21 Apr 2019

Sankey N-Gauge Signs Available from Pendraken Miniatures

We've also started stocking the Sankey range of N-Gauge signs!  These are primarily designed for the railway modellers but there's some really useful stuff hiding in these sheets for anyone wanting a bit more detail on your scenery.  While many of them are post-war designs, there are some rusted enamel signs for the sides of your shops/buildings, plus some early railway station signage, pub names and even some clock faces!

Sankey N-Gauge Signage

SAN-CLK2   Clock Faces

SAN-CLK2   Clock Faces

SAN-EPS2   Early Station Signs

SAN-EPS2   Early Station Signs

SAN-MD2   Manholes and Drains

SAN-MD2   Manholes and Drains

SAN-MLC2   Level Crossing Signage

SAN-MLC2   Level Crossing Signage

SAN-PUB2   Public House Signs

SAN-PUB2   Public House Signs

SAN-RES2-1   Rusted Enamel Signs 1

SAN-RES2-1   Rusted Enamel Signs 1

SAN-RES2-2   Rusted Enamel Signs 2

SAN-RES2-2   Rusted Enamel Signs 2

SAN-RTWS2   Traffic Works Signage

SAN-RTWS2   Traffic Works Signage

SAN-SC2   Traffic Calming Signs

SAN-SC2   Traffic Calming Signs

SAN-WRS2   Traffic Warning Signage

SAN-WRS2   Traffic Warning Signage

SAN-RTS40602   Old Road Signage

SAN-RTS40602   Old Road Signage

SAN-SN2   Street Names

SAN-SN2   Street Names

These are all priced at £3.50 per sheet, printed on thin card.

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