29 Dec 2014

World War I Battlefield Artillery Tactics Released

World War I Battlefield Artillery Tactics

As the First World War bogged down across Europe, resulting in the establishment of trench systems, artillery began to grow in military importance. Never before had the use of artillery been so vital, and to this day the ferocity, duration and widespread use of artillery across the trenches of Europe has never been replicated.

Featuring specially commissioned full-color artwork, this groundbreaking study explains and illustrates the enormous advances in the use of artillery that took place between 1914 and 1918, the central part artillery played in World War I, and how it was used throughout the war, with particular emphasis on the Western Front.

Osprey Publishing

16 Dec 2014

ACW Gamer: The Ezine 2014 Terrain Special

ACW Gamer: The Ezine 2014 Terrain Special

ACW Gamer: The Ezine 2014 Terrain Special

An electronic magazine for fighting the American Civil War on your table top! Miniatures, Scenarios, Reviews and more!

47 page PDF or EPUB file. Articles include:

Terrain Makes the Game Easier
Building Antietam
Making low cost, durable fields for your ACW gaming table    
The Road (More or) Less Traveled  
Terrain Tip: Cinnamon Broom
How to Make American Civil War Earthworks  
Flexible Fields    
Easy Cardstock Terrain for Wargamers          
“Winterizing” Your Battlefield

ACW Gamer

15 Dec 2014

ACW Gamer: The Ezine Issue 7, December 2014

ACW Gamer: The Ezine Issue 18, April 2016

ACW Gamer: The Ezine Issue 7:

An electronic magazine for fighting the American Civil War on your table top! Miniatures, Scenarios, Reviews and more!

39 page PDF featuring:

Easy Civil War Rules
Painting the Iron Brigade
Colors of Confederate Clothing, Part II
U.S. Marines at First Manassas
Company D Miniatures
John Sisson,51st OhioVolunteers
Creating Custom 15mm Figures

ACW Gamer

9 Dec 2014

Black Powder Rules

Black Powder II

This book describes the Black Powder game and its various procedures and rules as played by the authors and their friends. The authors’ aim is to enable and encourage the reader to recreate the great battles of the 18th and 19th centuries with armies of model soldiers on the tabletop.

As well as providing for the fundamentals of warfare such as the command of troops, movement on the battlefield, the effects of musketry and artillery, and the role of morale, the book includes numerous examples of further rules allowing the player to tailor games to their own preferences.

In addition, twelve complete examples of Black Powder battles are included, embracing a range of conflicts throughout the period covered.

Battle of Elixheim – War of the Spanish Succession, 1705
Battle of Clifton Moor – Jacobite Rising, 1745
Raid on Fort Ligonier – French and Indian War, 1758
Battle of Chinsurah – Seven Years’ War, 1759
Battle of Bunker Hill – American War of Independence, 1775
Battle of North Point – The War of 1812, 1814
Quatre Bras – Napoleonic War, 1815
The Eve of Waterloo – Napoleonic War, 1815
Battle of Kernstown – American Civil War, 1862
Battle of Antietam – American Civil War, 1862
Battle of Dead Man’s Creek – Sioux War, 1876-77
Action on the iNyezane – Zululand, 1879

Black Powder Rules

Black Powder Wargaming Rules by Warlord Games is a game for the militarily inclined gentlemen with straight backs, bristling beards and rheumy eyes that have seen a thing or two. If tales of battle and glory in days-gone-by stir nothing in your breast, if the roar of cannon does not quicken the pulse and set fire in the belly, then this is not the rule set for you. These rules are not a light hearted adventure but one to be tackled by the strong heart. 

· Full Colour
· 184 pages
· Hard back
· Rules for warfare covering 1700-1900
· 7 Battle reports
· Reference sheet
· Extraordinary photographs of probably the worlds best painted miniatures and the finest military collections
· Written by the hugely talented and handsome Rick Priestley and the very tall Jervis Johnson

Black Powder Supplements

Dark and Bloody Ground, Black Powder supplement

Dark and Bloody Ground, Black Powder Supplement

French and Indian War

Fought between 1754 and 1763, this conflict saw the French and British empires fighting for dominance of Canada and North America. The European armies had to overcome harsh weather conditions and the equally unforgiving wilderness before fighting battles and skirmishes in which little quarter was asked for or given.

Inside this book, you will find a complete history of the conflict with details of every major battle fought between the two sides. Also included are details of the uniforms, organisation and commanders of the European armies, their colonial regulars and militias, and the various Native American tribes that supported or opposed them. Scenarios are provided for many of the battles of the war along with suggestions for campaign games.

A Clash Of Eagles Black Powder Supplement

A Clash Of Eagles Black Powder Supplement

This Black Powder Supplement charts Napoleon Bonaparte’s disastrous campaign in Russia during which the greatest army the world had ever seen was destroyed in just five months.

A Clash Of Eagles is a glorious work of passion from the author Adrian McWalter. 200 pages of full-colour text, maps, and figures plus art from renowned artist Peter Dennis & Johnny Shumate. A must have for any collectors and gamers of the Napoleonic Black Powder period!

Re-create epic moments of the 1812 campaign: the battles of Smolensk and Borodino, the numerous smaller affairs involving Napoleon’s allies and the long, protracted retreat from Russia culminating in the crossing of the Berezina, all of which left the Grand Armée reduced to a shadow of its former self.
Within the pages you will discover how Napoleonic armies fought differently from preceding Black Powder armies; including background detail focusing on the campaign, the numerous nations that took part in the campaign, as well as their armies and statistics on over a hundred different troop types.

You will find information on how to reflect Napoleonic battles using the Black Powder rules as well as a few new rules that are pretty standard amongst wargames communities across the globe.
Running alongside this you will encounter numerous national characteristics for France, Russia, Austria and Prussia to name a few, that will give your gaming experience more of a Napoleonic feel.

Glory Hallelujah! Black Powder Supplement

Glory Hallelujah! Black Powder Supplement

‘Glory Hallelujah!’ – the American Civil War 1861 – 1865 supplement for Black Powder.

In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the fledgling United States of America. Years of seething hostility between the North and South boiled over as the Southern States saw Lincoln’s election as a direct threat to their rights, and the nation fell apart as a new Confederacy was formed in the South. The Confederacy, striving to assert its independence, opened fire on the Northern troops occupying Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbour on April 12th 1861. Determined to preserve the Union, Northern troops headed south and on to Richmond! Over the next four terrible long years American armies tramped across American fields and burnt American farms as Americans killed Americans in a war the likes of which the nation had never seen before. The epic battles fought during the American Civil War proved beyond all doubt that war can be ‘all hell’.

This supplement for Black Powder describes the history, armies, key leaders, doctrine and tactics of the American Civil War, and includes a comprehensive set of army lists and optional rules for recreating the battles of that war in miniature.

Blood on the Nile Black Powder Supplement

Blood on the Nile Black Powder Supplement

They charged out of the shimmering desert, thousands of fanatical warriors dressed in white, brandishing fearsome weapons. These were the Mahdi’s men and a British soldier’s worst nightmare. The Mahdi had emerged from the wilderness to lead a rebellion against the Egyptian government in Sudan. His armies overwhelmed the Egyptians and trapped Governor Gordon in Khartoum. The British launched a relief expedition, but it arrived too late. Such an insult to the Empire could not go unpunished, and the British returned to crush the Mahdists. Sudan then came under British Imperial control, but, like shifting sands, history could have turned out very differently. 
Using this Black Powder supplement, you can take charge of the British army fighting in the desert, or assume command of the Mahdi’s forces in their struggle against the world’s greatest military power. Along the way, learn about the battles and campaigns of the Mahdist Wars, and the soldiers who served in them.

The free miniature with this supplement is based firmly on one of history’s great characters – Colonel Frederick Gustavus Burnaby. For those who don’t know much about this British officer try an internet search – he almost beggars belief! This is a superbly sculpted miniature by Steve Saleh that perfectly portrays this Victorian hero.

A copy of the Black Powder rulebook is required to use this supplement.

Rebellion Black Powder Supplement 

Black Powder American War of Independence supplement, Rebellion!

This glorious 144-page full-colour book, written by Steve Jones, comes with a free Continental officer figure sculpted by Alan Perry himself! Who else would you ask to design a new figure for an American War of Independence book? You'll be able to buy the figure from Perry Miniatures. We'll show you the sculpt in our next newsletter as the green stuff is still drying as I type!

In 1775 the simmering resentment of American colonists exploded into a bloody rebellion. Beginning in Boston, the conflict eventually stretched from Canada in the north to Florida in the south and lasted eight gruelling years. On one side stood the King's redcoats and settlers loyal to their sovereign, later joined by regiments of 'Hessian'mercenaries. Ranged against them was a citizen army under the inspirational leadership of George Washington, supported by militia and eventually French troops eager to embarrass their old foe. Both sides were forced to learn new tactics for fighting in the wild terrain of North America in a conflict that saw heroism and ineptitude in equal measure. 

Zulu Black Powder Supplement

Zulu Black Powder Supplement 

You've seen the silver screen version of events in Zulu and Zulu Dawn now you can refight these classic engagements on the tabletop. 

This lavish 92 page supplement provides historical background as well as character profiles and rules for recreating the key engagements of the war, including the Isandlwana, Ulundi and Rorkes Drift, as well as other less well known conflicts. Of course it is also packed with images of these battles recreated on the table-top, as well as photos of the region and battlefields as they appear now.

Albion Triumphant Volume 2, The Hundred Days campaign

Albion Triumphant Volume 2, The Hundred Days campaign

On a damp, overcast Sunday in June 1815, twenty years of continuous warfare - the Napoleonic Wars - came to a violent and bloody conclusion on a rain-soaked field in Belgium. These wars were truly a world affair, with European powers fighting battles not only on the mainland of Europe but as far as India, Egypt, the Caribbean and America. The greatest generals of the age finally faced each other on the field of battle; The Duke of Wellington, rooted to a little-known ridge, faced, the Emperor of the French. Napoleon Bonaparte, master of the attack, opposed brigades of British, Germans, Dutch and Belgians; brigades of an infamous army that, despite horrific casualties, clung to the ridge for over nine hours to ensure that the arrival of Blücher's Prussian army would put the Duke's victory beyond doubt.

The Battle of Waterloo became a true landmark in miltary history, one that will never fade, and nothing on such a grand scale would be seen again.

This supplement for Black Powder overviews the main battles, armies and personalities of the Hundred Days campaign, and includes army lists, scenarios and special rules to enable you to re-fight them using the Black Powder rules. 

Featured conflicts include:
Quatre Bras & Ligny (16th June 1815)
Hougoumont (18th June 1815) 
Waterloo (18th June 1815) 

132 pages of Napoleonic army lists, background, troop stats and scenarios make this an absolute must for lovers of Black Powder, of Napoleonic gaming or simply of gloriously produced wargaming books!

Albion Triumphant Volume 1 - The Peninsular campaign

Albion Triumphant Volume 1 - The Peninsular campaign

This is the first of two supplements for our Black Powder game that focuses on the Napoleonic battles involving British forces. Written by long-time gamer and Napoleonic aficionado, Adrian McWalter, this book focuses on the Flanders and Peninsular campaigns 112 pages of Napoleonic army lists, background, troop stats and scenarios make this an absolute must for lovers of Black Powder, of Napoleonic gaming or simply of gloriously produced wargaming books! 

The Last Argument of Kings

The Last Argument of Kings

At the beginning of the 18th century, warfare entered a new era. The widespread use of the flintlock musket had transformed the way armies trained and fought. This period was a golden age for the crowned heads of Europe. They commanded professional troops, gloriously outfitted in splendid uniforms, and fought each other over land, wealth and the succession to their thrones. Some even led their armies on the field of battle. Yet by the end of the century, the real power of kings was gone or greatly eroded - parliaments would decide the foreign policy of nations, democracy had taken hold in the New World and the divine right of kings was everywhere being questioned. These were the last wars fought to protect the succession rights of royalty. These wars were the Last Argument of Kings.

This supplement for the Black Powder game overviews the main conflicts and armies of this period, and includes army lists and special rules to enable you to refight these wars using the Black Powder rules, as well as scenarios for the most dramatic battles of the time. Featured conflicts include:

The War of the Spanish Succession - the Battle of Blenheim (1704)
The Great Northern War - the Battle of Holowczyn (1708)
The Austro-Turkish Wars - the Battle of Petrovardin (1716)
The War of the Austrian Succession - the Battle of Fontenoy (1745)
The Wars of the English Succession - the 1745 Rebellion
The Seven Years War - the Battle of Hundorf (1762)
War in the Colonies - The French Indian War & The War in India
Raids and Invasions - Amphibious Warfare in the 18th Century

This is a full colour 112 page softback book.

Black Powder Downloads
  1. Black Powder, Quick Reference Sheet.
  2. Black Powder, Army Roster
  3. Black Powder, FAQ - 26 August , 2010. 
Other Peoples Black Powder Downloads

Great Northern War: Stats & Special Rules For Black Powder/Pike & Shotte

Attached to this post are the unit stats for Swedes and Russians, plus mods and notes.
They are designed for Warlord Games Pike & Shotte, but can also be used with Black Powder.
  1. Great Northern War: Stats & Special Rules For Black Powder/Pike & Shotte
Home Before The Leaves Fall Black Powder Rules Amendments For Early World War I by friends Of General Haig

What follows are the minor rule amendments we made to play out the Mons campaign in 10mm using Black Powder rules. As always with Black Powder, if you don’t like them, or don’t agree with a particular interpretation, please fell free to change them. We found that reducing the move distances but keeping the ranges of weapons the same, for example, really reflected how it must have been for troops used to Napoleonic style deployments to suddenly come up against modern weapons. Where
possible, the rationale for the rule amendments is provided.
  1. Home Before The Leaves Fall
Pony Wars Black Powder Stats Sheet

In conjunction with our Pony Wars article in the February issue of Wargames Illustrated; “A Road We Do Not Know”, we present Black Powder stats for using John Ford’s Rangers and Iron Jacket Comanches.
Sgt Perry's Heroes

  1. Unofficial Black Powder, Quick Reference Sheet with additional information on page 2. 
  2. Unofficial Black Powder, Quick Reference Sheet 2/3 Distances Version. 
  3. Unofficial Black Powder, Quick Reference Sheet 1/2 Distances Version.
  4. Unofficial Black Powder, Army Roster 1.
  5. Unofficial Black Powder, Army Roster 2. 
  6. Unofficial Black Powder, Army Roster 3. 
  7. Unofficial Black Powder, Army Roster 4. 
Jay's Wargaming Madness
  1. Unofficial Black Powder, Quick Reference Sheets.
  2. Unofficial Black Powder, Quick Reference Sheets, British, Prussian and French.
The Border Reivers Wargames Society

Black Powder ACW
  1. Detailed BP ACW sequence of play checklist.
  2. House rules and amendments for 'Black Powder' American Civil War.
  3. Quick Reference Sheet for 'Black Powder' ACW house rules and amendments.
Black Powder AWI
  1. Suggested 'Black Powder' points list for AWI.
  2. Quick Reference Sheet for 'Black Powder' AWI using our version of the rules.
  3. Suggestions for using the action cards from Sam Mustafa's 'Maurice' in 'Black Powder'
Black Powder Napoleonic

House rules and amendments for 'Black Powder' Napoleonic Wars.
Detailed Sequence of Play Summary Sheet.
Quick Reference Sheet for 'Black Powder' Napoleonic house rules and amendments.

Loki's Great Hall
  1. Unofficial Black Powder, Half Distance Play Sheet.
  2. Unofficial Black Powder, Quick Rules Summary.
Last Hussar Barracks

Lots of good ideas here,  well worth spending a bit of time reading all the Black Powder posts.

War of Spanish Succession
  1. Unofficial amendments to Black Powder For battles with model soldiers In the Age of Marlborough.
Franco Prussian War

Colgar6 and the Infinite Legion of Toy Soldiers

Black Powder personality cards
  1. The master file for these cards is a PowerPoint document.
  2. If you prefer to obtain a professionally-printed deck of cards, Artscow.
Adventures In Miniature Gaming

Officer personality trait cards for Black Powder
  1. Unofficial Union Officer Personality Card Deck.
  2. Unofficial Confederate Officer Personality Card Deck.
Leadhead, Ph.D

Armies of the 19th Century Booklets for Black Powder.
  1. Unofficial Black Powder, Army lists for the Russo-Ottoman War of 1877-1878 v.2.
  2. Unofficial Black Powder, The Uruguayan Army in the War of the Triple Alliance.
Blenheim to Berlin
  1. Black Powder House Rules Feb 2016 Update.
Edinburgh Wargames
  1. Bill's Black Powder Amendments - Latest.
Too Much Lead
  1. Amendments for Black Powder Medievals.
Keith's Wargaming Blog
  1. Black Powder House Rules for SYW.
The Panzer Depot
  1. Black Powder Napoleonic House Rules.
  2. Unofficial Black Powder Unit Builder.
  3. Unofficial Black Powder QRS.
My Black Powder Downloads & Adaptations
  1. My Black Powder Adaptations

Jason Temple
Warlord Games
Leadhead, Ph.D
Too Much Lead
Loki's Great Hall
Sgt Perry's Heroes
Blenheim to Berlin
The Panzer Depot
Edinburgh Wargames
Last Hussar Barracks
Keith's Wargaming Blog
Jay's Wargaming Madness
Adventures In Miniature Gaming
The Border Reivers Wargames Society
Colgar6 and the Infinite Legion of Toy Soldiers

Manoeuvre Group Rules

Manoeuvre Group Rules

Manoeuvre Group - All Arms Ground Combat for the period 1942 to 2010 100 pages + markers and Quick Reference Sheet Recommended scales 10mm, 15mm, 20mmm 1/76, 1/72, 25mm, 28mm Level of detail 7/10 Complexity 5/10 Game length 2 to 4 hrs Die required D20 Manoeuvre Group is designed to fight all arms actions in the period from 1941 to at least 2010, using forces up to a Company Group (Battle Group in US terminology).

That is, up to 8 tanks, 1 or 2 platoons of supporting infantry and their supporting close reconnaissance, engineering and artillery assets, in an evening. The innovative rule system means no book keeping At this scale the battles are fought at close quarters, in relatively dense terrain, be it urban or rural, from England to Iraq and all points in between.

Manoeuvre Group's emphasis is just that, the command of manoeuvre units to eliminate the enemy. The reading of the ground, timing and employment of all arms assets are the key to winning a battle.

The player will spend more time moving units about to exploit weaknesses in the enemy's plan than calculation of hit factors and dice rolling.

The rules capture the ebb and flow of a battle often missing in other rules.  With practise, experts (in tactics) can achieve 10 to 15 bounds in an evening even with a full Company Group.

Table Of Contents:  makes finding what you want quick and simple.

Introduction Terrain: limitations imposed by terrain including a new, novel and above all simple but realistic simulation of dead ground.

Commanding Infantry: Skirmishing, moving fast, going to ground, sneaking into position, assaulting a position.

Commanding Vehicles: Move fast, slow and even very fast, Ram, take up positions Hull down, Turret down. Learn to fight as a unit, Shoot and scoot, smoke dischargers and more.

Reconnaissance: How to find the enemy and how not to be found.

Weapons Fire: Simple but comprehensive firing rules with realistic outcomes. Tanks can be damaged not just knocked out.

Defensive Positions: What they are and the protection they give.

Engineering: A realistic approach to combat engineering, booby traps, flame throwers, minefields, minefield clearance, moving heavy gear, towing and more.

Electronic Warfare: Radio intercepts.

Building Your Command: Organisation building, weapons tables and sample organisations.

Introduction To Warfighting:  A guide to how to fight your command. Use of turret down and hull down positions for tanks. How to fight in urban areas.

Scenarios: A set of scenarios and advice on how to fight them to get you started. The rules have been released with a free set of plans to make simple terrain to help in setting up the scenarios and stores flat afterwards. Comprehensive set of markers and Quick Reference sheet to get you started.

Fold Flat Terrain As Featured On The Cover Is Now Available

Wargame Vault

2 Dec 2014

ACW Gamer: The Ezine Issue 2, 2014

ACW Gamer: The Ezine Issue 2, 2014

ACW Gamer: The Ezine Issue 2:

An electronic magazine for fighting the American Civil War on your table top! Miniatures, Scenarios, Reviews and more!

Review: Trident Miniatures’ “Nation Divided” 40mm ACW Range
Battle Report: Crossroads at Seven Pines
Weapons: Weird Weapons of the Civil War
Scenario: The Morning After
Battle Report: Return to Castleman’s Ferry, Part 1
Review: Infantry Flags, Longstreet’s Corps, Gettysburg 1863

ACW Gamer

1 Dec 2014

ACW Gamer: The Ezine 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

ACW Gamer: The Ezine 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

This special is design to help you in your search for gifts to get your gaming friends this holiday      season....or perhaps what to get for yourself if Santa forgets to bring you ACW goodies to play with in the New Year.

ACW Gamer

28 Nov 2014

Hail Caesar Rules

Hail Caesar Wargaming Rules by Warlord Games

Hail Caesar Wargaming Rules by Warlord Games is written by the hugely talented Rick Priestley who is something of an expert in Ancients gaming. Partly because of his studying in antiquities but some would say that it's also because he was there for the most part. So aside from firsthand experience of classical civilisations what else do you get?

A 192 page, full colour, hardback rulebook
By the award winning team that produced Hail Caesar
Covers gaming in periods from biblical times to the Crusades
An exclusive miniature - Titus Aduxas - when you order through the Warlord Games website! download. 

Hail Caesar Supplements

Hail Caesar, Age of Caesar

Hail Caesar, Age of Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar was surely the most famous Roman of all time – conqueror, statesman and founder of an empire that would shape the destiny of the world. What’s more, we know just how great a commander he was because he took the trouble to write and tell us so, recording his heroic exploits in all their gloriously impressive detail.

Join the mighty Caesar at the beginning of his glittering career of conquest and refight one of his most famous battles against those heinous enemies of civilisation, the dreaded Germans led by none other than that ambitious fiend Ariovistus of the Suebi.

March with Caesar’s legions into the land of implacable savages as our hero subjugates the barbarous Gauls and confronts that most dangerous of moustachioed monstrosities the treacherous chieftain of the Arverni tribe, Vercingetorix.

Cross the Rubicon and cast your own dice as Caesar pursues his rival Romans across continents in the Roman Civil War, facing his most deadly challenge yet in the form of famed conqueror of the East, Pompey the Great. Fight by Caesar’s side as he wages war for mastery of the Roman World upon battlefields soaked in Roman blood.

Regretfully we cannot tarry, as did Caesar, in the arms of Egypt’s beautiful Queen Cleopatra, but we can join him for the concluding battles of the Civil War in Africa, where we shall at last confront Caesar’s relentless opponents together with the armies of that inveterate enemy of Rome, King Juba of Numidia.

With this supplement for Hail Caesar we invite you to come, see and conquer for yourself in a series of new scenarios representing key battles in the career of Julius Caesar. We take a detailed look at the armies of Rome and her enemies, and we consider the lives of some of the greatest Roman commanders of them all, together with suitable rules to represent them on the tabletop.

A copy of the Hail Caesar rulebook is required to use this supplement.

Hail Caesar - Age of Bronze

Hail Caesar - Age of Bronze

For two thousand years; from 3000 BC to 1000 BC, warriors fought battles with weapons of bronze. This gleaming red-gold metal is an alloy of copper and tin. The warrior nobles rode into battle in chariots and were clad in bronze armour. Their followers gripped bronze thrusting spears, battle-axes and slashing swords. Battle was a dazzling sight as weapons and armour glinted in the sun amid the clash of bronze against bronze and the clatter of charging chariots. This was the heroic age of legend! When the sand and rubble is cleared away from the mighty ruins of the temples, tombs and strongholds of this time; the tales of these battles are revealed inscribed in stone and on the imperishable tablets of baked clay.

Around the ancient carvings of the warriors, which inspire the model soldiers depicted in this book, are the reports of their deeds on the battlefield. From what they tell us we can recreate battles for our model armies. In this book you will find many battle scenarios and skirmishes all based on real events. We begin with the Sumerians, rival city states. Then we see the rise and fall of the first great empire of the Akkadians. Ancient Egyptians fight to unite their nation and repel Hyksos invaders. The mighty Hammurabi takes on rivals to create the kingdom of Babylon. The chariot Empires of the Hittites and Mitanni clash and try and hold their own against the New Kingdom Pharaohs and the Mycenaeans. Egyptian and Canaanite chariots battle on the plain of Megiddo. Heroes fight duels upon the plain of Troy. Then Sea Peoples and Habiru tribes challenge the chariot lords as we approach the dramatic end of Bronze Age.

Age of Bronze contains 32 scenarios - in addition to the traditional Hail Caesar massed battles we introduce skirmish rules for smaller scale conflicts between warbands so often seen during this period.

Hail Caesar - Shield Wall - The Dark Age Sagas volume I

Hail Caesar - Shield Wall - The Dark Age Sagas volume I

A notoriously unstable and rebellious member of the Roman Empire, Britannia was thrown into bloody conflict as the Western Roman Empire began to crumble. Axe, spear and sword became the dominant currency for those vying for control of the kingdoms.

Shield Wall is a supplement for Hail Caesar which introduces the main battles, armies and personalities of the Dark Ages in the British Isles from around 400AD up to 1000AD.

In addition to the traditional Hail Caesar massed battles the supplement introduces rules for smaller scale engagements between warbands as reflects much of this period. Shield Wall also contains campaign rules and several linked scenarios ­– from Badon Hill to Brunaburh.

The army lists are included for Limitanei, early and late Saxons, Romano-British, Welsh-Cymru, Irish, Picts, Gaels, Vikings and Irish-Norse.

A copy of the Hail Caesar rulebook is required to use this supplement

Hail Caesar - Germania

Hail Caesar - Germania

This 56-page sourcebook, written by Neil Smith, chronicles the devastating blow suffered by the Romans in the Teutoberger Wald at the hands of the Germanic tribes led by Arminius. The battle, also known by the Romans as the Varian Disaster, saw the Germans ambush and destroy three Roman legions and their supporting troops. The book covers both the battle and the aftermath - a period that was something of a watershed for Rome's ambitions in Germany... 

Germania also covers the varying tribes that made up the Germanic forces as well as scenarios and special rules.

A copy of the Hail Caesar rulebook is required to use this supplement.

Hail Caesar - Britannia Romes Invasion of Britain

Hail Caesar - Britannia Romes Invasion of Britain

In 43AD Aulus Plautius led the Roman legions to the edge of the known world: to the mysterious land of the Britons. TheEmperor Claudius demanded a victory, and what better way of doing it than to bring this savage nation under the Roman yoke. Rome commanded huge armies of professional soldiers with the infrastructure needed to feed, transport, equip and command them. Opposing this mighty military machine was a mere patchwork of tribes and wild barbarian warriors. Refusing to yield to the conquerors, one man emerged as the champion of the Britons: Caractacus! Defeated in open battle, Caractacus turned to guerilla warfare: raiding and ambushing enemy troops on the march. No Roman could defeat him; in the end it was treachery that overcame the Briton's greatest champion: the treachery of Queen Cartimadua of the Brigantes. 

It was another Queen of the Britons who, ten years later, led the greatest rebellion of all against Roman rule: Boudica, Queen of the Iceni. Years of resentment and oppression boiled over into a war that almost drove the Romans from Britain altogether,burning London and humbling even the mighty legions. 

This then is the story of the Roman invasion of Britain, from the Claudian Conquest and wars of Caractacus until the defeat of Boudica and the destruction of the druids upon Mona. Included in this supplement is a map-based campaign game recreating the invasion, as well as historical scenarios covering the wars of Caractacus and the Boudican revolt.

A copy of the Hail Caesar rulebook is required to use this supplement.

Hail Caesar - Rome's Dacian Wars

Hail Caesar - Rome's Dacian Wars

Fighting Trajan's invasion of Dacia with model soldiers 
At the end of the first century AD, the Roman Empire was the greatest military power the world had ever seen. All of Western Europe south of the Rhine and the Danube, southern Britain, North Africa, Egypt, the Balkans and most of the Levant was under its control. The mighty Roman army and its legions had rarely known defeat in living memory and never for very long.

One upstart state and its wily, aggressive leader refused to bend the knee. For almost twenty years, and against all odds, King Decebalus of Dacia defied Rome from his fortress capital deep within the Carpathian Mountains. Composed of thousands of savage tribesmen, heavily armoured Sarmatian lancers and even captured Roman weapons, Dacia's armies proved to be powerful enough to keep the legions at bay. All this was to change with the ascension of the soldier-emperor Trajan, leading to one of antiquity's greatest conflicts the Dacian Wars.

This supplement for Hail Caesar focuses on Rome's wars under Trajan against the Dacians and their Sarmatian allies. Featured battles include the Battle of Adamclisi, the Battle of Tapae and the Siege of Sarmizegetusa Regia. Also included are rules for playing skirmish games, fighting sieges and using warships, as well as campaign and hobby ideas.

A copy of the Hail Caesar rulebook is required to use this supplement.

Hail Caesar Army Lists - Late Antiquity to early Medieval

Hail Caesar Army Lists - Late Antiquity to early Medieval

Our latest publication is the second army list book for Hail Caesar 84p softback book

The following armys are included:
  • Palmyran
  • Middle Imperial Roman
  • Sassanid Persian
  • Goths
  • Early Saxon
  • Franks
  • Huns
  • Late Imperial Roman
  • African Vandals
  • White Huns
  • Gepids
  • Spanish Visigoths
  • Ostrogothic Italy
  • Early Byzantine
  • Lombards
  • Scots-Irish
  • Arthurian-British
  • Welsh
  • Merovingian Franks
  • Avars
  • Picts
  • Khazars
  • Arab Conquest
  • Bulgars
  • Tang China
  • Thematic Byzantine
  • Arab Empire
  • Carolingean Franks
  • Pecheneg
  • Anglo Saxon
  • Rus
  • Vikings
  • Almoravid Moors
  • Fatamid Egypt
  • Tagmatic Byzantine
  • Al-Andalus
  • Christian Spain
  • Ghaznavid
  • Liao China and Kara-Khitan Khaganate
  • Norman
  • Seljuk Turks
  • Feudal French
  • Feudal Germans
  • Feudal Polish
  • Early Hungarian
  • Ayyubid Egyptians
  • Sung China
  • Italo-Norman
  • Feudal Scots
  • Early Russian
  • Khwarazmian Persian
  • Comnenian Byzantine
  • Burid and Zengid Syria
  • Japanese
  • Plantagenet English
  • Lombard League
  • Crusaders
  • Later Welsh
  • Teutonic Crusaders
  • Mongol

Hail Caesar Army Lists - Biblical & Classical

Hail Caesar Army Lists - Biblical & Classical

In this, our first expansion for Hail Caesar, Rick presents no less than 63 army lists for the Biblical and Classical periods along with points costs and army composition. It is also replete with the imgaes of fantastic armies that you can expect from a Warlord Games book. The armies covered are  

  • Old and Middle Kingdom Egypt
  • Nubian
  • Akkad and Sumer
  • Early Arab Raiders
  • Amorite Babylonia
  • Canaanites
  • Hittites
  • Mitanni
  • Mycenean and Minoan
  • New Kingdom Egyptian
  • Early Assyrian
  • North European Bronze age
  • Libyan
  • Sea Peoples
  • Israel and Judeah
  • Assyrian Empire
  • Neo-Babylonian
  • Urartu
  • Scythian
  • Saite Egyptian
  • Lydian
  • Kyrenean Greek
  • Early Achaemenid Persian
  • Early Carthaginian
  • Hoplite Greek
  • Thracian
  • Samnites
  • Later Hoplite Greek army
  • Pauravan and Mauryan Indians
  • Syracusian
  • Camillan Rome
  • Gauls
  • Illyrian
  • Later Achaemenid Persian
  • Alexandrian Macedonian
  • Qin China
  • Alexander's Successors
  • Hellenistic Greek
  • Bactrian Grek
  • Carthaginian
  • Galatians
  • Parthians
  • Republican Rome
  • Numidian
  • Merotic Kushite
  • Spanish
  • Late Macedonian
  • Seleucid
  • Ptolemaic
  • Han China
  • Pyrrhic
  • Celtiberian
  • Early German
  • Maccabean Jewish
  • Sarmatians
  • Artaxiad Armenian
  • Ancient Britons
  • Mithandric Pontic
  • Dacian
  • Marian Roman
  • Imperial Roman
  • Jewish Revolt
  • Kushan
96 page softback book.

Hail Caesar Downloads
  1. Hail Caesar Quick Reference Sheet.
  2. Hail Caesar Useful Rules Summary.
Other People's Hail Caesar Downloads

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  1. Hail Caesar House Rules
War of the Roses Mods Perry Miniatures
  1. War of the Roses 1 2
The Mutford House Rules
Hail Caesar Unit Reference Cards

Succeeding the Antipatrid dynasty in much of Macedonia, Antigonus ruled mostly over Asia Minor and northern Syria. His attempts to take control of the whole of Alexander's empire led to his defeat and death at the Battle of Ipsus in 301 BC. Antigonus's son Demetrius I Poliorcetes survived the battle, and managed to seize control of Macedon itself a few years later, but eventually lost his throne, dying in prison.

Antigonid Reference Cards

This file contains the following unit cards:
  • Antigonus One-Eye (General)
  • Demitrius (Commander)
  • Phalangite Veternas
  • Phalangite Infantry
  • War Elephant & Crew
  • Companion Heavy Cavalry
  • Line Medium Cavalry
  • Tarentine Light Cavalry
  • Ballista Heavy Artillery
  • Peltasts with Javelins
  • Cretan Archers
  • Unnamed Leader (value 8)
For much of its history, Carthage was in a constant state of struggle with the Greeks on Sicily and the Roman Republic, which led to a series of armed conflicts known as the Greek-Punic Wars and Punic Wars. The city also had to deal with the volatile Berbers, the indigenous inhabitants of the entire area where Carthage was built. In 146 BC, after the third and final Punic War, Carthage was destroyed and then occupied by Roman forces. Nearly all of the other Phoenician city-states and former Carthaginian dependencies fell into Roman hands from then on.

Carthaginian Reference Cards

This file contains the following unit cards:
  • Hannibal Barca (General)
  • Mago Barca (Commander)
  • Hasdrubal
  • Maharbal
  • Liby-Phoenician Veterans
  • Libyan Heavy Infantry
  • Liby-Phoenician Medium Cavalry
  • Spanish Scutarii
  • African War Elephant & Crew
  • Numidian Light Cavalry
  • Ligurian Slingers
  • Numidian Javeliners
Confederated Allies
In 307, the Fourth Diadoch War broke out. Again, Antigonus and Demetrius were fighting against Cassander and Ptolemy, who were now supported by Lysimachus, the ruler of Thrace, who invaded Asia Minor and captured Sardes and Ephesus. The troops of Demetrius, who were in Thessaly fighting Cassander, crossed the Aegean Sea and started on a march through Asia. At the same time, Cassander crossed the Hellespont, hoping to support Lysimachus, and Antigonus moved from Syria to Asia Minor, hoping that he and his son could defeat Cassander and Lysimachus in one decisive battle.

Confederated Allies Reference Cards

This file contains the following unit cards:
  • Selucus Nicator (General)
  • Cassander (Commander)
  • Lysimachus (Commander)
  • Phalangite Veterans
  • Phalangite Infantry
  • Greek Hoplites
  • Thracian Light Infantry
  • War Elephant & Crew
  • Companion Heavy Cavalry
  • Line Medium Cavalry
  • Tarentine Light Cavalry
  • Ballista Heavy Artillery
  • Unnamed Leaders (value 8)
  • Unnamed Leader (value 9)
Shadow Storm aka Fantasy Hail Caesar

Shadow Storm Fantasy Rules

Shadow Storm Fantasy Army Lists

My Hail Caesar Downloads & Adaptations
  1. My Hail Caesar Adaptations

Warlord Games
Hail Caesar Unit Reference Cards
Ady's Wargames Den
The Border Reivers Wargames Society
Perry Miniatures

Pike & Shotte Rules

Pike & Shotte Wargaming Rules by Warlord Games

Pike and Shotte Wargaming Rules by Warlord Games is the third rulebook publication. It is a beautiful book in its own right with hundreds of colour photo of the most exquisitely painted model soldiers taken from the world s foremost collections. 

The rule book's intention is to inspire a collector to play gentlemanly games with their collections of soldiers with friends where the emphasis is on the spirit of the period, not the letter of the rule. It is a hearty publication and not for nitpickers or miseries. There are some good gags in it, but it also plays well and enables players to conduct a very big battle in a reasonable period of time, leaving them more time to chat about the highs and lows and what ifs...

Pike & Shotte Supplements

Pike & Shotte, To Kill A King Supplement

Pike & Shotte, To Kill A King Supplement

168 pages of colour rich information with an introduction by writer Charles Singleton, this supplement for Pike & Shotte describes the history, armies, personalities and battles of the English Civil War. Included are detailed scenarios based on some of the most famous battles, complete with maps and orders of battle/army lists for the main protagonists.

Crammed full of detailed background information, including:

  • The Early Reign of Charles I
  • The Bishops’ Wars and the Short Parliament
  • Rebellion in Ireland
  • The First Civil War
  • The Second Civil War
  • Another War with Scotland

Plus a comprehensive Civil War Timeline and detailed look at the armies of the civil war who were the infantry, the cavalry and artillery, how were they organised and fielded.

The author then takes you on through the tactics of the Civil War and the military revolution of the period where the Dutch and Swedish systems were learnt and employed, and indeed explained here in detail along with more Civil War tactics.

  • Profiles of the Royalist and Parliamentarian Commanders.
  • Full colour guide to the colours used by participants in the Civil War.
  • Early war army lists for the Scots Covenanter Army of the Bishops’ Wars.
  • Bishops’ Wars Scots Royalist and English Pre Civil War Army.

The Royalist Army Lists

  • The Early Royalist Army
  • The King’s Oxford Army
  • The Early Oxford Army
  • The Late Oxford Army
  • The Royalist Cornish Army, 1643
  • The Royalist Western Army, 1644
  • The Royalist Northern Army
  • Welsh Marshes and the Anglo-Irish
  • Royalist Army

Battle Scenarios include:

  • The Battle Of Brentford 12 November 1642
  • The Battle Of Chalgrove Field 18 June 1643
  • The Battle Of Adwalton Moor 30 June 1643
  • The Battle Of Lansdown Hill 5 July 1642

plus a battle report for the battle of Nantwich 24 January 1644

The Parliamentarian Army Lists covering:

  • The Army under Lord Essex
  • The Armies of Sir William Waller
  • Fairfax’s Northern Army
  • The Army of the Eastern Association
  • Clubmen Army
  • The New Model Army

Specific Battle Scenarios include:

  • The Battle Of Cheriton 19 March 1644
  • The Battle Of Omskirk 20 August 1644
  • The Battle Report Of The Second Battle Of Newbury 27 October 1644
  • The Battle Of Wistanstow 8 June 1645
  • The Battle Of Torrington 16 February 1646

The Scottish Army Lists include:

  • Scots Covenanter
  • The Scots Royalist Army of the Marquis of Montrose
  • The Scots Royalist Army of 1644
  • The Scots Royalist Army of 1645
  • The ‘Traditional’ Montrose Army

Further battle scenarios look at:

  • The Battle Of Aberdeen 13 September 1644
  • Battle Report For The Battle Of Inverlochy 2nd February 1645
  • The Battle Of Benburb 5 June 1646
  • The Battle Of Winwick Pass 19 August 1648

The Irish Army Lists Include:

  • The Irish Catholic Confederate
  • Anglo-Scots Army
  • Ormond Irish Royalist Alliance Army


  • Special 'Period’ specific rules
  • ’Late Misery of War' 8 pages of detailed campaign rules
  • 10 pages of glorious siege rules

Concluding with the storming of Cirencester

And for everyone who purchases this fantastic tome of Civil War knowledge from the Warlord webstore there is the fabulously characterful FREE miniature of Lord Minimus... we'll find out more about him from our illustrious commander later!

Pike & Shotte, The Devil's Playground Supplement picture 1

Pike & Shotte, The Devil's Playground Supplement

The Thirty Years War was a series of conflicts that ravaged large areas of Europe, especially the German provinces, from 1618 to 1648. These conflicts centred on the Habsburg Holy Roman Emperors, Ferdinand II and Ferdinand III, and their opponents. Although viewed by many as a religious war between Catholic and Protestant nations, its roots and causes were also politically motivated. The combination of religious fervour and the political ambition of the European superpowers were to pit vast armies and mighty leaders against each other. The devastation caused by decades of fighting had truly turned Europe into the ‘Devil’s Playground’.

Pike & Shotte, The Devil's Playground Supplement picture 2

This supplement for Pike & Shotte describes the history, armies, personalities and battles of the Thirty Years War. Included are scenarios based on some of the famous battles and army lists for the main protagonists.

Pike & Shotte Downloads
  1. Pike & Shotte rules summary.
Other Peoples Black Powder Downloads

Great Northern War: Stats & Special Rules For Black Powder/Pike & Shotte

Attached to this post are the unit stats for Swedes and Russians, plus mods and notes.
They are designed for Warlord Games Pike & Shotte, but can also be used with Black Powder.
  1. Great Northern War: Stats & Special Rules For Black Powder/Pike & Shotte

Jason Temple
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