30 Apr 2019

Charles XI’s War: The Scanian War between Sweden and Denmark, 1675-1679

The book describes and analyses the Scanian War, which was fought from 1675 to 1679 between, on one side, primarily Brandenburg and Denmark–Norway and, on the other, Sweden.

The war was mainly fought in Scania, the former Danish lands along the border with Sweden, and in northern Germany. The Danish objective was to retrieve Scania which, a generation earlier, had been captured by Sweden and ceded by Denmark. However, the Danish invasion of Scania was defeated by the young Swedish King Charles XI.

Although the Danish fleet was victorious at sea, and an alliance headed by Brandenburg defeated the Swedes in Germany, the subsequent peace negotiations resulted in no major territorial changes. Danish partisans continued guerrilla operations in Scania for years, yet the former Danish territories remained in Swedish hands. The Scanian War was bloody, even by contemporary standards, and from a military point of view, quite inconclusive.

Yet, Sweden's experiences in the Scanian War laid the foundation for the first substantial reform of the Swedish army since the Thirty Years’ War. Based on what he had learnt, King Charles XI restructured the Swedish army and established a comprehensive military system that enabled Sweden to repeatedly mobilise trained armies during the even more devastating Great Northern War (1700-1721) which followed a generation later. Moreover, several recent archaeological excavations have increased our knowledge of the Scanian War, as well as the conditions of late seventeenth-century battles.

The book describes the war and its results, and summarises the archaeological findings.

29 Apr 2019

Project Update #2: Modular metal dwarfs in 10/15/28mm and a 3D (STL) outpost Kickstarter from Falkenwelt Modellbau

Project Update #2: Modular metal dwarfs in 10/15/28mm and a 3D (STL) outpost Kickstarter from

Hail thee!

The dwarfs seize their new outpost. They are a little late but they had to to some important things meanwhile. Tomorrow i will show you the diorama that i have in work for them. A full Outpost with a full circle of ramparts, a moat and their tower. The resin for the moat is still hardening and i have to wait a few more hours before i can work on the terrain piece.

new outpost

Falkenwelt Modellbau

28 Apr 2019

Electrotyrants Guard Bots from Traders Galaxy

This is one of the 2 units that will be available in limited numbers soon.

Electrotyrants guard bots.

Electrotyrants Guard Bots picture 1

Electrotyrants Guard Bots picture 2

Electrotyrants Guard Bots picture 3

Electrotyrants Guard Bots picture 4

Very nasty but very glass cannon.

Traders Galaxy

27 Apr 2019

Project Update #12: Kickstarter for 10mm Demon Infantry Miniatures from Black Gate Miniatures

Project Update #11: Kickstarter for 10mm Demon Infantry Miniatures from Black Gate Miniatures

The first of the intermittent updates during the dead period between the Kickstarter ending and the sculpts arriving.

Not a lot has happened, it took almost three weeks for Kickstarter to release the funds, which seemed a little longer than for previous campaigns.

Christian has been paid for all his incredible art and this are progressing with my sculptor Robi. I have also ordered some previsions for the moulding and casting process.

Not much will change for a few months but I will do my best to post monthly at a minimum, hopefully with pictures of sculpts etc.

Demons forever!


Black Gate Miniatures

26 Apr 2019

2 Big Updates from Dancing Yak Miniatures

2 Big Updates from Dancing Yak Miniatures

Hi all we have 2 big updates for you.

First and foremost the website will be going live today!.

We will be posting a link over the next few hours.

We are sorry it has taken longer than originally hoped. Revisions have taken longer than hoped. We are sure we will hit the date we have set and you will be happy with the wait extra goodies are coming as kickstarter gifts for those who wait.

We originally said 1-2 months and we were shooting for 1- 1 1/2 . it will take in total 2.5 we are sorry for this.

We know people will be happy with the end results. thanks for the support.

Second We will have a date announcement for the date of the kickstarter which we will post here and on website.

Dancing Yak Miniatures

24 Apr 2019

Galactic Terrorist's Support Vehicles from Aotrs Shipyards

Aotrs Shipyards is a webstore on Shapeways.com, a 3D print house which had production and shipping facilities located in the USA and the Netherlands. Aotrs Shipyards also takes direct printing commissions.

Aotrs Shipyards now has a Facebook page.

Releases will be made here; as we go, there will be a Facebook catalogue being built up by new releases.

The beta catalogue for directing printing is now downloadable by joining the Aotrs Shipyards Task Group

(There wasn't any other way of allowing a downloadable file without joining a group, I'm afraid!)

So onto to the release itself!

This month's scifi release is the Galactic Terrorist's support vehicles, the Rocket Boxer and Scud Mortar (at 144th).

Rocket Boxer 

Rocket Boxer

Aotrs Shipyards Price: £6.70

The Rocket Boxer provides GT forces with missile support. Like much of the GT’s missile arsenal, it relies on large numbers semi-guided rocket warheads to compensate for the lack of advanced guidance systems. The Rocket Boxer base chassis that the missile module is emplaced on appears to be from several sources, most commonly the Boxer 7 through to the most modern Boxer 9 hulls; many of these appear to have been acquired from the open market or surplus, but almost half appear to be a GT-produced version of the Boxer 8E. The missile module itself appears to also be based on the Boxer 8E’s modules, but entirely produced in-house by the GT.

The Rocket Boxer’s four rocket pods each contain 40 missiles, giving it enough ammunition to function for an extended period of time. It has, however, no other weapons and only the most basic of ECM systems for self-protection, making it vulnerable to missile attack itself. On the other hand, without a direct feed to the rest of the vehicle to unsafely store excessive munitions and the use of a more typically inert until-fired warhead and fuel, the Rocket Boxer is also less inclined to explode violently when struck like many of the other GT vehicles.

The GT use the Rocket Boxer as a fast attack vehicle – notably, less modern version of the chassis tend to stay as support for other units, while the more modern chassis – with correspondingly better engines – performing the flanking role.
Scud Mortar

Scud Mortar

Aotrs Shipyards Price: £9.00

The Scud Mortar is the GT’s primary artillery and fire-support vehicle. The hull appears to be a GT-produced design based around the MAZ- series of hulls, but not, unlike many GT vehicles, a modification of any particular one.

The Scud Mortar is a twelve-barrel mortar system, with each mortar having four rounds. The payload in one of the shells is a cocktail of acids, metal-eating nanites and lethal biological agents capable of dissolving and chewing through metal, stone and organic materials with equal efficacy. Full human exposure results in the victim dissolving into a puddle in seconds, with all their gear; the less-fortunate can take several agonising minutes to die before a combination of the acids, poisons and nanites kills them. It even effectively damages shields, even while just running off after a splashing hit.

This “toxin” as it is typically referred to, can remain at full effect for ten to fifteen minutes before the potency reduces (and that is because some of the components actively dissolve each other). Complete immersion in liquid or sub-zero temperatures will wash off or freezes the toxin – though in the latter case, it can causes severe environmental damage to the body of water before is denatures completely. The toxin is also rather explosively inflammable, so while burning it off will clear a vehicle of it, the explosion can be almost as destructive.

The Scud Mortar is not designed to withstand fire, being resistant only to infantry weapons. A penetrating hit to the turret can be devastating, as it can not only set off the entire remaining store of shells, but scatter the blast all over the surrounding area, coating the vehicle’s surroundings with toxin, frequently simultaneously setting it alight.

Photos of Replicator 2 versions.

As I mentioned in the moderns release, I have some GLA infantry and their APC (a version of the Vodnik) prepared, but they are not very cost-effective at Shapeways, don't really work on the home printer. I have prepared a webstore at i.materialise store, but there minimum of a £25 order means there is not a great deal of point making public until there's actually enough material in the store to make it worthwhile. As always, if anyone is interested, you can contact me.

Next month (all being well!), after their debut at Partizan on the 19th, the forth elenthnar power, the Xygritt Matriarchy starfleet will be rolling out, and following that, the next wave of Phystyulon starships, including support ships, fighters and carriers.

Shapeways, Aotrs Shipyards

21 Apr 2019

Sankey N-Gauge Signs Available from Pendraken Miniatures

We've also started stocking the Sankey range of N-Gauge signs!  These are primarily designed for the railway modellers but there's some really useful stuff hiding in these sheets for anyone wanting a bit more detail on your scenery.  While many of them are post-war designs, there are some rusted enamel signs for the sides of your shops/buildings, plus some early railway station signage, pub names and even some clock faces!

Sankey N-Gauge Signage

SAN-CLK2   Clock Faces

SAN-CLK2   Clock Faces

SAN-EPS2   Early Station Signs

SAN-EPS2   Early Station Signs

SAN-MD2   Manholes and Drains

SAN-MD2   Manholes and Drains

SAN-MLC2   Level Crossing Signage

SAN-MLC2   Level Crossing Signage

SAN-PUB2   Public House Signs

SAN-PUB2   Public House Signs

SAN-RES2-1   Rusted Enamel Signs 1

SAN-RES2-1   Rusted Enamel Signs 1

SAN-RES2-2   Rusted Enamel Signs 2

SAN-RES2-2   Rusted Enamel Signs 2

SAN-RTWS2   Traffic Works Signage

SAN-RTWS2   Traffic Works Signage

SAN-SC2   Traffic Calming Signs

SAN-SC2   Traffic Calming Signs

SAN-WRS2   Traffic Warning Signage

SAN-WRS2   Traffic Warning Signage

SAN-RTS40602   Old Road Signage

SAN-RTS40602   Old Road Signage

SAN-SN2   Street Names

SAN-SN2   Street Names

These are all priced at £3.50 per sheet, printed on thin card.

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Pendraken Miniatures

Project Update #1: Modular metal dwarfs in 10/15/28mm and a 3D (STL) outpost Kickstarter from Falkenwelt Modellbau

Project Update #1: Modular metal dwarfs in 10/15/28mm and a 3D (STL) outpost Kickstarter from

Hail thee!

Just a short update about the ongoing wok in the background. I have some private stuff to come over at the moment that is the reason why there was no update before. Please apologise my absence.  I had to use the time for more urgent matters.

I will give you a short look on the small straight and round palisade pieces. Both are molded and casted already. So for 10mm to15mm they are ready,

Palisade Pieces picture 1

Palisade Pieces picture 2

This will be my display scenario in my display cabinet. I hope i get it still done until the campaign ends. I will need it also for the greenhorde that is incoming in a few weeks. So the outpost will be under attack of a few dozen orks and goblins soon. And at this time you will get my dwarfs as STL campaign as well.


The tower will reside on a steep rock. Via some beams you can access the ramp rock. The rock tiles ad some beams will be in the STL package in a scanned and reworked version.


Here you can see some round palisade parts in the middle. They are molded and casted already.

palisade parts

Fare thee well! And happy easter

happy easter

Falkenwelt Modellbau