25 Jan 2019

Traders Galaxy

Traders Galaxy


Traders Galaxy is a small boutique Hobby Games company making miniatures for use in tabletop wargames.

It is our goal to create miniatures that will allow you to explore those long forgotten realms on the fringes of the galaxy or those blighted backwaters never visited and known only to the few.

As long time gamers, hobbyists and explorers ourselves we have always yearned to give form and depth to worlds that have so far only been imagined. Although our ranges have just started we hope you like our first mix of traditional and digitally sculpted miniatures created to explore your favourite worlds.

Bot War

Set in an alternate reality on Earth in the 1980’s, BOT WAR is a tabletop skirmish game that sees robots, called Bots, war for what's left of earths dwindling resources. Collect one or all of the factions – Valiants, Beastlords, Deceivers, Infesters , Atlanticans, Snake Corp, Democracy, Overlords and loads more.

Happy Gaming

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Science Fiction, Bot War

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