under license 160th versions of selected Shipyards models (with a slightly higher level of detail, because of their better printers), adding to their own range of 160th models. If 160th is your scale, I highly recommend them over Shapeways, they are very competitive price-wise and the printing quality is much better! Find the here:

(The Shipyards will continue to be producing and selling 144th scale models from the direct prints and from Shapeways.)

The Kodiak was extremely difficult, since the near-complete lack of technical drawings (I had barely enough to make a rough start to do it at all) meant that I had to do it by eye.

One of the concessions made to that was I have not put a weapon on this version of the Kodiak - the majority of the useful source material didn't have guns anyway, and of those that did, it was impossible to get a clear look (as there was only a couple of top-down shots and nowhere near enough to see what I was working with). I won't rule it out for future versions, but it will require people finding me some more source material to work from!

(And then, of course, I had to go back and finish off the 144th version!)

I also couldn't make the turrets locking on this one. For obvious reasons, the in-transit arm would have been impossible to do that on anyway, but the point of rotation on the lifted arm is too shallow in the hull, and too small in the arm base itself to get that to work, so I had to do best I could - the problem is, of course, exacerbated by crane arms and such being the most top-heavy and usually wanting a nice deep post-hole, but on the Rep 2 version at least, it manages!

So, without more ado, here it is:

Kodiak AEV3 Armoured Engineering Vehicle

Kodiak AEV3 Armoured Engineering Vehicle picture 1

Kodiak AEV3 Armoured Engineering Vehicle picture 2

Direct price: £7.00

Shapeways price: $13.56 (£13.22)

Photo, as always, of the Replicator 2 version.

On the plus side, the Man Kat trucks are also done, 4x4 and 6x6, open-topped and closed, which gives me either next month's release or some stuff in the backlog, we'll see how things go next month.

Shapeways, Aotrs Shipyards

Canadair C-4 Mk II Argonaut from Welsh Models

We have another Resin, Metal Canadair C-4 Mk II Argonaut for release in 1:144th scale soon. We are awaiting decals to be completed before release so we have started a build for you to hopefully follow as we progress. The kit will be completed in one of the new liveries.

Canadair C-4 Mk II Argonaut

Canadair C-4 Mk II Argonaut

Welsh Models

Huscarls Vikings from Cromarty Forge

The Huscarls from Cromarty Forge 10mm Vampire Vikings would like to wish you a happy halloween!

Huscarls Vikings

Huscarls Vikings

Cromarty Forge

Ghosts from Cromarty Forge

Ghosts from my upcoming Vampire Vikings army 10mm



Cromarty Forge

Cadmia Model Ceases To Be Available from Traders Galaxy

Well this is it, last day of October!

Tomorrow the Cadmia model ceases to be available!!



Tomorrow the painting challenge starts!

Looking back in October it had been a bit of a month for delays. Which has been a bit frustrating. But i guess you get that. Because of these frustrating delays I am late showing the November exclusive, late getting Max Star and Mirror Warriors sorted. Late getting Overlords released, late getting Builders released, late with the final Trashers set and late getting Valiant cassettes released. Basically my whole release schedule this year is in a shambles.

Looking forward to November, i am hoping that a bunch of new players take the Bot War plunge so I can ship in time for Chrissy. Please don't leave it to last minute as it makes it more difficult to get out on time.

Traders Galaxy

30 Oct 2019

Seaforth World Naval Review: 2020

Seaforth World Naval Review: 2020

Now moving into its second decade, The Seaforth World Naval Review 2020 provides an affordable yet authoritative summary of global naval developments over the past twelve months.

Regional surveys of fleet evolution and procurement by editor Conrad Waters are supplemented by in-depth articles from a range of subject experts focusing on significant new warships, technological advances and specific navies.

Features in this edition include in-depth coverage of the US Navy's Virginia class submarines, the Royal Navy's Tide class tankers and the Indian P28 Komorto class corvettes. Technological subjects include assessments of recent developments in submarine technology by Norman Friedman, whilst David Hobbs' usual review of naval aviation focusses on the F35 Lightning II.

The in-depth fleet reviews look at Finland and Germany and analyse how they are responding to the increased Russian threat. Now firmly established as providing the only annual naval overview of its type, The Seaforth World Naval Review is essential reading for anyone - whether enthusiast or professional - interested in contemporary maritime affairs.

Airmen of Arnhem

Airmen of Arnhem

Martin Bowman presents us here with an unparalleled account of events as they unfolded in the skies above Holland during Operation Market-Garden' in September 1944. Market-Garden' was a heroic failure conducted at great cost; combined losses - both airborne and ground forces - in killed, wounded and missing amounted to more than 17,000. Market', the airborne part of the operation, spanned ten Allied lifts in a calamitous nine days of operations, often in foul weather.

Over the course of Operation Market', 4,050 aircraft saw employment; most of them towed the 1,205 Hamilcar and Horsa gliders and were confronted by an unknown number of Luftwaffe aircraft. Stories of individual heroism punctuate this narrative, such as that of David Lord, a RAF Dakota pilot who was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.

Tales such as these humanise a period of wartime history that is often reduced to mere facts. There is no doubting the gallant and valorous contribution of the airmen of Arnhem - the RAF Dakota, Stirling, Halifax, Albemarle, Horsa, Hamilcar and Glider Pilot Regiment crews together with those of the USAAF C-47 Troop Carrier Groups of the IX US Troop Carrier Command, the Waco and Horsa gliders, and the B-24 Liberator re-supply crews.

All of their incredible, illuminating and often understated accounts of extraordinary courage, camaraderie, shared terror and encounters with the enemy offer a more personalised view of Market' and are complemented by the author's background information that give an overall picture of each air operation.

29 Oct 2019

Bend Sinister Miniatures Now Sold by The Baggagetrain

Bend Sinister Miniatures Now Sold by The Baggagetrain

I am very proud to announce our newly acquired range of some of the best and most beautiful finely sculpted Napoleonic Figures around, formerly sold by Flashing Blade and Bend Sinister Miniatures

The Baggagetrain