12 Feb 2016

Pendraken Miniatures, New Polish Vehicles & Artillery

We've had some more WWII Polish masters through to us this month, including some of the vehicles and artillery needed for the new range.

So, first up we've got the 7TP, which was the Polish version of the Vickers 6-ton tank.  Similarly to the Vickers, it came in two variants; one with twin 30mm MG turrets (7TP dw) and the other with a single 37mm Bofors gun (7TP jw).  Whilst it wasn't produced in large numbers, with only 149 built, they were all used during the invasion of Poland in 1939.


Next up we've got the little TK-3/TKS tankette which formed the bulk of the Polish army in the 1930's and was produced in higher numbers than the 7TP, with over 500 built before the outbreak of WWII.  The TK-3 was originally armed with the 7.92mm MG, but a couple of dozen were upgraded to a 20mm in 1939, designated TKS.  (The guns are on the piece of card in the photo, but they're not very visible!)


And of course, every army needs supplies, so we've got the Fiat 621 truck!  This was built under license from Fiat, but with some slight modifications to better suit the Polish customers and roads!

Fiat 621

And then bringing up the rear we've got a couple of artillery pieces.  Firstly the 75mm field gun, which we've had done for both French and Polish use, with both solid and pneumatic tyres as well.  Second is the smaller 37mm AT gun.  Both of these were produced in numbers well over 1000.

75mm field gun

37mm AT gun

All of these have gone off to be moulded, so we'll be getting them ready for release soon hopefully!

Pendraken Miniatures

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