13 Jun 2020

Project Update #4: 10mm Pictish Woodlanders, Kickstarter from Cromarty Forge

Woodlander army: 10mm wargaming miniatures in lead free pewter and resin.

Fourth and fifth stretch goal, and a little extra bit

Hi All,

We just passed the middle of the campaign, and thanks to your support it was done with a flourish! I am pleased to say that the fourth and fifth stretch goals have been unlocked. I have also added a little extra item "the cauldron" at the request of a couple of people on the warmaster (GW) facebook group, that will help if you decide you want to play your Woodlanders with an evil streak.

I have over 20 Kilos of woodlanders downstairs that I am sorting through, picking and packing in anticipation of boxing and getting them out to you. On Tuesday I'll be putting out a request for an idea of what you want to order, if you already have this please go ahead and let me know in the comments section.

Once again, thanks for your support, and a special thanks for getting the message out there about this kickstarter.



Cromarty Forge

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