3 Mar 2020

Small Dropzone Rulebook from TTCombat

Small Dropzone Rulebook from TTCombat

It’s double Dropzone back to back this week!

First of all, there is a new small format Dropzone rulebook!

This new book is a version 2.1, and has a bunch of updated rules based on community feedback!

We’ll be going into more detail on some of the changes in the coming week, but for now we can say that all of your comments have been read and we think that some of the tweaks in this new set of rules will be very welcomed by a lot of people.

The book is A5 size and has about a dozen pages of background lore before getting stuck straight into the rules. At 64 pages it’s a super handy size for playing your games. Battle for Earth is a glorious book, but it’s pretty heavy to take on the bus to your gaming club.

This new book is going on pre-order this Friday!

I bought Battle for Earth, I don’t want to have to buy another expensive book!
We get that!

We’d love for Dropzone players to pick up this new book (printing books costs a lot!), and I can happily say that this new book is just £10.

However, if that’s still not cheap enough, how about a digital version?

That’s right, for the first time, Dropzone Commander will have a PDF digital download version of the rulebook. This one is just rules, with plenty of handy bookmarks to quickly click through to the section you want to reference.

And the cost of the digital one? Free! When the paperback hits shelves, you’ll also be able to download the rules entirely free from www.dropzonecommander.com

2-Player Starter Box

With the new small format rulebook we’re also releasing a new 2-Player Starter Box!

This set combines the beauty of the plastic sprues from the starter armies with the brand new resin commanders. You get:

UCM: 3 Sabres, 3 Rapiers, 6 Legionnaires, 2 Bears, 3 Condors, 1 Wolf LAV, and 1 Titania Raven.
Scourge: 3 Hunters, 3 Reapers, 6 Warriors, 2 Invaders, 3 Marauders, 1 Despot, and 1 Intruder.

Dropzone Commander Rulebook.

Accessories:  3 fast play sheets, 10 dice, an acrylic blast marker and range ruler.

We’ve also got a couple of special 2-Player Box bundles coming your way on Friday, but I’m not spoiling everything today!

We’ll have more information on the new rulebook and what that means for your games, so keep an eye out right here on TTCommunity.


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