31 May 2020

American Civil War Showcase from The Eccentric Man

Well, I’ve painted up my order from Lancer Miniatures, and have already got hold of an identical pack. Anyway I hope you enjoy the show case.
Intro music Eccentric Man by the Groundhogs

Lancer Miniatures

29 May 2020

BAe Jetstream 41 from Welsh Models

New release in 1:144th scale - BAe Jetstream 41 in Proflight Zambia livery. A resin kit with metal detail and decals by Cranc. See our website for prices, the kits are available from us to ship immediately.

BAe Jetstream 41

BAe Jetstream 41 picture 1

BAe Jetstream 41 picture 2

Welsh Models

Project Update #2: 10mm Pictish Woodlanders, Kickstarter from Cromarty Forge

Woodlander army: 10mm wargaming miniatures in lead free pewter and resin.

2nd stretch goal unlocked!

Thank you everyone, that is the 2nd stretch goal unlocked, so the banners will be added to the hero Pack. I've added a video to the site, updated a few links so that the gallery is more obvious. Thanks again, and I hope you have a lovely weekend.



Cromarty Forge

Bofors Guns in Stock from Arrowhead Miniatures

Bofors Guns in Stock from Arrowhead Miniatures

We now have Bofors guns in stock along with its strange tractor unit the Bedford QLB or garden-shed-on-wheels as my good wife once called it. Sigh .

The Bedford QLR radio truck is also now available. Should have some pictures ready over the weekend.

Arrowhead Miniatures

DoomBull Minotaur, 3 Warhounds from Lancer Miniatures

10mm DoomBull Minotaur, 3 warhounds and a normal Minotaur sculpted by Creative Sculpt Studio for Lancer miniatures. All 10mm scale to go with the Beastmen units I did a few weeks ago and several more to come.

DoomBull Minotaur, 3 Warhounds and a normal Minotaur

DoomBull Minotaur, 3 Warhounds and a normal Minotaur

Lancer Miniatures

Arox Army from Spellcrow

How do you like the first four models of The Sanctified for the Arox army? Hope you like them

Arox Army

Arox Army


Teutonic Singles from Kallistra

More packs added to the 'Singles' project.

Single Teutonic Spearmen H-8006 and Single Teutonic Crossbowmen H-8007

Singles Project

H-8006 Teutonic Spearmen (32 Figures + 4 Bases)

H-8006 Teutonic Spearmen

H-8007 Teutonic Crossbowmen (32 Figures + 4 Bases)

H-8007 Teutonic Crossbowmen


28 May 2020

Project Update #1: 10mm Pictish Woodlanders, Kickstarter from Cromarty Forge

Woodlander army: 10mm wargaming miniatures in lead free pewter and resin.

Project funded and 1st stretch goal unlocked

Hi All,

Well despite the lack of stability on Kickstarter, thanks to you, the campaign is off to a great start! Funded already, 1st stretch goal unlocked, and most of the way to the 2nd.

I've updated the links on the pictures so that they take you to the appropriate place in the album on my web page, this should make looking at the detail of the models a little easier. I've also added some painted models to the linked album (thanks to Andy Meechan for his skills with the brush!)

Thanks for your support, please share the kickstarter far and wide with anyone who may be interested.



Cromarty Forge

Wound Counters from Cromarty Forge

Looked in on the resin casts for the Woodlanders kickstarter, and Scotia Grendel have done a great job, so I'm aiming to launch tomorrow (assuming Kickstarter give me the green light).

In the meantime I find myself sculpting wound counters, a strange part of my job that makes me wonder how much is too much... Thought I'd share some work in progress picks with you.

Wound Counters

Wound Counters

Cromarty Forge

Foy Church from Vital Ground Creative

Been quiet on the Vital Ground Creative front for a week or two but I’ve cut a first try of the church at Foy in Belgium (Battle of the Bulge).

Foy Church

Foy Church picture 1

Foy Church picture 2

Foy Church picture 3

With 5 mins to spare I’ve quickly taken a B&W photo to show it compared to the real thing - bit of a WIP - I’ll try and get a better angle with my camera.

Thoughts and feedback appreciated.

This will be a flat-pack 10mm MDF kit.

Vital Ground Creative

10mm Pictish Woodlanders, Kickstarter from Cromarty Forge

Woodlander army: 10mm wargaming miniatures in lead free pewter and resin.

Cromarty Forge 10mm are proud to announce our third 10mm army: The Pictish Woodlanders. The Woodlanders follow on the heels of the successfully funded Samurai ratmen, and Vampire Vikings. These highly detailed lead free pewter and resin models have been digitally sculpted, 3D printed, and test cast. With your support we can move to production casting, and put these models in your hands and on your table tops.

If you help fund this project you will receive a set of highly detailed 10mm Pictish Woodlanders models cast in lead-free pewter and high quality resin. All models are supplied unpainted, and without bases.

Select one of the reward tiers to the right to purchase Trees. To add additional Trees please add multiples of £9 to the base pledge level. You can select your units using the survey that will be sent at the end of the Kickstarter, most units cost one Tree, where more Trees are needed this is identified in the unit image below.

As a gesture of thanks, if you purchased Items from my Shop, or from the 10mm Ratmen kickstarter, or the Vampire Vikings Kickstarter, you can add one free Tree to your pledge.

To streamline this kickstarter I have used Kickstarter's inbuilt postage and packaging.

There is a gallery of the miniatures available here.

All models are supplied unpainted and without bases. The Raptors, Tree Women and Wood Dragon are resin models, all other models are made from lead free pewter. Models contain small and sharp elements. 12+ recommended.  If successfully funded, all models here will become available at my shop after pledges have been sent out.

As the campaign progresses I will add to the list of stretch goals, all stretch goals will be additions to the hero pack.

Thanks to your support, I am happy to say that the guards above will be added as a free expansion to the Hero's pack.

Thanks to your support, I am happy to say that the Standards above will be added as a free expansion to the Hero's pack.

Thanks to your support, I am happy to say that the Musicians above will be added as a free expansion to the Heros pack.

If the campaign reaches £3000, the Centrad hero will be added to the Hero pack.

If the project achieves £3500, the centrad Banner bearer will be added to the hero pack.

Laura Jeacock, for the artwork that fuelled  the range, thank you!

All my backers on the Samurai ratmen, and Vampire Vikings, thank you for your support in making these ranges possible.

Scotia Grendel: Although there have been less biscuits and more phone calls during lock down it has not changed your level of support. Once again you have my thanks for making this possible.

Ross Paton of Forth Valley Wargamers: For the huge amount of work that you have done on tabletop simulator. You have made it possible for me to play the game I love with my friends during lockdown. Looking forwards to North of the Wall when it becomes possible for us to play face to face again.

Warmaster Podcast: For keeping us going through the dark days.

Andy Meechan: For your continued fantastic and priceless attention to detail you will always have my thanks.

Theo Andrew: Thanks for the support and ideas, thanks for the games and laughs.

Risks and challenges
The design and testing phase of this project are complete, the miniatures shown here are examples of the final lead-free pewter and resin models. Your support of this Kickstarter will fund the move to production and manufacturing of these miniatures. The remaining risks associated with this project concern manufacturing and distribution:
- Scotia Grendel (a company with over 30 years experience in casting of metal miniatures) will be handling the manufacturing.

- I have eighteen years experience in delivering large scale time critical projects.
- Depending on how well the campaign goes, I will either be completing the packing and distribution myself, or using the services of Scotia Grendel.

Delivery dates include a healthy margin on the anticipated timeline for manufacturing and distribution, I have increased the time margin to try and account for the potential impact of COVID 19 on delivery and manufacturing timelines. As with the Samurai Ratmen, and the Vampire Vikings it is my intention to deliver all orders well ahead of the stated dates.

Cromarty Forge

Sketch from Spellcrow

Here is another sketch that will appear in the rulebook for Argatoria Battle Game. It shows a brutal Repsolian who belongs to the elite of the Reptilian armies.




In the second picture you can see Repsolian miniatures in 10mm scale available on our webstore.


Peninsular Napoleonics Not-Kickstarter, Finishes Sunday from Pendraken Miniatures

Peninsular Napoleonics Not-Kickstarter, Finishes Sunday from Pendraken Miniatures

Our Peninsular Napoleonics project finishes at midnight on Sunday!

We've got over 70 new codes planned covering the British, Spanish, Portuguese and Brunswick troops. We've also unlocked all of the stretch goals, including flags, buildings, civilians, ADCs and wagons. And as an additional bonus, everyone who pledges to this project will receive a [b]10% discount[/b] on their order!

All of these ranges will be sculpted and in production by November so this is the perfect early Christmas present.

If you'd like to see the planned ranges or join in, you can do so on our Forum.

And if you're not a member of our Forum, drop us an email and we'll get you registered:

Forum Discussion
Pendraken Miniatures

Valentine Mk III In Stock from Arrowhead Miniatures

Now have the Valentine Mk III in stock. More new British ' stuff' very soon. Stay safe.

Valentine Mk III

Valentine Mk III picture 1

Valentine Mk III picture 2

Valentine Mk III picture 3

Arrowhead Miniatures

The Magi from Hydra Miniatures

Been buried with real life job stuff, but work is still progressing on Atomic Tank. We only have two more models in order to complete the Robot Legion. The Galacteers still need 3 codes. The Imperials are progressing as well. Andrew Barlow completed these two Magi poses. The Magi will be organized into units and strike from afar with their psionic/magical blasts. Next up--sculpting some Imperial tanks!

The Magi

The Magi

Hydra Miniatures

27 May 2020

Minotaurs and War Hounds from Lancer Miniatures

Some more 10mm offerings sculpted by Creative Sculpt Studio for Lancer miniatures. The next unit of Monstrous monsters. Minotaurs and War hounds!

Minotaurs and War Hounds

Minotaurs and War Hounds

Lancer Miniatures

Project Update #26: Kickstarter for 10mm Demon Infantry Miniatures from Black Gate Miniatures

Project Update #26: Kickstarter for 10mm Demon Infantry Miniatures from Black Gate Miniatures

Post Kickstarter Update 14

Things are moving along, a little more slowly than I would like. Having my three kids at home permanently, and one that needs pretty much constant attention when home schooling, is eating into my available time. Also, I am having to juggle casting up an increase in orders for the BGM Ogres during lockdown with moulding and casting up this Demon range. First world problem though I know.

On the plus side. The Demon Characters are cast up and just need packing. I also have cast up half the Demon Flyers and am working on the moulds for the other half and the Chariots.

The eight characters for the pack

Also, I have finally, finally finished bagging up the roughly 500 packs of Demon Infantry. It's been emotional....

Infantry spotted!

Infantry spotted!

Almost 500 packs of Demon Infantry!

Almost 500 packs of Demon Infantry!

Next week I am planning to start gradually sending out orders to backers who didn't purchase any Flyers or Chariots. This is for two reasons. Firstly, it should help calm nerves around this Kickstarter ever ending. Secondly, the picking and packing of the orders is something I can involve my youngest in as part of his home schooling :) At the moment I do a weekly trip to the post office to send orders from the Ogre range, and so it wouldn't be causing any further problems or risks to start sending out Demons. The priority is still, and will continue to be, finishing off the moulds and production of the remaining Demons as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience and please keep the faith.

Demons forever!


Black Gate Miniatures