22 Jun 2020

Brookes Gun Car from Vital Ground Creative

It was inevitable that I would find something irresistible to have a go at. General Lee wanted cannons on rail cars so they created one. Sometimes called a Brookes Gun Car as it was a Brookes Naval 32 Pdr cannon.

Ok it’s meant to have a naval gun but I’m sure General Lee wouldn’t mind a field piece as a proxy.

See here for background. Beer bottle for scale only (honest) Rail tracks are my mdf versions (same size as N-Gauge)

Brookes Gun Car

Brookes Gun Car picture 1

Brookes Gun Car picture 2

Brookes Gun Car picture 3

Brookes Gun Car picture 4

Cannon is a Pendraken ACW gun.

Vital-ground.co.uk will be going live in July.

Let’s see if I can find something more obscure (but hopefully tempting) to make by then.

Vital Ground Creative

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