5 May 2020

Peninsular Napoleonics Not-Kickstarter, Civilians & ADCs Unlocked from Pendraken Miniatures

Peninsular Napoleonics Not-Kickstarter, Civilians and ADCs Unlocked from Pendraken Miniatures

We've been overwhelmed by the response to our Peninsular Napoleonics campaign and we've now blasted through the ADC and Civilians targets.

As part of our Peninsular Napoleonics campaign we've now opened up the ADCs target, so we'll now be adding these extra command figures to the sculpting schedule.

This is where we're looking for your input into which nations and dress styles you'd like to see?  We're happy to look at the whole Naps period with this and not just Peninsular theatre so if you'd like some for your 1809 Austrians or 1815 British, let us know.  If there's any uniform/headgear combo's that could cover multiple nations, those would be a great addition and save on sculpting costs, for example a British chap in fore-aft bicorne could be used for Hanover and the KGL as well.

Pictures or references would be great so please add pics where possible.

So let us know which nations you'd like to see:

And to add your pledge to the campaign or look at the ranges on offer, head here:

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