13 Mar 2020

Panzertruppe Rules

Panzertruppe Rules

Panzertruppe Armored Combat in WWII is a set of tactical 1:1 rules for wargaming WWII armored combat using 6mm micro armor or 10mm miniatures (1/300 - 1/200 scale). The basic rules comprise only a few pages of text. Optional rules are provided for advanced play involving infantry, anti-tank guns, artillery, mortars, air support, minefields, indirect fire, hedgerows, hidden set up, and more. Specifications are provided for more than 200 armored fighting vehicles covering the major nationalities from 1939 through 1945. These rules include extensive design notes and they are supported by a Yahoo user group and a FaceBook page. The author's royalties go to charity.

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Chris Pagano
Wargame Vault

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