21 May 2020

Church from Cromarty Forge

This is a set of high detail 3D printable files for personal use. This building has been scaled for 10mm wargaming, and designed for 6-15mm printing. At 10mm scale there is plenty of room inside the church for eight 20mm*40mm bases.


Church picture 1

Church picture 2

Church picture 3

Church picture 4

Church picture 5

Church picture 6

Church picture 7

At 10mm scale, the Largest file in this pack (X-Y) is 174mm x 162mm. The tallest file is 67mm.

The models photographed here were printed on a CReality CR10 S at 0.12mm layer height.

The zombies shown in some images are for scale purposes only.

Cromarty Forge

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