29 Feb 2016

New League of Augsburg Now Released by Pendraken Miniatures

A lot of folks have already got their hands on these excellent new figures through pre-orders, but with only a couple of those still to be shipped out it's time to give these a proper release!

These new League of Augsburg additions round out the range nicely, adding the Dragoons and Command to an already expansive range of figures.

League of Augsburg
LOA33   French Dragoons (15 figures, inc. command)     £4.95
LOA34   Allied Dragoons (15 figures, inc. command)     £4.95
LOA35   Dismounted Command group (3 figures + 1 horse)     £1.00
LOA36   Mounted Command, standing (7 figures)     £2.50
LOA37   Mounted Command, moving (7 figures)     £2.50

And the new pics of the castings!

LOA33 - French Dragoons

LOA33 - French Dragoons

LOA34 - Allied Dragoons

LOA34 - Allied Dragoons

LOA35 - Dismounted Command group

LOA35 - Dismounted Command group

LOA36 - Mounted Command, standing

LOA36 - Mounted Command, standing

LOA37 - Mounted Command, moving

LOA37 - Mounted Command, moving

With these released, that's about it for the LoA range for now and Clibinarium will be heading off into a new period next.  This won't be for some time yet, so we'll let you know when we've got more news on that.

Pendraken Miniatures

26 Feb 2016

Ancient History Magazine 3, 26 February 2016

Ancient History Magazine 3, 26 February 2016

Ancient Pergamon

The museum piece: René van Beek, "Ancient objects and ancient sources - glass"

Most glass known from Antiquity is Roman ‘household’ ware and has come to the museums without archaeological context. That makes it difficult to offer an interpretation. Our knowledge of ancient glass is to a large extent based on ancient texts, but their interpretation can rarely be explained in museum contexts.

Special: Chris Bond, "Growing an ancient sedge - The papyrus"

For centuries, papyrus was among the most important ancient writing materials. It was made from the stem of an unusual but easy to grow plant, the Cyperus papyrus, also known as bulrush, paper sedge, paper reed, and Nile grass.

Special: Dirk-Jan de Vink, "Cash in the first century AD - Money talks"

The Roman Empire owed a great deal of its success to coins. Vast quantities of them circulated in a single economic space, which stretched from the Iberian Peninsula to the Black Sea. This is the story of extreme wealth and bitter poverty.

Theme: Manolis Peponas, "Hellenism's forgotten civilization - Pergamon"

Although tourists know how to find Pergamon, few of them know its history and almost nobody knows about the Attalid dynasty. Only those interested in Hellenistic history seem to care about it. However, Pergamon was one of the main cultural centers of Greek civilization.

Theme: Cristian Violatti, "The city Pergamon - The Attalid jewel"

How can a small hilltop fortress become the heart of a kingdom and later a Roman capital? What does it take for an ancient city to challenge the cultural hegemony of Alexandria, one of the most emblematic centres of culture and learning of our past? What kind of city decides to act as the guardian of Classical culture while Athens was in decline? The city of Pergamon can answer these questions.

Theme: Marc G. DeSantis, "The libraries of Alexandria and Pergamon - A bookish rivalry"

Just like medieval cities, which were competing to have the tallest bell tower, ancient cities could be rivals. Alexandria and Pergamon both tried to be the world’s foremost center of learning and built large libraries.

Theme: Tanya Sieiro van der Beek, "The great altar of Pergamon - Pergamene puzzle"

The great altar of Pergamon, dated to 200-160 BC, is arguably one of the most fascinating architectural structures of the ancient world. In spite of its fame, the monument presents us with several questions. Was it actually an altar?

Theme: Pieter W. van der Horst, "Five ways to read four ancient words - "The throne of Satan""

In the Biblical Book of Revelation, the Pergamenes are said to live near the throne of Satan. There has been quite some speculation about the meaning of this expr ession.

Theme: Christian Koepfer, "A procurator's offering - Imperial gladiators"

Although it contains just eighteen Latin words, an inscription from the Asclepium offers information about an imperial visit to Pergamon, about the bureaucracy and organization of games, and the understanding of the Latin language in a Greek-speaking part of the Roman Empires.

Special: Daan Nijssen, "How the Persians reinvented their past - Kayanian history"

The Achaemenids, who unified Iran, are one of the most important dynasties of Antiquity. One would therefore expect them to have left their traces in Iran’s historiographical traditions. However, they are virtually absent from the historiographical works of Late Antiquity. Instead, a legendary dynasty, the Kayanians, has taken their place as the primordial Persian dynasty. Why were the Achaemenids forgotten?

Special: Holger Michiels, "A blind spot in the history of technology - Roman segmental arch bridges"

Although there are countless books on Roman architecture, its variety is still underappreciated. Until recently, the mere existence of Roman segmental arch bridges was virtually unknown. However, there is clear evidence that the Romans knew how to construct this type of bridge.

Special: Duncan B. Campbell, "A desert city long ago abandoned - Enigmatic Hatra"

The ruined city of Hatra has intrigued generations of scholars since its rediscovery 180 years ago. Throughout the second half of the twentieth century, archaeologists from various nations slowly, painstakingly, began to tease out the secrets of this remarkable city’s mysterious past.

Philosophy: Kees Alders, "The philosophical system of the Hedonists - Lust for life"

The conquests of Alexander the Great profoundly changed the Greek world. The old dichotomy between the independent Greek city-states and the eastern world empires ceased to be relevant. Persian, Babylonian, and Egyptian officials proved that the distinction between Greeks and barbarians was obsolete as well. The common world view changed, and hence philosophy, as we see in our series on Hellenistic philosophy. In this issue: Radical Hedonism.

How do we know: Richard Kroes, "How do we know - The age of organic material"

Radiocarbon dating is the most important advance in the study of the ancient world in the twentieth century: it taught us that the Near East and Greece were not the only centers of cultural innovation. But how do scientists apply this famous method?

Ancient History Magazine

New Spanish Civil War Flags Feleased by Pendraken Miniatures

We had several responses to our request for new flag designers last month and as a result, here's the first set of new flagsheets!

These two sets cover all the main factions serving on both sides of the Spanish Civil War, with 18 flags on the Nationalist sheet and 24 on the Republican.

All of these were researched and designed by new Forum member Mig, so thanks to him.

SCW Flags 
PNFL901 - Nationalist      £2.50

PNFL901 - Nationalist

PNFL902 - Republican      £2.50

PNFL902 - Republican

We've got some more sheets in progress as well, so keep an eye out for those coming in the next few weeks.  We hope you like them

25 Feb 2016

Buildings & Accessories Italy / Spain from Najewitz Modellbau

Buildings & Accessories Italy / Spain from Najewitz Modellbau

Buildings & accessories Italy / Spain

printer settings

To make it fast, you can certainly print the models with a layer thickness of 0.3mm. However, the lower the layers, the higher the quality. Also think of sufficient infill. Because here is sure that the top layer of printing is opaque and smooth.

We achieved our best results with the following settings:

Layer 0,2mm, Infill 20%, 50-80mm sec

But everyone knows his own printer s.besten and by trying to get the desired result. Ultimately, it depends on which printer you take. This can be a cheap geetech or an expensive ultimaker. They should all work.

Scaling   The models are designed to work for the 20/22 mm scale. The following scaling I recommend to

• Get 15mm - 73% • Get 28mm - 127% • Get 1: 144 - 50%

 Legal   Unfortunately, it is not without a reference to legal. By purchasing the STL file, you have the right to use them to express your building models. You determine the number of required models yourself. The copyright on these models remains with us. Specifically, this means: • The file must not be distributed under any circumstances. • The printed models may not be sold, or impressions or casts made of them. • a modification of the STL files and the transfer of modified file contents is also prohibited.

Najewitz Modellbau

Pithead Miniatures, Releases New Vehicles

Pithead Miniatures, releases a number of new models.

Pithead Miniatures, New Releases

Gv109 Mobelwagen AA

Gv109 Mobelwagen AA

Gv171 Sdkfz 6 Diana SP 76mm

Sdkfz 6 Diana SP 76mm

Gv173 Sdkfz 7 artillery tractor 8t + crew

Gv173 Sdkfz 7 artillery tractor 8t + crew

Gv174 Sdkfz 7 Flakvierling AA + crew

Gv174 Sdkfz 7 Flakvierling AA + crew

Gv176 Sdkfz 8 SP 88mm Flak 18

Gv176 Sdkfz 8 SP 88mm Flak 18

I'm afraid that although these models are on sale they won't be appearing on my website as I am having problems getting it updated currently

Pithead Miniatures

New Stone Walls released by Pendraken Miniatures

New Stone Walls released by Pendraken Miniatures

The expansion of our scenery continues with these excellent stone walls!  Coming in packs of 4, we've got straights, curves, corners and field entrances as well.  The straights and curves are all slightly different, giving some nice variation on your tables.  Each piece is 80mm long (corners are 40mm in each direction) so each pack provides over 1ft of wall for a bargain £3!  The walls themselves are around 7mm high.

These can be found in the new section of our website:

Walls & Hedges

SCN-WLH1   Stone wall, straight (4 pieces)     £3.00

SCN-WLH1   Stone wall, straight (4 pieces)

SCN-WLH2   Stone wall, curve (4 pieces)     £3.00

SCN-WLH2   Stone wall, curve (4 pieces)

SCN-WLH3   Stone wall, corner (4 pieces)     £3.00

SCN-WLH3   Stone wall, corner (4 pieces)

SCN-WLH4   Stone wall, field entrance (4 pieces)     £3.00

SCN-WLH4   Stone wall, field entrance (4 pieces)

And a picture of them with some figures:

And a picture of them with some figures:

We hope you like them!

These were modelled and cast for us by John Lowen at Ironclad Miniatures, so stay tuned for more excellent new models coming soon!

Pendraken Miniatures

Skull and Crown Warmaster, 10mm Wagons

Wagon Design

The design is a simple cart, where you can leave the front and back off it you want. The base is a standard 20 x 40mm Warmaster base, and the horse is scaled to suit 10mm. I did the first drafts on some old mat board I had and really liked the thickness and how it all came together - plus super easy to paint. No reason to make these out of wood, so I'm now sticking with the quality mat board.

It still needs a bit of finalizing, like the horse's base sticks out too much, making him crowd the wagon a bit, and I might put tabs in wagon bed for the side boards, but otherwise it's ready to go.

How can you get some? I'm glad you asked!

Eventually I'll put these and a few other 10mm bits and bobs up on my webstore, but for now
I've got 20 wagons sitting here waiting for good homes. I'll post out 2 wagons to 10 of my beloved bloggy-readers; I only need your address. Yes, even you in Tasmania! You can either add your address to the comments (Skull and Crown Warmaster, 10mm Wagons), or email me at woodenwars1815@gmail.com, just put "10mm wagons" in the subject. 

Skull and Crown

24 Feb 2016

New Epsilon Fantasy/Medieval buildings available at Pendraken Miniatures

New Epsilon Fantasy/Medieval buildings available at Pendraken Miniatures

We've just had our stock box arrive safely at Pendraken HQ, so it's time for our first Epsilon release of 2016!  These two new codes are suitable for Medieval/Fantasy type games, with the first pack containing a pair of houses, and the second release being a larger Inn.  As always, these are pre-painted to a good standard and are ready to go straight onto your table!

Escenografia Epsilon
EPS-EMP02  2 Pre-painted Houses  £9.95

EPS-EMP02  2 Pre-painted Houses 1

EPS-EMP02  2 Pre-painted Houses 2

EPS-EMP02  2 Pre-painted Houses 3

EPS-EMP02  2 Pre-painted Houses 4

EPS-EMP02  2 Pre-painted Houses 5

EPS-EMP02  2 Pre-painted Houses 6

EPS-EMP02  2 Pre-painted Houses 7

EPS-EMP02  2 Pre-painted Houses 8

EPS-EMP02  2 Pre-painted Houses 9

EPS-EMP03  2 Pre-painted Houses  £9.95

EPS-EMP03  2 Pre-painted Houses 1

EPS-EMP03  2 Pre-painted Houses 2

EPS-EMP03  2 Pre-painted Houses 3

EPS-EMP03  2 Pre-painted Houses 4

EPS-EMP03  2 Pre-painted Houses 5

All of Epsilon's 10mm products are available on our website here, and they also produce a variety of excellent models in other scales which can be found on their website.

Pendraken Miniatures

23 Feb 2016

First look at the Napoleonic Brunswickers!

We mentioned these in the recent newsletter and here they are!  This is the first batch of sculpts for this new range, we should have the 2nd batch with us sometime in March.  If we can get the Nap Prussians moulded up in the next couple of weeks, then we can move these new Brunswickers up the queue and they should then be ready sometime around May/June hopefully.

So, we've got:

Line infantry command:

Line infantry command:

Line infantry, in both march attack and firing poses:

Line infantry, in both march attack and firing poses:

Light infantry command:

Light infantry command:

Light infantry, in march attack and firing poses:

Light infantry, in march attack and firing poses:

Leib Battalion:

Leib Battalion:

We'll have more pics as soon as the next lot arrive here.

Pendraken Miniatures