30 Mar 2020

Atomic Tank Preview from Hydra Miniatures

How about a new Atomic Tank preview on this dreary quarantine Monday?

Adam Rodgers from Desert Island Designs recently finished two kick-ass sculpts for the Robot Legion. The first preview is a Ripperbot. Many of you saw a similar proxy model that was used for playtesting, but now we have the real thing. We think Adam did a great job on this model and can’t wait to see more sculpts from him.

Atomic Tank Preview

Atomic Tank Preview

Hydra Miniatures

High Command Packs from Good Ground LLC

High Command Packs are up for sale on the site.

So Far From God

High Command

High Command Packs picture 1

High Command Packs picture 2

Good Ground LLC

Solo Rules from Traders Galaxy

Ok be gentle :). This is my first trial at writing solo rules. Please give this scenario a try and let me know how you go. Personally I think it will be really difficult.

Solo Rules

Solo Rules picture 1

Solo Rules picture 2

Solo Rules picture 3

Its quite dependent on models of course. I was thinking Deceiver or Atlantican Air Warriors for the henchmen when I was writing it.

I look forward to hearing how it goes.!

Traders Galaxy

27 Mar 2020

Trial Rules from Traders Galaxy

Trial Rules - Squadrons and Platoons.

Please feel free to try out these trial rules -

Squadrons and Platoons

In Bot War some vehicles, helicopters and planes can be used in 2 ways. The first is that they can be taken singly as an individual unit. These models use the stat card as it is and operate as normal in the game. The second way is by grouping identical models together into a Squadron or a Platoon. A Platoon refers to identical ground units grouped together, and a Squadron refers to identical air units grouped together. If a model can be used in a Squadron or a Platoon, it will be listed in the Super Ability section on their stat card. In either a Platoon or a Squadron, identical models may be taken in a group of 3 or a group of 5 only. Models are taken at the start of the game as a Squadron or Platoon and will always be considered as such throughout the whole game.

The following rules apply to Squadrons or Platoons.

- For each model in the Squadron or Platoon, an additional point is added to the Strategy Rating on the stat card. For example a Snake Corp ABT has an SR2. A Platoon of 3 ABT’s will have a SR4. As models are destroyed, the SR rating will be reduced by 1 for each destroyed model in the Squadron or Platoon.

- All Squadrons or Platoons must be placed on a 3 or 5 space movement tray depending on whether 3 or 5 models are chosen.

- Once in a Squadron or a Platoon, the models will all activate as a single model on the single movement tray base. This means that the whole Squadron or Platoon will receive the same activation allocation as a single model normally would. Essentially the Squadron or Platoon is treated as a single model for the purposes of Activating, Movement, Ranged Attack or Close Attack.

- All Squadrons or Platoons have the Sustained Fire (Strafing Run) Special Rule.

- For each damage point sustained by the Squadron or Platoon, remove one model and adjust the SR rating.

- Each model in the Squadron or Platoon still contributes its full Energy Cube allocation to the faction. For example – A Platoon of 3 ABT’s generates 3 energy cubes total and still has the Efficient Special Rule.

Traders Galaxy

It's Been A Testing Week from Plastic Soldier Company

It's Been A Testing Week

It's been a testing week. So we decided on some good news.

As a surprise gift to all the NorthAG pre-order backers, they will be receiving a PDF copy of the rules shortly as thanks for backing the rules!

This will be sent out in the next few days, as soon as it has been optimised for screen viewing. So backers around the world will get the rulebook at the same time and can begin reading and gaming NorthAG! :)

Thanks again for backing the development of Battlegroup NorthAG.


Battlegroup Northag
The Plastic Soldier Company Ltd

Singles Project from Kallistra

The Hordes and Heroes Singles Project

Singles Project

Medieval Korean Spearmen

Medieval Korean Bowmen

Korean Bowmen

Medieval Korean Handgunners

Korean Handgunners

Now available

Medieval Samurai and Chinese Singles to follow!


Manassas Buildings Painted Examples from Buildings in Turmoil

Manassas buildings painted examples. Here are a few of the buildings with a 10mm figure next to them. They work great for 15mm figures also.

Manassas Buildings Painted Examples

Buildings in Turmoil

26 Mar 2020

Project Update #8: 10mm German/Landsknecht Offiziersstab (Leaders), Kickstarter from Warmonger Miniatures

Project Update #8: 10mm German/Landsknecht Offiziersstab (Leaders), Kickstarter from Warmonger Miniatures

Greens at the Caster

I brought the two units down to the caster today. I also snapped a pic of the wingsuits since you guys hadn't seen them since the hats got reworked.



No idea what the turnaround time is going to be with Corona, but usually I'd expect to be picking these up by mid-April. We'll see how it goes.


I still need surveys from about 10 of you. Please get them back to me as I need them in order to tell the caster what they need to cast.

Warmonger Miniatures

Completing Lots Products from Heroes Models

The end isn't near but we must think positively and using this time to re-start at our best. We are completing a lot of new 1/144 products and we hope to make them available as soon as possible!

Completing Lots Products

Completing Lots Products

Heroes Models

Canadair DC-4M-4 Argonaut from Welsh Models

New Release in 1:144th scale - SL460R - Canadair DC-4M-4 Argonaut in Flying Enterprise livery. Resin kit with metal props and undercarriage. Decals by Cranc.

SL460R - Canadair DC-4M-4 Argonaut

SL460R - Canadair DC-4M-4 Argonaut picture 1

SL460R - Canadair DC-4M-4 Argonaut picture 2

Welsh Models

25 Mar 2020

Covid-19 Precautions from Red3 Miniatures

(covid-19 precautions) We will continue to trade as long as it is safe and proper to do so. One deciding factor will be if postal services continue to accept non essential goods. To reduce risks we will be using contact less collection and delivery which may increase delivery times.

As a trader working from home, isolation will have negligible effect in the short term. I’m aware many customers are isolated and trying maintain their spirits by making use of time creatively. To those who continue to work keeping the Nation going, you have my sincerest thanks

Stay well & paint the lead

Steve Redmond

Red3 Miniatures

Covid-19 Situation from Old Glory Miniatures

In the light of the current Covid-19 situation and the recent Government restrictions and advice here is the situation as regards Old Glory UK

We are still trading.

We are an e-commerce business and so can continue t trade until such time as the Government change or modify their advice.

Since we already work from home we will continue to do so.

Orders will continue to be processed and sent out more or less as normal. There may be a slight slowing down of postage response as all orders will be sent via Royal Mail rather than couriers for the next few weeks.

Old Glory Miniatures

Gripping Beast is Open

Gripping Beast is Open

We are following all UK Government & NHS guidelines, and we continue to put the health and safety of our staff and customers first at all time. At the moment, this means we can still run our mail-order service although our workshop is closed to visitors (even those bearing donuts)
In lighter news, Lord S's new tweed hazmat suit arrived.

Gripping Beast

Covid-19 Announcement from Eureka Miniatures

In response to several emails, Eureka Miniatures are still operating as usual for the moment although this may change due to any further developments or government restrictions. Australia Post have notified us that they are continuing to operate but there may be unavoidable delays in delivery. We have made the following shipping announcements on the Eureka and AB websites.

All international orders from Eureka will be tracked and any international AB orders we suggest you choose the tracked option.

If there are any changes to this we will endeavor to keep you informed. Please stay safe, patient and look after one another.

Eureka Miniatures

24 Mar 2020

Sozruits from Spellcrow

Sozruits are starving madmen who roam the battlefields, relishing the bodies of the fallen. Sozruit's skin is decorated with tattoos and studs stuck in the body. They make their weapons from the bones of defeated enemies. Sozruits fight with the barbarian Vaendral army! The Sozruit shown in the picture is 10 mm tall and was made for the Argatoria battle game.




Covid-19 Situation from Pendraken Miniatures

Covid-19 Situation from Pendraken Miniatures

Most of you will have seen that the UK government introduced a nationwide lockdown last night, ordering people to stay indoors and only leave the house for work, food, exercise or medical needs. The guidance allows us to continue travelling to a place of work, so we will continue to process orders for as long as we are allowed to.

However, we are going to increase our safety measures and start working opposing shifts, from 7am - midnight in various blocks. This will allow us to only have a maximum of 2 staff onsite at any one time (plus Leon in the office) and means that we can isolate people much better. We will continue this until we receive further guidance from the government.

As far as we are aware, the postal services are continuing to run as normal and your parcels should arrive safely in the usual timeframes. Please be aware though that there may be delays in different countries depending on the capacity of the postal services in your area. Please allow a little longer once your parcel has been posted, you will definitely receive your goodies!

The government guidance is here if anyone fancies a read:

Pendraken Miniatures

Coronavirus - We Are Still Open from Kallistra

Coronavirus - We Are Still Open from Kallistra

Coronavirus - we are still open for business!

We currently have ‘healthy’ stock levels for the majority of our product ranges and can continue to manufacturer most items by adjusting our working practices in accordance with government guidelines. Orders continue to be dispatched using courier and postal services although we are restricting the number of postings each week, which means that your order may take few days longer to arrive.

On a positive note, these rather peculiar current circumstances do create a great opportunity for many gamers to self-isolate, paint armies and build their terrain!


Still Shipping from Traders Galaxy

Still Shipping from Traders Galaxy

Well I guess the great thing is that I am still shipping Bot War and Traders Galaxy products as the “factory” is in a covid 19 Free home/zone.

I have also opened up older stock lines such as drones.

I am desperately searching for a 3d printing service to start releasing new products that have been waiting for release.

Also all the work is done on the back end for the kickstarter so if it funds, backers should hope to get their products this year. All things going well of course.

In fact my supply lines and products have hardly been affected at all by covid 19 to be honest. Beastlords had a week delay. The only thing that really affects Bot War is sales. The more sales the more awesome stuff happens. Less sales equals leas stuff happening.

Currently I am waiting to produce the amazing card city and airport set. Expected retail price of $25usd.

Traders Galaxy

COVID-19 Situation from Plastic Soldier Company

To our valued customers and supporters,

We want to take this opportunity to update you on how our operations are proceeding considering the COVID-19 situation and the government’s response.

We are taking the situation seriously and the safety of our staff and customers is our highest priority. We are working in full compliance with the UK government’s latest guidelines and almost all staff are working from home. There is only one person on-site at a time and we are taking additional efforts to protect our staff.

We will continue to operate our e-commerce business until we are directed to stop and will update you should this occur.

As a small operation (there are six of us normally operating out of HQ), we truly value your business in these exceptional times. We know the comfort that our hobbies can bring us, and so we are doing our very best to get orders dispatched as quickly and as safely as we can.

We love hearing from you, so please get in touch and continue to share your lockdown experiences with us on social media.

Wishing you safety and health,

The team at The Plastic Soldier Company

The Plastic Soldier Company Ltd

Still Standing, Brigade Models

After further measures were announced by Boris Johnson yesterday evening, we thought we’d post a further update.

The Brigade workshop is pretty isolated, being situated on a farm. There are usually only a handful of other people working there in different units, none of whom are close to us, and we both get there by car so don’t need to interact with anyone else. Tony is the only one who will be working there, Phil only needs to pop in occasionally and will do this out of hours. Based on this, we feel it’s safe to keep the workshop up and running without endangering either ourselves or anyone else. However, we will be reducing the frequency of visits to the workshop to a minimum to process outstanding orders.

Post Offices remain open, so we will still be able to send orders. But we will be reducing our post runs to once or twice a week.

All of this, combined with some understandable lag in the postal service as they deal with a number of staff being absent, means that it may take a little longer for your orders to get to you. We will get them out as fast as we can, but please be patient if it’s a little slower than normal.

Brigade Models

23 Mar 2020

Corona Virus from Timecast

Corona Virus...

Due to the increasing risk from the Corona virus here in the UK, and with one of our staff in a High Risk age group, we have decided to implement measures to minimise our exposure to the virus with effect from Monday 16th March 2020.

For the next few weeks we will be making every effort to work from home, rather than at the workshop, and the workshop address will be closed to Personal Callers until further notice. We plan to be available to respond to emails and phone calls Tuesday - Friday (10.00 am - 4.00 pm). For urgent enquiries however we can be contacted through our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Timecastmodels/

We plan to maintain production and our mail order service as far as possible, but there will be a reduced number of trips to the post office. However there may well be delays within the postal system in the coming weeks, both here in the UK and elsewhere so please be patient and allow extra time for delivery.

As yet however we do not know if our stocks of Old Glory 15s from the USA will be affected. Please email us if you have any queries regarding the OG15s range.


Confusion Going On Lancer Miniatures

A lot of confusion going on, Julies friends have been in touch on phone and facebook, they have been told to go to work same as normal tomorrow, ones a factory another a warehouse, she is asking my advice, I don't bloody know, thought he said no travelling to work, but it seems people are seeing it as only travel to work if you cant work from home. Am I reading it wrong, and young-un has been told he has to go to work tomorrow, hes a groundworker

Lancer Miniatures

COVID-19 Update from TTCombat

COVID-19 Update from TTCombat

IMPORTANT info about the TTCombat webstore within!

Folks, it’s a sad day I’m afraid.

Unfortunately the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 has finally hit us here in TTCombat towers.

As of this Wednesday we will be shutting the warehouse until everything has blown over. If you place an order before that date we’ll do our utmost best to get it out to you, but we’re already running on a skeleton crew so we can’t promise anything.

Although down here in Cornwall we’re fairly isolated the virus has found its way even to rural villages like this one. Our staff are our most important resource, and we’ve decided that before it gets any worse we’re going to be social distancing and stopping production.

This is obviously a massive disappointment for everyone at work and we’re sure all of you TTCombat fans out there.

While we’ll do our best during the downtime to keep everyone updated with what’s happening and new things, the truth is that outside of the offices there’s not much we can do! With resin production stopping, design stopping, and photography stopping there won’t be much to see!

However, the silver lining is that when things clear up we’ll all be champing at the bit to get back to work and start bringing you all some awesome models again!

In the meantime, if you need to get hold of anyone from the TTCombat offices, info@ttcombat.com is the email address, although due to being out of the office it’s going to very unlikely that we’ll be able to reply. Instead, you’re better off messaging us on the relevant Facebook page. While we won’t be working and won’t have access to things like replacements, prize support, or order queries, we can still help out with questions about rules and painting since we’ll be doing a lot of that ourselves in our time off!

Our thoughts go out to everyone already struggling through these trying times, and our thanks to everyone that is self-isolating or social distancing, and a massive thanks to those workers in essential jobs that are helping to keep things running and providing care for those who need it.

One final note from everyone living down here in Cornwall: if you’re considering coming to Cornwall on holiday, please don’t! Our one hospital is already pushed to breaking point, and the county cannot handle a mass virus with visitors. We love having you all down here, but at the moment coming to the beaches is one of the most dangerous things you can do. So thank you, but please come back next year!

Thanks again to all of our fans. Take care, stay healthy and we’ll see you on the other side.