21 Nov 2019

Battlegroup Northag Preorder Program Extended from Plastic Soldier Company

Battlegroup Northag Preorder Program Extended from Plastic Soldier Company

New Battlegroup Northag and 10mm plastic miniatures range preorder program extended to Monday 1st December!

Due to popular demand we have extended the preorder program for an extra 10 days to Monday 1st December to cover an extra payday!

The box sets and starter armies and deal have a pre-order discount and, in addition, starter armies and deal come with some FREE additional goodies, so to be sure click on the following items to see what you'll get: NORTHAG Starter Deal, British Starter Army, Soviet Starter Army. So, for example, the all-in Northag Starter Deal is £138 worth of product for only £100!

Choose the items you wish to pre-order and complete your shipping and payment details. Your cards will be charged after our shop closes on 18 November 2019, and we'll ship your order out as soon as the products hit our warehouse in Spring 2020 (and before retail release at Salute in April).

Upon release, our starter armies, boxed sets, and the rulebook will be available through selected retailers and direct from PSC; all other products will be available only from PSC.

Our shipping rates are a flat fee, so the more items you order the more cost-effective your shipping becomes.

To help you build your initial forces, download the army lists for Soviet Armoured and BAOR battlegroups (please note they are still in an "unprettified" form pre-design layout

Northag Army Lists

Battlegroup Northag
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