30 Nov 2019

The Army of the Swabian League 1525

The Army of the Swabian League 1525

The Swabian League was established as a defensive alliance of princes, prelates, and Imperial cities to maintain the peace within the territory of Southern Germany.

 In 1525 the League faced an existential threat in the form of an attempt by the exiled Duke Ulrich of Württemberg to retake his territory and a series of localised peasant uprisings which united into a movement for political reform.

The League was forced to mobilise a mercenary army at a time of financial crisis and a shortage of Landsknechts, many of whom were fighting in the Italian Wars. This book presents a detailed inside account of the different components and internal organisation of the League army.

It focuses on two campaigns led by its supreme commander, Georg Truchsess von Waldburg, to maintain discipline during an intensive six-month campaign to thwart the Duke of Württemberg and smash the peasant rebellion whilst attempting to appease his political overlords within the League.

Wars and Soldiers in the Early Reign of Louis XIV: Volume 2: The Imperial Army, 1660-1689

During the 17th century, Europe experienced only four years of general peace: 1610 and 1680-82. This scenario of almost continuous strife provided the terrain for the rise of the standing professional armies.

The states were eager to avoid a repetition of the chaos and destruction that had plagued Europe during the Thirty Years’ War, and therefore invested in these larger, more powerful armies to reduce the risks and costs of war. Some historians considered this act to be one of the most important institutional developments of the early modern world. The permanent armies became an organic feature of the Old Regime, a symbol of its power and strength, the means by which the prince could defend his interest and play an active role in the International policy.

In the opinion of many contemporaries, it offered an opportunity to exploit strategic knowledge, to examine the effectiveness of military tactics and become aware of the increasing importance of the overall organization of the army. It would allow the military classes to occupy a significant place alongside the major European powers. In this scenario, the Imperial Army represents an interesting laboratory, which involved the multicultural Habsburg’s domains and the Holy Roman-Germanic Empire in the birth of one of the major standing army of Europe.

The history, organization, uniforms and ensigns of the Imperial army and the ‘Reichsarmee’ are here presented for the first time in a single book, with a lot of unpublished iconography and data.

Smiths Barn from Vital Ground Creative

True Scale (1:150) wargame terrain model. American Civil War (ACW), Antietam / Sharpsburg Battle. Smiths Barn was on the edge of the battlefield and was used as a hospital after the battle.
Two models shown here.

Smiths Barn

Smiths Barn picture 1

Smiths Barn picture 2

Smiths Barn picture 3

Smiths Barn picture 4

Smiths Barn picture 5

Smiths Barn picture 6

Smiths Barn picture 7

Soon to be released as a flat pack MDF kit. 'Teddy Bear Fur' roof material included.

Vital Ground Creative

Bristol Britannia 102 - BOAC from Welsh Models

SL455P - Bristol Britannia 102 - BOAC (1950's)...progress!....work has progressed on the kit despite a break for Densil's birthday Yesterday - Happy Birthday to our very own septuagenarian - Long may he continue to bring us wonderful kits to make and enjoy.

Bristol Britannia 102 - BOAC

Bristol Britannia 102 - BOAC picture 1

Bristol Britannia 102 - BOAC picture 2

Bristol Britannia 102 - BOAC picture 3

Welsh Models

Squidlorr from Traders Galaxy

He is a little large.

However what an amazing game taking him down would make. Hahaha. Perfect doomsday scenario!!



Traders Galaxy

Made some Overlords from Traders Galaxy

An interesting and very different faction for Bot War.

Basically Overlords are an almost inexhaustible horde of vicious shark and gator warriors. The stability of Gorgs mutations and his cloning capabilities ensures that its only a matter of time before the Red Star Nations are overrun.

Made some Overlords

Made some Overlords

Traders Galaxy

28 Nov 2019

Project Update #8: Vega City Hab Blocks, Kickstarter from Modular Games HQ

Project Update #8: Vega City Hab Blocks, Kickstarter from Modular Games HQ

3D printed Modular Building Designs for use in 6mm, 10mm and 1/285 scale gaming.

Anthony got some paint on the Merchant Hab.

Anthony did an amazing job on these buildings. Enjoy. (Drop Zone Commander miniatures are there just for 10mm reference and we are in no way related to dropzone commander, its parent company or any affiliates)

Modular Games HQ

Project Update #7: Vega City Hab Blocks, Kickstarter from Modular Games HQ

Project Update #0: Vega City Hab Blocks, Kickstarter from Modular Games HQ

3D printed Modular Building Designs for use in 6mm, 10mm and 1/285 scale gaming.

Video update

Modular Games HQ

Dropzone Commander Restocks – Wave 3 from TTCombat

Dropzone Commander Restocks – Wave 3 from TTCombat

It’s time for the 3rd wave of Dropzone Commander restocks. 4 Kits back into permanent stock and 2 new units to look at too!

First of all we have the UCM Phoenix kit back in production. This one has been coming in and out of stock as the old moulds and masters were failing, now we have new masters and new moulds, it’s back on sale permanently.

UCM Phoenix picture 1

The Phoenix Command Gunship needs very little introduction. A fast and well armed base for your commander, For UCM Forces that want to hit fast and hit hard it’s a great choice  Only £25 for this big flying gunship.

UCM Phoenix picture 2

Second kit has the first of our two new units this week. The Shaltari Yari and Tate kit.

Shaltari Yari & Tate picture 1

With enough hulls and turrets to make 4 of these little scout skimmers for only £10 this kit is great for adding even more speed and agility to your Shaltari force.

Shaltari Yari & Tate picture 2

The Yari comes equipped with a Microwave cannon for cooking infantry hiding in cover. With it’s high speed and agility, no infantry is safe from it’s reach.

Shaltari Yari & Tate picture 3

Alternatively, arm it with a Light Ion Cannon to give fast Anti-Air capability to your scouting force.

Shaltari Yari & Tate picture 4

The Tate is the new unit in this kit. Armed with no weapons this Scout unit provides a support role. With a Shield Boosting node, use this to provide extra resilience to your main force, and with it’s speed and agility, it can get to where it’s really needed.

Next up is the Model 109 Breaching Drill for the Resistance.

Resistance Breaching Drill picture 1

The Drills are an integral part of many a Resistance Army, with the access rule this gives the Resistance a way to get troops in and out of key areas very quickly.

Resistance Breaching Drill picture 2

This kit is £12 and gets you one drill with a movable door and movable drill bits.

Last, and certainly not least is a very large kit for the PHR. The Nemesis / Bellona are now available to buy. And very powerful options they are.

PHR Nemesis / Bellona picture 1

The Nemesis is the PHR Type 4 Command Walker, big, powerful and expensive this unit can turn even the heaviest battle tanks to molten metal with it’s Nemesis laser and Railguns. Being a Command choice it can take a Commander too.

PHR Nemesis / Bellona picture 2

However, if the Nemesis isn’t quite powerful enough, you really, really want something obliterated from the battlefield, why not field a Bellona, the replacement for the Marcus Barros model. No longer just for personal use of the Famous Commander, the Bellona is being seen more and more on the battlefields of the Reconquest.

PHR Nemesis / Bellona picture 3

Swapping it’s Nemesis laser for a Vanquisher Cannon, this beast of a cannon turns anything into a smoking crater. Still armed with a pair of Railguns too just in case something survives the Vanquisher Cannons raw power.

This kit will allow you to build either a Nemesis Command Walker or a Bellona Type-4 Walker. And only £25 brings all this destruction to the battlefield.

These are all available on our webstore now so take a look to reinforce your forces today. Stats will be available on the Web Builder tomorrow, check back tomorrow from more information on the Shaltari Tate and PHR Bellona Type-4 Walker.


Command & Control from Pithead Miniatures

Command and control were essential elements for the success of any army in WW2 and these two facets were strongly dependent on good inter unit communication, whether this was by a radio net, land lines or dispatch riders and runners. Pithead already produce HQ sets for British, German, Russian and French armies and now we have released HQ figures for the Americans, Italians and British Paras and are currently working on special figure sets for German Pioneers, and a Polish HQ.


Commands picture 1

Commands picture 2

Commands picture 3

The amount of time it takes to sculpt 18 different figures for a HQ set means that we will lose money selling these but we don't mind as we see it as part of our commitment to our regular customers who have supported Pitheads other projects in the past.

Pithead Miniatures

New Nov 2019 Releases from Roden

We are thrilled to announce the new releases of November

Model No. 335 Douglas C-133B Cargomaster, scale 1:144

Model No. 335 Douglas C-133B Cargomaster, scale 1:144 picture 1

Model No. 335 Douglas C-133B Cargomaster, scale 1:144 picture 2

The C-133B Cargomaster was an American heavy-duty transport aircraft designed in the late 1950s. At one time it was the largest aircraft in its class, and the only one that could transport almost the entire range of arms of the US Army of any size.

Model No. 339 Boeing 307 Stratoliner, scale 1:144

Model No. 339 Boeing 307 Stratoliner, scale 1:144 picture 1

Model No. 339 Boeing 307 Stratoliner, scale 1:144 picture 2

The Boeing 307 Stratoliner (TWA SA-307B) was an American passenger aircraft produced in the late 1930s by the Boeing Aircraft Company. It was the first passenger aircraft in the world with a pressurized cabin, which, unlike all other aircraft at that time, could fly at an altitude where the dangers of flying through storm clouds were minimal.


27 Nov 2019

New Products, Nov 2019 from Brengun & Hauler Models

New Products, Nov 2019 from Brengun & Hauler Models

New Products, Nov 2019 from Brengun & Hauler Models

1/144 -doplnky-accessories

BRL144158 A4 Skyhawk ladder (Platz/Eduard kit)
BRL144159 F-104G Vacu Canopy (Platz/F-Toys kit)

1/144 -stavebnice-construction kits
BRS144047 Culemeyer four axles
BRS144048 Culemeyer 80ton

Brengun & Hauler Models

City Sets from Traders Galaxy

Ok everyone - with the arrival of the Queen and Leviathan late this arvo (Australian for afternoon) Ill be shipping out pre-orders of those figs immediately so please get your order in fast to make that train. Check out the video for how amazing the casts are.

Also, tonight I added the buildings and city sets to pre-order as well as The Builders and Destroyer!!

City Sets

City Sets picture 1

City Sets picture 2

City Sets picture 3

City Sets picture 4

City Sets picture 5

City Sets picture 6

City Sets picture 7

City Sets picture 8

City Sets picture 9

City Sets picture 10

City Sets picture 11

City Sets picture 12

City Sets picture 13

City Sets picture 14


Destroyer picture 1

Destroyer picture 2

A little word about preorders -

As you know Bot War has been essentially built on your pre-orders in the past. I have so far delivered 100% with only a couple late by a week or so. Most are shipped early. You should know that Bot War pre-orders don't even go live on the site until they are in the “currently moulding/casting phase” so the risk of them not being delivered is next to nothing.

Preorders are so important to the success of Bot War. Without them a lot of stuff couldn't happen. Yes, Bot War does run that close to the wire all the time. As many of you know Bot War is run 100% on sales. This means that every new model has been financed by the sales of previous models or pre-orders. However when the Bot War releases are larger and more ambitious, preorders almost 100% finance them. Or my own personal pocket money.

So please pre-order with confidence knowing that your preorder is helping Bot War continually grow and develop more models with ever increasing quality. As a one man operation I really appreciate your ongoing support.

Traders Galaxy