17 Feb 2016

Pithead Miniatures, New Releases

Pithead Miniatures, releases a number of new models.

Pithead Miniatures, New Releases

  1. American, Av36, Sherman Jumbo 75mm £2.60
  2. American, Av39, M36 tank destroyer £2.60
  3. American, Av40, M36B1 tank destroyer £2.60
  4. British, Bv3,  Humber Early war 8cwt PU radio truck £2.60
  5. British, Bv13, Sherman Firefly Hybrid £2.60
  6. British, Bv92, Sherman  DD £3.00
  7. British, Bv113, Matilda Scorpion flail tank £3.50
  8. British, Bv114, M3 Lee Medium tank £2.60
  9. British, Bv122, Ford  8cwt PU radio truck (resin) £2.60
  10. Russian, Rv26, T34 / 76 mine roller £3.00
  11. Dutch, NL16, Ford Trado Artillery tractor £3.00
  12. Dutch, NL17, Ford PAG trekker Lt gun tractor £3.00 

I'm afraid that although these models are on sale they won't be appearing on my website as I am having problems getting it updated currently

Pithead Miniatures

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