4 Jun 2020

Feudal Japanese from Pendraken Miniatures

We know that a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting this release so we're very excited to have our new Feudal Japanese range now available.

We've replaced and expanded our old Samurai range with more codes, more poses, more equipment... more everything really. We've got infantry and cavalry, monks and ninjas, guns and drums, casualties, banners, civilians and more. Everything you could possbly want for your Japanese armies... Head over to our Forum for more info:

Renaissance Feudal Japanese

FEU1   Foot command (20)   £3.75

FEU1   Foot command

FEU2   Ashigaru with naginata   £5.50

FEU2   Ashigaru with naginata

FEU3   Ashigaru with longbow   £5.50

FEU3   Ashigaru with longbow

FEU4   Ashigaru with yari upright (15)   £2.75

FEU4   Ashigaru with yari upright

FEU5   Ashigaru with yari angled (15)   £2.75

FEU5   Ashigaru with yari angled

FEU6   Ashigaru with arquebus    £5.50

FEU6   Ashigaru with arquebus

FEU7   Samurai with longbow    £5.50

FEU7   Samurai with longbow

FEU8   Samurai with naginata   £5.50

FEU8   Samurai with naginata

FEU9   Samurai with katana   £5.50

FEU9   Samurai with katana

FEU10   Samurai with yari   £5.50

FEU10   Samurai with yari

FEU11   Peasants with longbow   £5.50

FEU11   Peasants with longbow

FEU12   Peasants with arquebus   £5.50

FEU12   Peasants with arquebus

FEU13   Peasants with improvised weapons   £5.50

FEU13   Peasants with improvised weapons

FEU14   Sohei monks   £5.50

FEU14   Sohei monks

FEU15   Ikko-Ikki monks   £5.50

FEU15   Ikko-Ikki monks

FEU16   Ninjas   £5.50

FEU16   Ninjas

FEU17   Mounted Samurai with longbow   £5.50

FEU17   Mounted Samurai with longbow

FEU18   Mounted Samurai with naginata   £5.50

FEU18   Mounted Samurai with naginata

FEU19   Mounted Samurai with yari   £5.50

FEU19   Mounted Samurai with yari

FEU20   Emplaced gun with crew (2)   £5.50

FEU20   Emplaced gun with crew (2)

FEU21   Foot generals group (4)   £1.00

FEU21   Foot generals group (4)

FEU22   Mounted general and bannerman (2)   £1.00

FEU22   Mounted general and bannerman (2)

FEU23   Taiko drum and drummers   £1.00

FEU23   Taiko drum and drummers

FEU24   Takeda Shingen   £0.55

FEU24   Takeda Shingen

FEU25   Uesugi Kenshin   £0.55

FEU25   Uesugi Kenshin

FEU26   Tokugawa Ieyasu   £0.55

FEU26   Tokugawa Ieyasu

FEU27   Oda Nobunaga   £0.55

FEU27   Oda Nobunaga

FEU28   Ashigaru casualties (10)   £1.85

FEU28   Ashigaru casualties

FEU29   Samurai casualties (10)   £1.85

FEU29   Samurai casualties

FEU30   Civilians   £5.50

FEU30   Civilians

FEU31   Sashimono banners, small (10)   £1.85

FEU31   Sashimono banners, small

FEU32   Sashimono banners, large (10)   £3.50

FEU32   Sashimono banners, large

FEU33   Uma Jirushi banners (5)   £1.00

FEU33   Uma Jirushi banners

FEU34   Horse hair banners (5)   £1.00

FEU34   Horse hair banners

FEU35   Pavise (10)   £1.85

FEU35   Pavise

FEU36   Bamboo palisade (10)   £4.00

FEU36   Bamboo palisade

FEU37   Kuruma Date mobile shield (3)   £4.50

FEU37   Kuruma Date mobile shield

FEU38   Bamboo bundles (10)   £1.85

FEU38   Bamboo bundles

Feudal Japanese Army Pack - Contains 1 pack each of FEU1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 17, 18, 21, 22     £34.00

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