13 Nov 2019

Project Update #1: Vega City Hab Blocks, Kickstarter from Modular Games HQ

Project Update #1: Vega City Hab Blocks, Kickstarter from Modular Games HQ

3D printed Modular Building Designs for use in 6mm, 10mm and 1/285 scale gaming.

Q&A On putting your work out there

What's something new you plan to share this month?
We are going to be adding an option to purchase these building 3d printed. You will be able to choose PLA, DLP, or SLA.

Describe the moment when you hit “launch” on your project. What did it feel like?
Launching this project was exciting and nerve wracking. We have two other projects underway but wanted to launch this one first to see how the hole process worked, and to allow us to refine our next two launches. We chose this one first because we will not have to ship anything as we will be digitally fulfilling all orders.

How did you know it was time to share your idea through a Kickstarter project?
We have been working on a new game system for almost two years now, it is almost time to launch so this last marketing step was the next to take.

What kind of feedback is most helpful to receive when sharing creative work?
We love any feedback we can get, the more specific the better. The best feedback is the kind that outlines both the problem and a solution.

How has putting your project into the world changed things for you?
It has been an interesting two days, we have received feedback on several facebook posts and have been discussing how to implement some changes (as mentioned above)

Care to share a photo or video of something you’re working on right now?
Next week we will post some videos and pictures of these being printed on our Form 2.

Modular Games HQ

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