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Links, Have you found my site useful or helpful to you? Do you have your own website or blog and would you be willing to place a link on your site to my site? Your visitors will find this site just as helpful as you do and they'll thank you for it! I've provided some easy-to-use code below. Simply copy and paste this code onto your site. After adding this code below to your site, contact us and we'll add your link on one of our Resources pages.

<a href="https://www.10mm-wargaming.com/" target="_blank">10mm Wargaming</a><br>Welcome to my world of 10mm Wargaming I am intending to use these pages to document my ongoing war gaming projects.

Submission Rules

I do Not Accept Warez, Hacking, Gambling, Online Casinos, Adult Content, Online Prescription, Drugs, or sites that include, constitute or promote illegal content are not acceptable. I have a no tolerance policy for sites related to any of the above topics. All sites submitted must be of World War II related.

Do not submit any site with an address that redirects to another address.
Do not submit sites with broken links.

If your submission violates the guidelines, it may not be approved.

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