15 Apr 2019

South African Tribal Huts Zulu from S T Cox Terrain

Starter Village - 10mm  South African Tribal Huts (SATH01-05)

Set contains 5 models, 1x Small round tribal  hut (SATH01), 1x Large  round tribal hut  (SATH02), 1x  Small Zulu style 'Iqukwane'  hut (SATH03), 1x Large Zulu style 'Iqukwane'  hut  (SATH04) and 1x Long Tribal hut (SATH05).

Sold unpainted and  may require cleaning before use.

Polyurethane Resin cast in Silicone rubber moulds with a wax releasing agent. Handle with care if allergic to any of the mentioned materials.

S T Cox Terrain                                 

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