16 Jan 2015

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Cracker Line Miniatures


What is the “Cracker Line” and what are Cracker Line Miniatures? The Cracker Line was opened up in the fall of 1863 to supply the starving and suffering men of the Union Armies of the Cumberland and Tennessee. When U.S. Grant replaced the lamenting William Rosecrans in Chattanooga, the first thing he did was to open a supply line running past Wauhatchie and into North Alabama to Bridgeport via Brown’s Ferry. The volume of supplies shipped to Chattanooga increased every day thereafter. The spirits of the Yanks rose along with the supply of good ole army hardtack crackers and fat back. The supply line soon took on the name of its most frequently transported item, hardtack crackers.

The Cracker Line was born. I could think of no more appropriate a name for miniatures designed to re-fight the battles of the western theatre of the American Civil War. Therefore, almost 150 years later, Cracker Line Miniatures were created. Cracker Line Miniatures are finely detailed 10mm American Civil War figures designed specifically for the Western Theatre of the conflict. They are designed by Bill Moreno and sculpted by Bob Soutar. Each figure is designed in a classic fighting pose which mirrors the famous artists of the period such as Don Troiani, Keith Rocco and Dale Gallon. They wear slouch hats, great coats, sack coats and bedrolls which were typical of the western theatre and its rough terrain. With Cracker Line Miniatures, Johnny Reb of the Army of Tennessee and Sherman’s famous bummers of the Army of the Cumberland and the Army of the Tennessee can once again take to field. So re-fight battles such as Shiloh, Stones River, Perryville and Chattanooga, the battle for which the line is named, with Cracker Line Miniatures. We have also now added Plank Road Miniatures for the great Eastern Battles of the American Civil War. Both Lines are available exclusively from Good

Good Ground LLC, the home of Cracker Line Miniatures, is proud to announce to acquisition of the Starfort Miniatures American Civil War line of 10mm figures, previous owned by Rod Langton. Included as part of the sale are all of the Starfort 10mm resin ACW buildings.

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