19 Jun 2015

Waterloo British Released by Pendraken

On the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, and after some unfortunate delays at our end, we're very happy to release Part One of our new 10mm 1812-1815 Napoleonic British!

This first batch covers all of the foot, command and cavalry codes, and we'll be following this up with the artillery, limbers and personalities in a few weeks time. (There was a slight issue with the artillery carriages, so we're just working on those.) We'll also be putting together one of our usual army packs once the range is complete.

1812-1815 British

NBR2 – Centre company, firing line (30)
NBR3 – Centre company, kneeling to receive (10) – £1.50
NBR4 – Flank company, march attack (16) – £2.50
NBR5 – Flank company, firing line (16) – £2.50
NBR6 – Line command (contains 6 sets, each with 2 standards) (30)
NBR7 – Line mounted officer (5) – £1.50
NBR8 – Light infantry, advancing, inc. command (16) – £2.50
NBR9 – Light infantry, firing, inc. command (16) – £2.50
NBR10 – Rifles, inc. Command (30)
NBR11 – Highlanders, centre company, march attack (30)
NBR12 – Highlanders, flank company, adv/firing (16) – £2.50
NBR13 – Highlanders foot command (contains 2 sets, each with 2 standards) (12) – £1.80
NBR14 – Highlander mounted officers (5) – £1.50
NBR15 – Highlander mounted General (1) – £0.45
NBR16 – Dragoons (15)
NBR17 – Light dragoons (15)
NBR18 – Hussars (15)
NBR19 – Household Cavalry (15)
NBR20 – Scots Greys cavalry (15)

(All packs priced at £4.50  and contain 30 foot or 15 cavalry, unless otherwise shown)

NBR2 – Centre Company, Firing Line

NBR2 – Centre Company, Firing Line

NBR6 – Foot Command

NBR6 – Foot Command

NBR10 – Rifles

NBR10 – Rifles

NBR16 – Dragoons

NBR16 – Dragoons

NBR20 – Scots Greys

Pendraken Miniatures.

18 Jun 2015

Good Ground LLC, Creating New Packs

Good Ground has been very busy creating new packs over the last two months. We expect to launch all of these sets prior to Historicon next month. Casting should begin shortly with our friends at Griffin Moulds. Most of these figures have been completed since May, but we had some delay while our casting company relocated to a new facility. They are now back in production, and all our new figures are awaiting production molds, which is now underway.

The Early-War CS Militia or U.S. Regulars will be available firing and marching with three head-gear options. These are Kepi, Kepi with Havelock, and Slouch Hats.

Zouaves will take a bit longer as they will have four headgear options: Fez, Turbaned Fez, Kepi, and Straw Hats. I still expect them by Historicon, as the master mold is already configured.

The Long-Awaited U.S. & CS Dismounted Cavalry With Command

Wilder's Lightning Brigade!

We are very excited about these and many new projects underway for Good Ground.

11 Jun 2015

Rebel Minis Releases Mighty Armies

I am proud to announce the release of our new Mighty Armies: Warmonger line. MA: Warmonger is a line of 10mm miniature armies for playing Mighty Armies. The MA: Warmonger starter box contains a Wild Elf Army, an Orc Army, a small rules booklet (also a full-size download of the rules), two rulers, a pair of dice, and a stat card (a download) for the Orc and Wild Elf armies. This is the first line we have where the miniatures are on strips.

You can also buy each army separately.

Rebel Minis

1 Jun 2015

ACW Gamer: The Ezine Issue 8, June 2015

ACW Gamer: The Ezine Issue 8, June 2016

ACW Gamer: The Ezine Issue 8:

An electronic magazine for fighting the American Civil War on your table top! Miniatures, Scenarios, Reviews and more!

42 page PDF featuring:

Osprey’s Confederate Cavalryman Versus Union Cavalryman
Converting Perry Plastic ACW Cavalry
Peachtree Creek Scenario– East Flank: General Bate enters the fray
Colors of Confederate Clothing Part III
History in Miniature: The Battle of Chattanooga
LEADBEAR’s Tufts and terrain

ACW Gamer