30 Jun 2020

Starting Lisowski Cossacks from Warmonger Miniatures

Starting Lisowski Cossacks from Warmonger Miniatures

I had a few orders come in so the next sculpting commission will be able to be covered. I emailed Bob over the weekend, he'll be starting work on some mounted Lisowski cossacks. Hoping for a late August KS.

Warmonger Miniatures

V100 Commando Armored Car from Heroes Models

And finally, our first 1/144 vehicle, the V100 Commando armored car is now on our shop. We tried to include all the necessary in our kit. The pilots hatch can be displayed closed or opened with two figures, rims masks help to color the tiny wheels and all the decals are doubled in number.

V100 Commando Armored Car

V100 Commando Armored Car

Heroes Models

29 Jun 2020

Project Update #28: Kickstarter for 10mm Demon Infantry Miniatures from Black Gate Miniatures

Project Update #26: Kickstarter for 10mm Demon Infantry Miniatures from Black Gate Miniatures

Post Kickstarter Update 16

I am really starting to believe the end (of production) is near!

In the last couple of weeks I have finished the Demon Flyers, pictures below, and will pack those this week. Robi sculpted a variant Flyer, which cast up very easily, and I managed to get one copy of the "tricky" miniature per pack cast up. The Flyers come in packs of twelve, but I very much doubt you will be able to fit more than nine on their bases. In future, on the webstore, they will be sold in packs of nine.

Demon Flyers part 1

Demon Flyers part 2

I have also completed casting the chariot hounds and two of the three crew figures. Picture below. I only have three more moulds to make and cast. The Chariots, wheels and the final crew member with a whip. Hopefully, this can be completed in the next couple of weeks. Then it will be done. Just invoicing, packing and posting to do.

Chariots work in progress

Thanks to everyone for keeping the faith.

Demons forever!


Black Gate Miniatures

1/144 Scale Pilots from Heroes Models

1/144 scale pilots and figures are not so easy to find in the market. For this reason we continue to add new to our catalogue. This time two standing up military pilots and, for the first time, some civil and liner/executive pilots seated in flight, and also a woman! The last set is composed by two guys that maybe are starting to prepare their plane for a Sunday flight.

1/144 Scale Pilots

1/144 Scale Pilots

Heroes Models

25 Jun 2020

The End from P.G. Models

I’ve just got back from the post office and have sent off the last of the orders that I’ve had for kits in my former P G Models range.  I set myself a target of trying to send out all orders with in one month of receiving them, and I’m pleased to say that I have achieved that.  In just one week I received 40 orders for over 320 models, which is what would normally have been about four months work, all done within one month, although I am now completely knackered.

When you do metal casting you find that, especially with the first mould, some bits will cast up okay, and others do not.  So I cut off and kept all of the good parts, and used then for other castings where one of those parts has not come out.  You end up with quite an assortment of odd bits of metal.

The beauty of casting in metal is that any scrap, or odd bits, can be put back into the melting pot and melted down again for re-use.

You will get some surface oxidisation that forms a thin layer of dross that can be skimmed off, as I’m doing here in this photo.

I’ve been using an old ladle that holds around 300g of the metal.  It’s on the side of the meting pot, with the larger ladle inside the molten metal, running at around 290C.

The molten metal is poured into the smaller ladle.

And is then allowed to cool slightly,

I then moved it carefully onto a metal rule that acts as a heat sink, to cool down the metal.

Once set, the metal can be tapped out of the ladle.

By doing this, I am reducing a pile of bits into some compact lumps of metal that will be a lot easier to store so that I can cast up any other models as I want them.

I still have two orders for assembled models of the Mexeflote powered raft to make.  Once those are done I will finally have a chance to sit back and make some models just for me again, which is back to how this all started.

P.G. Models

Project Update #8: 10mm Pictish Woodlanders, Kickstarter from Cromarty Forge

Woodlander army: 10mm wargaming miniatures in lead free pewter and resin.

Humble Thanks

Dear All,

Once again, thank you for your support! The Woodlanders have funded!

I have sent out the surveys, please take a look over these and fill them in at your convenience.  If you want more trees than you have pledged for, simply order what you want and I will get in contact by E-mail to arrange a paypal invoice to settle the difference.

Over the next two weeks I will be getting in the final elements to fulfil your orders, then I will start dispatch.

Thanks again, and I am looking forwards to putting miniatures into your hands.



Cromarty Forge

Project Update #7: 10mm Pictish Woodlanders, Kickstarter from Cromarty Forge

Woodlander army: 10mm wargaming miniatures in lead free pewter and resin.

Seventh Stretch Goal Unlocked

Hello All,

I am very please to say, that in the last few hours of the project, the seventh stretch goal has just been unlocked. This means that the Centaur banner will be added to the Hero pack! Thanks for your continued support and backing. There is only one stretch goal left, and it is very close to being unlocked.

Production resin models are coming in now, so all is looking set for dispatch of miniatures in July. There is a photo of one of the dragon minis below with a viking chariot for scale (the model is quite big!).

 forest walls

Note that the forest walls are the feed for the dragon cast, these are a potential extra that I can't guarantee they will be on your mini when it arrives (I'll do my best).

Cromarty Forge

Really BIG June/July Releases from Armory Models Group

Really BIG June/July releases set under "Armory" brand for 1/144 scale lovers!

AR14507 - 1/144 Lippisch P.13a (2 injected kits in box) w/ resin Kettenkrad tractor

AR AW14011 - 1/144 Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum wheels w/ weighted tires, early
AR AW14012 - 1/144 Antonov An-10/12 Cub wheels
AR AW14016 - 1/144 Sukhoj Su-24 Fencer wheels w/ weighted tires, late
AR AW14305 - 1/144 AH-64 Apache wheels w/ weighted tires
AR AW14306 - 1/144 SH-60 SeaHawk wheels w/ weighted tires
AR AW14307 - 1/144 UH-60 Black Hawk wheels w/ weighted tires
AR AW14311 - 1/144 F-14D Tomcat late type wheels w/ weighted tires
AR AW14402 - 1/144 AVRO "Vulcan" wheels w/ weighted tires
AR AW14403 - 1/144 H.P. "Victor" wheels w/ weighted tires
AR AW14404 - 1/144 A.W. "Valiant" wheels w/ weighted tires

Heroes Models

23 Jun 2020

BAe Jetstream 31 from Welsh Models

New release in 1:144th scale - BAe Jetstream 31 in Manx Airlines livery - this is a dual liveried kit with an option to make the standard J31 or the version with the underbelly storage pod. A mainly resin kit with metal engines, undercarriage and undercarriage main doors. Decals by Welsh. see the website to full details Kits are available to purchase and ship from us immediately.

BAe Jetstream 31

BAe Jetstream 31 picture 1

BAe Jetstream 31 picture 2

Welsh Models

22 Jun 2020

Project Update #6: 10mm Pictish Woodlanders, Kickstarter from Cromarty Forge

Woodlander army: 10mm wargaming miniatures in lead free pewter and resin.

Sixth Stretch Goal unlocked!

Hi All,

Many thanks for all off the preliminary orders, these really help me get the right quantities of miniatures ready before the end of the campaign.

I'm happy to say that the sixth stretch goal (centaur hero) has just been unlocked and will be added to the character pack. This leaves just two more stretch goals to go.

The centaur hero has been added to the character pack! Many thanks for your support.  Many thanks

The centaur hero has been added to the character pack! Many thanks for your support.
Many thanks


Cromarty Forge

Brookes Gun Car from Vital Ground Creative

It was inevitable that I would find something irresistible to have a go at. General Lee wanted cannons on rail cars so they created one. Sometimes called a Brookes Gun Car as it was a Brookes Naval 32 Pdr cannon.

Ok it’s meant to have a naval gun but I’m sure General Lee wouldn’t mind a field piece as a proxy.

See here for background. Beer bottle for scale only (honest) Rail tracks are my mdf versions (same size as N-Gauge)

Brookes Gun Car

Brookes Gun Car picture 1

Brookes Gun Car picture 2

Brookes Gun Car picture 3

Brookes Gun Car picture 4

Cannon is a Pendraken ACW gun.

Vital-ground.co.uk will be going live in July.

Let’s see if I can find something more obscure (but hopefully tempting) to make by then.

Vital Ground Creative

Arlington Heights Blockhouse from Vital Ground Creative

ACW 10mm Arlington Heights Blockhouse coming soon (few tweaks to sort out but pretty much there).

The external staircase had a draw bridge to prevent unwanted visitors Staircase is a little fiddly to make - once I have that ironed out it should be a fun piece. Maybe a railway mounted artillery piece is the order of the day.

Arlington Heights Blockhouse

Arlington Heights Blockhouse picture 1

Arlington Heights Blockhouse picture 2

Arlington Heights Blockhouse picture 3

Arlington Heights Blockhouse picture 4

Flat pack 10mm / 1:150 MDF terrain kit
Figures for scale are Pendraken painted by Peter

Vital Ground Creative

19 Jun 2020

New releases from Panzer-Shop.nl

New releases from Panzer-Shop.nl

Tatra 813 PMS Uferponton

Tatra 813, PMS bank pontoon

Tatra 813 Flussponton

Tatra 813, PMS river pontoon

Transporta P-32:

Transporta P-32

Churchill Mk. IV

Churchill Mk. IV

Mercedes-Benz G Wolf
Mercedes-Benz G Wolf Hard Top
Mercedes-Benz G Wolf Lang
GTK Boxer Ambulance
DKW Munga 8
M3A1 Scout Car
Willys Jeep


Space Chimps and Dwerg Federation from Traders Galaxy

New Space Chimps and Dwerg Federation freshly cast! Pre Order these now

Space Chimps and Dwerg Federation

Traders Galaxy

Project Update #5: 10mm Pictish Woodlanders, Kickstarter from Cromarty Forge

Woodlander army: 10mm wargaming miniatures in lead free pewter and resin.

Preliminary Orders Please!

Hi All,

If you have not done so already, please can you give me a rough idea of what you will be ordering? This is not a final order (Its absolutely fine to change your order in the survey that I send out when the Kickstarter closes) it just helps me ensure I have enough of everything for a quicker turnaround.

Below are some pics of the miniature picking process, working through kilos of lead free pewter!

Have a fantastic weekend,



Cromarty Forge