14 Nov 2019

12mm Daimler AC from Butlers Printed Models

One British Daimler Armoured Car. Available in 6mm (1/285), 12mm (1/144), 15mm (1/100), 20mm (1/76) and 28mm (1/56).

The Daimler Armoured Car was a successful British armoured car design of the Second World War that continued in service into the 1950s. It was designed for armed reconnaissance and liaison purposes. During the postwar era, it doubled as an internal security vehicle in a number of countries.

Former British Daimler armoured cars were exported to various Commonwealth of Nations member states throughout the 1950s and 1960s. In 2012, some were still being operated by the Qatari Army.

3 different turret options are available:

2 pdr - The standard armament
2 pdr with Littlejohn adapter fitted
CS - Close Support version with 3" gun.

Daimler AC

Daimler AC picture 1

Daimler AC picture 2

Daimler AC picture 3

Daimler AC picture 4

Daimler AC picture 5

Pictures shown are for 15mm models

All models supplied unpainted, unbased and without crew (figures)

3D printed to order

Butlers Printed Models

Shield Decals from Gripping Beast

Now on the website, new shield designs for the Milites Mundi 10mm EIR figures from Little Big Men Studios.

Shield Decals

Shield Decals

Gripping Beast

Well Winch from Buildings in Turmoil

I thought this might be fun to add a well winch to the Stone House casting.

Well Winch

Well Winch picture 1

Well Winch picture 2

Buildings in Turmoil

Squidlorr Is Coming from Traders Galaxy

Overlords - Squidlorr is coming!

The Overlords specialise in genetic mutation. Splicing the genes of some Earths fiercest creatures with other genes available throughout the galaxy.

Interestingly the Overlords favour reptiles, molluscs and invertebrates as prime candidates because of the apparent compatibility with some of the galaxies nastiest beasts.

Experimenting has taken place with some mammals which has only had a single success rate with a Warthog and a Rhino. These creatures are one of a kind but are extremely powerful, being possessed of basic level intelligence as well as brute strength.

Squidlorr Is Coming

Squidlorr Is Coming

Traders Galaxy

Resistance M5 Napoleon

With this weeks restock we introduced one new unit for the Resistance. Let me introduce you to the M5 Napoleon.

M5 Napoleon

M5 Napoleon picture 1

M5 Napoleon picture 2

M5 Napoleon picture 3

The M5 Napoleon use the same hull as the M3 Alexander however it loses any attempt at subtlety and trades it all for the ability to fire lots and lots of bullets as quickly as possible.

The main Turret has the Bannisher Rotary Cannon, a dual barrelled drum fed rotary machine gun.   With 3 energy 10 shots and Strafe 2, this thing cuts through light armour, and any very, very unlucky infantry like paper.  With a Chaingun on each side, this can fire out a lot of shots very quickly.

Being based on the M3 Hull this does need a whole Lifthawk to itself, and of course, it’s not cheap coming in at 120 points, however it certainly won’t disappoint and with 15 armour and 5 damage points, it’s not easily removed. If you can spare the points you can take 2 of them in a Squad! Truly obscene amounts of shots at anything unlucky enough to be caught in their way.

Go to our webstore now to pick up your M5 Napoleon and tear the enemy to shreds with bullets,


Dropzone Commander Restocks Wave 2

Dropzone Commander Restocks Wave 2

We have more Dropzone Commander items restocked in the store today. As well as a brand new unit too!

As part of our ongoing process of restocking the Dropzone Commander range and releasing new alternate units we have 3 new kits available as of today.

UCM Seraphim / Seraphim Retaliator

UCM Seraphim / Seraphim Retaliator picture 1

UCM Seraphim / Seraphim Retaliator picture 2

First of all is the UCM Seraphim / Seraphim Retaliator. Used by the UCM for hitting troops in cover and for hitting hard targets. The Seraphim is important for any commander who finds his enemy too eager to hide in cover by smashing those walls down. Whilst the Seraphim Retaliator fulfils a similar role but will just shoot through cover as though it’s not there.

This kit will allow you to build one of Seraphim or one Seraphim Retaliator, all for £12.

M3 Alexander

M3 Alexander picture 1

M3 Alexander picture 2

Second we have a Big Tank, and an alternate turret for the Big Tank. The Big Tank in question is the Resistance M3 Alexander, and now it has an alternate version, the M5 Napoleon.

The M3 Alexander is a Command Choice for the Resistance. Great for any Commander that really likes his armour and plenty of firepower. With it’s massive turreted gun, a Grenade Launcher and two chain-guns, it can make short work of most targets.

The M5 Napoleon is a different beast though, a Heavy choice it forgoes the anti-armour turret and Grenade Launcher for two rotary machine guns. This beast pumps out bullets like, well like a lot of machine guns pumping out bullets! Though not quite as good at cutting through heavy armour as the Alexander, light armour, and any doomed infantry in the way will disappear in very short order.

This kit can make either an M3 Alexander or an M5 Napoleon and is only £12!


Jetskimmer picture 1

Jetskimmer picture 2

Finally we have a kit for PHR players. The Aether and Helios Jetskimmer kit is now back in stock! Both the Aether and Helios are similar to the Angelos Jetskimmers we restocked 2 weeks ago. However the transport capacity is replaced by heavier firepower.

The Aether has Nanomachines to strip vehicles of armour, and infantry of, well their armour, skin, probably their bones too. A truly frightening weapon for any army to face.

The Helios is an excellent anti-air unit, capable of firing at two different targets in the air, or doubling up on one. With a total of 6 energy 6 shots aircraft caught within it’s range are all but doomed.

This kit allows you to build one of each or two of either and costs only £10!

These are available from our webstore now so if you are waiting for reinforcements for your UCM, Resistance or PHR army, take a look! The next restock will be on November 28th so see you then.


11/13 Updated Card from Talon Games

So after literally teaching hundreds of people CAV over the summer, I took some of the feedback we received and have been updating the data cards to reflect some of those. Take a look and tell us what you think! CB

Edit: I have put up an updated version. I think this is getting pretty close to what I'm after, something in the middle of to much and not enough!

11/13 Updated Card.

A few quick notes on some of the changes. The object is to reduce clutter and make it faster to find something. It makes explaining things to new players easier and quicker without as much stuff to weed through.

-The sword/rocket icon on weapon systems are used now for direct/indirect fire. This is a simple concept that didn't need a lot of text to understand.

-The 2nd number in the RNG stat now is if the weapon has a min range.

-As noted earlier, a single number under a weapons DV column means it has same for hard and soft targets.

Talon Games