8 Apr 2019

Overlords for Bot War from Traders Galaxy

Work continues on the Overlords for Bot War.

The Overlords are the only true Alien race for Bot War. They don’t conquer worlds but are serial gamblers. Their number one past time is mutant gladiatorial sport and they treat their “creatures” with great care and attention. They have come to earth to test their progeny against the power of the Bots. Honing their mutants fighting skills to win fame and glory back home.

Here are some completed Shark Warriors ready to be made.

Shark Warriors

Shark Warriors picture 1

Shark Warriors picture 2

Shark Warriors picture 3

Shark Warriors picture 4

Shark Warriors picture 5

Shark Warriors make up the bulk of Overlords forces. A relatively stable mutation they are created in large numbers to do the Overlords bidding.

Traders Galaxy

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