20 May 2020

Fantasy Listed from Lancer Miniatures

First of the fantasy 10mm has been listed, it was going to be a kickstarter, but decided to list items as they arrive. He is working on hounds and Minotaurs and a Shaman, at the moment. But the biggest bunch is the Beastherd so they are first.

Fantasy Listed



Beastherd 10 figures 3 poses various shields

Beastherd Command

Beastherd Command

Beastherd command 3 figures

Lancer Miniatures

A New Elite Unit from Spellcrow

Crests or steel horns? Or maybe something else? If you have any ideas, write them below. A new elite unit for the Argatoria Battle Game in 10mm scale is being finished. The Sanctified which fill the ranks of the reptilian Arox army. Original models were sculpted by Marek Rurarz, additional weapons and armour are sculpted by Piotr Pirianowicz from Spellcrow.

A New Elite Unit

A New Elite Unit


19 May 2020

Collection Now On Shapeways from Combat Group Dynamix

Due to the Hong Kong Post Office stopping most of the airmail and EMS service to the US, UK and EU, we are now expanding our model collection on Shapeways. You can now order unpainted models directly from there, and the product will be produced in the US or EU and shipped directly from there. If you have models that you want but not yet available on there, please contact us to get those uploaded as first priority. Our Shapeways shop:

Collection Now On Shapeways

Combat Group Dynamix

With Lockdown Easing from Arrowhead Miniatures

With Lockdown Easing from Arrowhead Miniatures

With the lockdown easing , the casting company I use has returned to work. I have been assured that the Bedford QLB, QLR and Bofors gun models will be delivered by June 1st . I will be sorting out all the back orders first and then dispatching new orders from there on. The Valentine III will be here presently too along with a new remake of the Panzer III Ausf L and Panzer IV Ausf D.

I have a limited number ( 16) of damaged PZ IV D castings which are available for free !!! ( they have damaged and torn mudguards) , First come first served - limited to 4 per customer but for your own use only -no resales or I'll get cross.

Arrowhead Miniatures

Primed Miller House from Buildings in Turmoil

The Miller farm assembled and primed. You can now see the detail much clearer.

Primed Miller House

Primed Miller House picture 1

Primed Miller House picture 2

Primed Miller House picture 3

Primed Miller House picture 4

Primed Miller House picture 5

Primed Miller House picture 6

Primed Miller House picture 7

Buildings in Turmoil

Assembled Miller House from Buildings in Turmoil

Here is the assembled model of the Miller house at Antietam.

Assembled Miller house

Assembled Miller house picture 1

Assembled Miller house picture 2

Assembled Miller house picture 3

Assembled Miller house picture 4

Buildings in Turmoil

T-64BV from Timecast

T-64BV Coming soon




18 May 2020

12mm Ratel IFV from Butlers Printed Models

One South African Ratel IFV. Available in 6mm (1/285), 12mm (1/144), 15mm (1/100), 20mm (1/76) and 28mm (1/56).

6 different variants are available:

Ratel 20 - Original version with 20mm autocannon
Ratel Command - Command turret with 50 cal MG
Ratel 60 - Same turret as Eland 60 with 60mm mortar in the turret
Ratel 81 - 81mm mortar
Ratel 90 - Similar turret to Eland 90 with 90 mm cannon
Ratel ZT3 - ATGM turret.

Ratel IFV

Ratel IFV picture 1

Ratel IFV picture 2

Ratel IFV picture 3

Ratel IFV picture 4

Ratel IFV picture 5

Ratel IFV picture 6

Ratel IFV picture 7

Ratel IFV picture 8

Ratel IFV picture 9

Ratel IFV picture 10

Ratel IFV picture 11

Ratel IFV picture 12

Ratel IFV picture 13

Ratel IFV picture 14

Ratel IFV picture 15

Ratel IFV picture 16

Ratel IFV picture 17

Ratel IFV picture 18

Ratel IFV picture 19

Ratel IFV picture 20

Note: If the turret only option is chosen with the 81mm mortar version we'll send you a Ratel 20 turret.

Pictures shown are for 15mm models

All models supplied unpainted, unbased and without crew (figures)

3D printed to order

Butlers Printed Models

17 May 2020

Antietam Farm Project from Buildings in Turmoil

I have been planning a project for a long time, and after much research I have finally started and produced the first farm in my Antietam farm project. Here is the unassembled Miller Farm, which includes the house, barn and springhouse.

Miller Farm

Miller Farm picture 1

Miller Farm picture 2

Miller Farm picture 3

Miller Farm picture 4

Miller Farm picture 5

Miller Farm picture 6

Buildings in Turmoil