18 Aug 2021

10mm Early Imperial Romans Released

We are delighted to announce the release of our first range of miniatures, 10mm Early Imperial Romans. 

To view the entire 10mm Ancients catalogue or the full 10mm Miniatures catalogue.

The Early Imperial Roman range was designed by Neil Greenwood.

Officers standing

Officers standing

Musicians standing

Musicians standing

Standards standing

Standards standing

Legionaries standing with pilum

Legionaries standing with pilum

Auxiliaries standing with pilum

Auxiliaries standing with pilum

Auxiliary officer standing with sword

Auxiliary officer standing with sword

Auxiliary armoured bowmen

Auxiliary armoured bowmen



Mounted General

Mounted General

Order here. disclosure I own this company

8 Jul 2020

BAe Jetstream J31/32 from Welsh Models

New release in 1:144th scale - SL494R - BAe Jetstream J31/32 in Highland Airways livery. A resin kit with metal props, engines and undercarriage.

BAe Jetstream J31/32

BAe Jetstream J31/32 picture 1

BAe Jetstream J31/32 picture 2

Decals by Welsh. Full details and prices on the website. Kits are available now for purchase and shipping

Welsh Models

7 Jul 2020

British Infantry Renders from Victrix Ltd

Here are some renders for the upcoming British Infantry. These are now being tooled, along with the German Infantry. The US Infantry are currently being sculpted.

Plenty more updates to come in the next few days. Keep your eyes peeled.

British Infantry Renders

British Infantry Renders picture 1

British Infantry Renders picture 2

British Infantry Renders picture 3

British Infantry Renders picture 4

British Infantry Renders picture 5

British Infantry Renders picture 6

Victrix Ltd

6 Jul 2020

Dino with Howdah from Seb Games

The last few master casting just arrived! Here is a quick shot of the Dino with howdah.

Dino with Howdah

Dino with Howdah

Sorry for the quality of the picture, js wanted to share it as soon as possible :D

This is a preview of the upcoming line of 10mm miniatures under our Metal Warrior Miniatures brand.


Seb Games

4 Jul 2020

Woodlanders Kickstarter from Cromarty Forge

As I pack the 1st boxes for the Woodlanders Kickstarter, I wanted to give a little friend a chance to say hello! This line will be my 1st foray into selling stls for figures. I'm aiming to get the full army out in August for download. If there is enough demand I'll use the proceeds from digital sales to fund the translation into a full metal line.

little friend


Cromarty Forge

The "War Wagon" from Heroes Models

Some detailed photos of our brand new 1/144 V-100 model. The "War Wagon" is showing during a patrolling mission, the most common use of these vehicles during the Vietnam war. They often were used as convoys escort and airfields defense by military police. The model has the driver hatches opened and the two figures included.

The War Wagon

The War Wagon picture 1

The War Wagon picture 2

The War Wagon picture 3

The War Wagon picture 4

Heroes Models

Sherman Jumbo from Arrowhead Miniatures

While we are waiting for the Centurions drive sprockets to return from the drive sprocket maker ( yes really ) we are cracking on with the Sherman Jumbo and Sherman Crab. Photo is of the Jumbo ( without drive sprockets ) Railway sleeper courtesy of Southern Rail.

Sherman Jumbo

Sherman Jumbo picture 1

Sherman Jumbo picture 2

Arrowhead Miniatures