15 Mar 2020

12mm WWII Range from Victrix Ltd

Well in these strange times the team at Victrix Games continue to push on with their new 12mm WWII range.

Header card images are now underway and we have just received more painted images, this time the Panzer IV. Again these were created by the very talented Ruben Torregrosa.

At the moment we have tooling and test shots for the first 5 codes and another 6 sets of CAD with our tool room.

VG12001 Panther

VG12002 Sherman M4A3 75mm

VG12003 StuG III

VG12003 StuG III

VG12004 Panzer IV H

VG12004 Panzer IV H

VG12005 Sherman M4 Firefly

VG12006 Cromwell

VG12007 Tiger I

VG12008 Churchill 6pdr

VG12009 M10 Wolverine

VG12010 M5 Stuart

VG12011 Puma Armoured Car

Victrix Ltd

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