14 Oct 2016

Fold Flat Terrain 1:144 Scale Scenario Pack A

Fold Flat Terrain 1:144 Scale Scenario Pack A

Manoeuvre Group are pleased to announce a new departure into 1:144 scale terrain (But they will work with N Gauge and 10/12mm models). In our quest to expand our wargaming experience recently we wanted to fight battle over more open terrain. This is not easy at 1:72 so we put together a set of 1:144 army’s. However you need to fight over something. Even at this scale you still need buildings. After more than expected engineering we converted our 1:72 buildings to 1:44. The internal floors are not included as they are too fiddly for 1:144 , if you need to fight at that level go to 1:72.

This is our first release and contains:

Semi detached house

 Governors’ house with east wing extension.


Workshop / Hangar building.

As usual print the images on coloured card and build as many as you want. This is enough to get you started.

For Manoeuvre Group at this scale  use 1mm = 1m and keep villages down to about 5 houses, and woods no bigger than an A4 sheet of paper. If not you will end up fighting 1:72 battles at 1:144 which are very fiddly and a waste of 1:144 stuff. Try a few isolated farms and hamlets in open rolling terrain. Include ditches and we opted not to use fold flat hills but Hexagon terrain for Kallistra. Include small water courses and bridges (potentially mined) to get the engineers and bridge layers out. Not too much cover, as the aim is to simulate  the mobile phase where infantry are there to clear isolated pockets of defenders and the tempo is controlled by the armoured thrust.

The other real gain with our terrain is you can set up an attack on a built up area, play the advance to the target in 1:144 and then convert directly to 1:72 for the push to take the urban area, simulation at its best and still not break the bank!

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