14 Mar 2020

Project Update #13: 10mm Vampire Vikings, Kickstarter from Cromarty Forge

Project Update #13: 10mm Vampire Vikings, Kickstarter from Cromarty Forge

The Gods!

Hi All,

I have been asked to explain who all the Gods are. Now I want to start off by saying that I am not an expert in Norse mythology, so if you can correct me and make things better that is great and I will take no offence. I also know that this is an area that some people take very seriously, so if I have failed in any way to properly represent your favourite Norse deity I apologies, please let me know what I have done wrong and what the appropriate libations would be to seek peace with Asgard.

If anyone is particularly interested in this subject I would  strongly recommend the excellent book: Norse Gods, by Johan Egerkrans.

Lets start with the gods on foot:

Lets start with the gods on foot:

Left to right we have

Skadi (F) god of hunting and skiing and the greatest archer in Asgard
Thor (M) lord of Thunder, son of Odin.
Loki (M, mostly) Sorcerer and Trickster god, father of Hel, Fenir and Jomungandr, mother of Sleipnir (its a good story)
Freyja (F) goddess of fertility, love and desire, but also war and death. Well versed in the arts of sorcery.  Freyja has a pair of large cats that pull her chariot. Note, Freyja was not included in the pictures of the gods pack in the kickstarter because her right hand broke in the mold. However, I have included her in the packs sent out to you incase you still want to use her in your army despite her tragic accident.
Angrboda (F) mighty sorceress, and giantess who has occasionally taken Loki as her lover, mother of Hel, Fenir and Jomungandr, and hordes of werewolves.
Tyr (M) God of war who lost his hand to Fenir.
 the mounted gods are:
 Odin the all farther on Sleipnir (the 8 legged horse)
 and Hel, the daughter of Loki, and mistress of the largest of the lands of the dead (also named Hel, or Helheim). She rides on a three legged horse, one side of her body is that of a living woman, the other is dead and decayed. Hel is a sorceress.

The character on the throne in the Drake pack is Freyr, the god of plenty (he's giving Gullinbursti a day off). Note that there is an empty throne and a hole on the rock in front of the drake in case you want another God to be given the flying mount.

I hope I have not made too many errors, and sorry for being a little brief. There is soooo much that can be said about all of these characters.



Cromarty Forge

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