25 Jun 2020

Project Update #7: 10mm Pictish Woodlanders, Kickstarter from Cromarty Forge

Woodlander army: 10mm wargaming miniatures in lead free pewter and resin.

Seventh Stretch Goal Unlocked

Hello All,

I am very please to say, that in the last few hours of the project, the seventh stretch goal has just been unlocked. This means that the Centaur banner will be added to the Hero pack! Thanks for your continued support and backing. There is only one stretch goal left, and it is very close to being unlocked.

Production resin models are coming in now, so all is looking set for dispatch of miniatures in July. There is a photo of one of the dragon minis below with a viking chariot for scale (the model is quite big!).

 forest walls

Note that the forest walls are the feed for the dragon cast, these are a potential extra that I can't guarantee they will be on your mini when it arrives (I'll do my best).

Cromarty Forge

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