31 Jan 2010




F-toys plastic 1:144 scale wargaming collectibles are made exclusively for the Japanese market.

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20 Jan 2010

Beneath Flanders Fields: The Tunnellers' War, 1914-1918

Whilst the war raged across Flanders fields, an equally horrifying and sometimes more dangerous battle took place underground. Beneath Flanders Fields tells the story of the tunnellers’ war, which still remains one of the most misunderstood, misrepresented and mystifying conflicts of the Great War.

A wealth of personal testimonies reveal the engineering, technology and science behind how this most intense of battles was fought – and won. They speak of how the tunnellers lived a relentless existence in the depths of the battlefield for almost two and a half years, enduring physical and mental stresses that were often more extreme than their infantry counterparts. Their lives were reduced to a complex war of silence, tension and claustrophobia, leading up to the most dramatic mine offensive in history launched on 7 June 1917 at Messines Ridge. Yet, Messines was not the end of their story, which continued with the crafting of a whole underground world of headquarters, cookhouses and hospitals, housing the innumerable troops who passed through this part of the Western Front.

14 Jan 2010

10mm World War I Project

10mm World War I Project

My 10mm World War I Project has kind of come to a grinding halt, I'm afraid I have lost all interest and enthusiasm for this 10mm project and it is now on hold. This is mainly due to being unable to find a set of rules I enjoy playing.

The rules I will be using are 

The core of the army will be built using Pendraken Miniature's 

British Army

British Army

German Army

German Army