14 Mar 2020

Dropzone Commander 2.1 Available Now from TTCombat

Dropzone Commander 2.1 Available Now

It’s release day of the updated Dropzone Commander rulebook. It’s such a good deal we’re practically giving it away!

It’s Friday once more and our pre-order window for the new, small format Dropzone rulebook is over. Copies are being transported as I type and those that pre-ordered should have theirs soon.

Dropzone Commander 2.1 Available Now

Little Big Updates

This new version of the rules updates a small number of areas thanks to feedback from our passionate fans. Some of the rules in Battle for Earth were a bit clunky, but we’ve cleaned them up and improved upon an already excellent ruleset.

Lewis has already been through all of the biggest updates in this little rulebook in a series of articles. Rather than quote or repeat them here I’ll link them for you to view at your leisure.



Close Quarters

Once you’ve had a gander at those articles, why don’t you check out the rest of the rulebook. If you like small format physical copies, this book will set you back a minuscule £10. Though if you like your rulebooks in digital format…

Absolutely Free!

Yes, we mean absolutely free, no charge, zero cost to you. Thanks to the magic of the internet (and Lewis’ PDF editing skills) you can find the interactive PDF rulebook here!

This interactive rulebook can also be found over in the resources section of the Dropzone Commander website. You can find the new fast play sheets and starter box construction guides here as well!

Starter Bundles

Starter Bundles

We also have some great bundles to get you started with Dropzone Commander. The two-player starter returns in full force. Now with a command option for both the UCM and Scourge, this is a great place to jump into the fray. For £45 this starter is a steal.

It gets even better as we’re letting you bundle in either a Cityscape or Ruinscape for an additional £10. That’s the same again in savings over buying one separately!

Both the starter and rulebook are available for purchase over on our webstore.

You thought that was it?



This week sees 4 products restocked with UCM and Shaltari getting new units. The Panda and the Tegu add some more options to their factions and some interesting choices. Spare Bear – take a Panda. Opponent with a hate for gates – take some Tegus.

Along with those new options we see restocks for the Overseer/Desolator and the Mercury Scout Drones. Available to purchase right now over on the webstore.

You can find the rules for all of these in the Army Builder over on dropzonecommander.com


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