31 May 2018

Victory at Princeton

Victory at Princeton

Throughout my 19 years as president of this fine organization, I have shared many exciting preservation victories with you. Today, I am very proud to announce something that is near to my heart, and I know near to many of yours: Today, we closed on the purchase of the 15-acre Washington’s Charge site on the Princeton Battlefield. It is officially ours!

Acquiring this property was no easy feat. Not long after we added Revolutionary War and War of 1812 sites to our battlefield preservation mission, we found ourselves involved in a controversy over the fate of this iconic landscape, which was slated for faculty housing. Fortunately, in December 2016, we were able to reach a landmark agreement with the Institute for Advanced Study to preserve 15 critical acres of the property.

Then came the next hurdle: The Trust needed to raise $4 million in just 14 months to save this hallowed ground. Fortunately, thanks to your generosity and enthusiasm for history, we succeeded in meeting this ambitious goal.

The January 3, 1777, Battle of Princeton showed our budding nation and the world that Americans could defeat the most experienced soldiers in Great Britain’s formidable army. More than 240 years later, you and I stood shoulder to shoulder once again, preserving one of the most important pieces of Revolutionary War history and accomplishing one of the most ambitious land-preservation goals in the Trust’s history.

While more than 8,000 individuals all around the world donated generously to this project, we would like to extend a special thank-you to Mr. Richard Gilder of New York, who, through his foundation, gave $1.1 million, and without whom we would not have been able to achieve this historic preservation victory.

In addition, our good friends at the American Battlefield Protection Program and the Mercer County Open Space Assistance Program awarded another $837,000 in government grants toward the purchase of the property.

Thank you for helping to honor the memory of George Washington and his Continental Army by joining me in this worthy preservation effort.

American Battlefield Trust

Free PDFs, Hail Caesar, Pike & Shotte and Black Powder Rules from Warlord Games

For a limited time only, you'll be able to explore history with a FREE download copy of the world-renowned Hail Caesar, Pike & Shotte and Black Powder rules!

Black powder

Hail Caesar

Pike & Shotte


Steve Williams alerted us to this offer from Warlord Games on 10mm Wargaming Facebook Group
Warlord Games

30 May 2018

Wars of Marcus Aurelius

Wars of Marcus Aurelius

Game design: Robert DeLeskie
Map Art: Ilya Kudriashov
Unit Illustrations: Gonzalo Santacruz
Hex number: 27
Duration: 90 minutes
Players: 1
Solitaire Suitability: High
Weight: Medium
Theme: Ancients

Wars of Marcus Aurelius, 170CE. Plague ravages the Empire. With the Legions depleted by disease and spread thin across the endless frontier, opportunistic Germanic tribes and fierce Sarmatian raiders strike across the Danube deep into Imperial territory. To face this threat, the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, an untested commander who has never set foot outside of Italy, must transform himself from an introspective philosopher into a cunning warrior and fearless leader.

This debut game from filmmaker and designer Robert DeLeskie was created for BoardGameGeek annual Wargame PNP Contest, where it was crowned the Overall Winner. Additionally it won all but one of the other categories in which it competed, including Best Rules, Most Original Concept, Best Solitaire Game, Best Strategic Scale Game, and Best Short/Quick/Small Game.

Working with Hollandspiele's development team and playtesters, Mr. DeLeskie has expanded upon his original design, resulting in a richer and more varied decision space that rewards repeated plays and multiple strategies.

(1) 22" x 17" map sheet (full and split)
(54) 3/4" counters (with grid and without grid)
100 cards in two decks
12 page Rulebook
You will need (2) six-sided dice

Wargame Vault

29 May 2018

Quik: Game of the Wasteland

Quik: Game of the Wasteland, In the despair known simply as the Wasteland, mankind still craves its sport and its sport is called Qwik. Every village, every town has its own team.

WHAT IS QWIK? To learn about the game you must first learn about the people that play it, the Qwikers. Qwikers come in all size, age, and sex. If you can play, you can find a team. Each team is made up of:

Drivers - Drivers use their two-handed weapons to knock their opponents out of the match, literally. Chain - Swinging metal chains their objective is to protect their Qwik by keeping opponents at bay. Qwik- Only the Qwik can touch the dog skull. The objective of the Qwik is to fight his way through the opposing team and stick the skull on the opponent's stake, winning the match.

You start as the player-manager of a team in the Heart of the Wasteland. Win matches and you get famous, lose matches and the team will disband. Gain better matches until you win your way to the Cities where it's a pie in the sky life and you want your piece!

But playing Qwik is not without its dangers. Break a bone, lose a limb and yes maybe even die. What happens when you can’t play anymore? Your team leaves you behind and finds a replacement.


Inside you'll find:

·         A full color Qwik field and counters to play your matches.

·         Rules to create your individual Qwikers and build your team.

·         Nineteen pre-generated Qwik teams to play against.

·         Three different Locales to play in from the harsh Heart of the Wasteland to the luxurious Cities.

·         Campaign rules that cover every aspect of the sport.

Your time grows short as you make your way towards the field for your first match. All the training and the pain that you endured to make it here, you hope that it will serve you and your team well. The crowd roars as you, the Qwik, stride to the center of the field. You look across the dirt into the eyes of your opponent, a man as desperate as you. Gong! The game starts. Welcome to hell.


Qwik is fully compatible with All Things Zombie, 5150 and other THW games. Can you play a game of Qwik using your characters from other THW games? Yes you can!

Wargame Vault

Tree of Liberty

Tree of Liberty

Tree of Liberty, Morningstar's Tactical Two Pager games are a series of simple but engaging games filled with fun and flavour. Each one takes up only two sides of easy-to-print A4, eliminating the need for a quick reference sheet and providing our players with a cheap source of entertainment.

Tree of Liberty is a wargame for the usual brigade-to-division sized battles of the American Revolutionary War for independence. With minimal tweaking, it could be used for other battles between Europeans and natives on the American continent from the abandonment of the pike to the arrival of the rifled musket.

The game has an order-based activation system which allows enemy interruptions, and elegant firing and melee mechanics that resolve the entire attack by picking multiples (doubles, triples &c) out of each attack roll. The "Disorder" based morale system integrates personal and force level morale to produce believable results with no more book-keeping than a d6.

The rules as written are for models from 15mm to 28mm - halving or doubling ranges will give good games in smaller or larger scales. An average-sized game takes about two hours once you know the rules, and large games can still be finished in an evening. If you are playing a large game, you may want to invest in a few counters to mark the use of initiative orders.

Gamers in the US and UK have enjoyed this game during its three years of playtesting! Get your copy now at a cheap, cheap price!

Wargame Vault

28 May 2018

Wargames Illustrated 367, May 2018

Wargames Illustrated 367, May 2018

Observation Post

We take a look at the horde of new releases available at Salute 2018.

Theme: The Ships of the Enemy Have Come

Pete Brown kicks off our theme by taking us to the Bronze Age and outlines how to create a Campaign system around the ‘Collapse of Empire’.

Designer’s Notes: Burrows and Badgers

Michael Lovejoy explains the process behind the creation of the rules for his range of anthropomorphic animal fantasy miniatures, coming soon from Osprey.

Theme: Wargaming Adrianople

Simon MacDowall tells the story of this catastrophic defeat of the Roman army by the Goths in AD 378.

Graveyard of Tanks

The Battle of Asal Uttar, the Second Indo-Pakistan War, 1965. Steve Blease presents an ambush that took place during a war whose events still have repercussions today.

Theme: The Seven Cities of Cibola

Pete Brown discusses the wargaming potential of the collapse of the Aztec and other Meso-American Empires.

Steve, Rick & The Elf King

We had the opportunity to chat with top sculptor Steve Saleh and manager Joe Saleh of Lucid Eye Publishing, plus gaming guru extraordinaire Rick Priestley about the upcoming The Red Book of the Elf King skirmish game.

Theme: Ottoman Twilight

Colonel (Retired) Bill Gray takes a look at the 1st Balkan War, 1912 - 13, which was instrumental in hastening the collapse of the Sick Man of Europe’s imperial pretensions.

Designer’s Notes: Outremer: Faith and Blood

Jamie Gordon discusses his new rules for skirmish level gaming during the Crusades era and offers some exclusive rules for one of our latest Giants in Miniature figures.

Theme: Scenes from The Downfall of The Reich

Matt Moran charts the wartime career of an unusual German General and his role during the last days of the Third Reich.

Godslayer: Fighting Withdrawal

David Saunders of Megalith Games presents a scenario designed for use with his Godslayer rules system, based upon a slice of history.

Theme: Wargaming The French Indo-China War 1954

From Dien Bien Phu to the Street Without Joy and how they got there, Jim Graham discusses wargaming the French Indochina War 1946 - 54.

Modelling: Making a Monument

James Floyd Kelly passes on his step-by-step instructions for creating the monument which features in the Ghost Archipelago cover artwork.

Theme: Bringing Plastic Figures to The End of Empire

Rupert Mitchell takes a look at several different ideas as to how you might gather 1/72 scale and 1/32 scale plastic forces around the theme ‘End of Empire’.

Death in The Dark Continent Prequel

Chris Peers looks at how to adapt these rules for tribal conflict in Africa prior to the arrival of the Europeans.

Wargames Illustrated

Miniature Wargames 422, June 2018

Miniature Wargames 422, June 2018

What’s up for review in (mostly) historical wargaming with reports on Osprey; Two Princes, Van Dyck, Northumbian, and much more.

With Cat-Like Tread: Conrad Kinch shows how to hunt big game with molotovs...

Wargaming the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion.

St Crispin’s Day: 1415. North East France, on 25th October: another Command Decision conundrum by Jon Sutherland

The editor and his camera pay a visit to Salute 2018.

The usual palantir perusal of the latest news in F&SF gaming with releases from Black Pyramid; CP Models; Osprey; Modiphius, Brigade and more!.

A peak into the story behind our cover feature Wild West Exodus with a trio of exclusives: a Q&A, a painting guide for your free miniature and a scenario called Leave ‘em to the Vultures.  Eeeehaw!

Scenarios ideas by the bucket load with a dissection of Bodange 1940 and Baraque de Fraiture 1944.

More reviews than ever of the very latest book releases.

The Wargames Widow explains why time flies by when you’re the driver of the train (and you ride on the footplate, there and back again etc)

The Boers and Zulu clash in South Africa. History and gaming scenarios!

Find a club in your vicinity and add your club for free!

Miniature Wargames

ESR 1809 Starter Box Available from The Wargaming Company

We've restocked the ESR 1809 Starter Box!

ESR 1809 Starter Box

ESR 1809 Starter Box

The Wargaming Company

Memorial Day

https://www.battlefields.org/On this day, we take time to remember the men and women whose willingness to lay down their lives for our nation has not only shaped our history, but helped define who we are as Americans.

As you may know, Memorial Day traces its origins to the Civil War. After the war ended, Americans from both North and South began to commemorate the more than 650,000 fallen soldiers in communities around the country. First called “Decoration Days,” these commemorative events involved placing flowers on the graves of Civil War dead, usually in the spring months of April or May. Though communities practiced their own unique forms of the holiday, and many towns claim to have held the first Decoration Day celebrations, we can be certain that the early efforts by common citizens to honor their gallant dead after the Civil War laid the foundation for one of America’s most sacred memorial traditions.

You, friend, already honor the spirit of this special holiday each and every day by supporting battlefield preservation and education. One of the best ways to remember the fallen is to ensure that future generations can visit the hallowed ground where young soldiers fought and died to secure the freedoms we enjoy today.

This Memorial Day, we ask you to take a moment to reflect with humility on the sacrifices that Americans have made throughout our history. If you decide to honor our nation’s heroes by visiting a battlefield, cemetery, or other historic site, we encourage you to do so. By preserving the sacred places where America’s first citizens soldiers gave the last full measure of devotion, we offer our gratitude while ensuring that their sacrifices and legacies are never forgotten.

American Battlefield Trust

26 May 2018

Ruined Houses Released from Pendraken Miniatures

This release should be a useful one for a variety of games and periods, basically anywhere that you'd have found wooden houses and fire!

There's two slightly different types in the pack and the chimneys are separate pieces so you can choose whether to put them in or not. The left-hand ruin measures 70x50mm, and the right-hand one is 75x50mm.  The chimneys are 30mm tall.

Scenic Items & Terrain Eastern Front

SCN-EF08    Ruined houses (x2)    £5.00

SCN-EF08    Ruined houses (x2)    £5.00

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Pendraken Miniatures

WWI Middle East Extension & More from Pendraken Miniatures

After all of the GDPR emails, here's something a little bit more fun!  We've just put the finishing touches to our WWI extension, adding new codes to the Middle East range as well as revamping some of the earlier packs and adding some handy officers and generals to some of the other nations!

WWI Austro-Hungarian

AH21   Senior Officers (2)   £0.60

AH21   Senior Officers (2)

WWI Belgian

B8   Senior Officers (2)   £0.60

B8   Senior Officers (2)

B9   Generals (Lt Gen Leman + generic) with map   £1.00

B9   Generals (Lt Gen Leman + generic) with map

WWI British

BP68   Senior Officers (2)   £0.60

BP68   Senior Officers (2)

WWI French

F11   Dragoons

F11   Dragoons

F41   Senior Officers (2)   £0.60

F41   Senior Officers (2)

WWI German

GP49   Dismounted Uhlans

GP49   Dismounted Uhlans

GP50   Senior Officers (2)   £0.60

GP50   Senior Officers (2)

WWI Middle East

ME4   Dismounted Australian cavalry

ME4   Dismounted Australian cavalry

ME5   Australian cavalry

ME5   Australian cavalry

ME6   Imperial cavalry

ME6   Imperial cavalry

ME7   Turkish cavalry

ME7   Turkish cavalry

ME15   German Asia Korps infantry

ME15   German Asia Korps infantry

ME22   Imperial Lewis gunners, prone (3)   £1.75

ME22   Imperial Lewis gunners, prone (3)

ME23   Indian foot in turban

ME23   Indian foot in turban

ME24   Turkish Arab Legion infantry

ME24   Turkish Arab Legion infantry

ME25   Irregular Arab cavalry

ME25   Irregular Arab cavalry

ME26   Sharifian regular cavalry

ME26   Sharifian regular cavalry

ME28   Turkish Stormtroopers

ME28   Turkish Stormtroopers

ME33   Imperial infantry in pith helmet, firing/kneeling

ME33   Imperial infantry in pith helmet, firing/kneeling

ME34   Imperial infantry in tropical helmet, firing/prone

ME34   Imperial infantry in tropical helmet, firing/prone

ME35   Sharifian infantry

ME35   Sharifian infantry

ME36   Turkish infantry, firing/kneeling

ME36   Turkish infantry, firing/kneeling

ME37   German Asia Korp, throwing grenade (10)   £1.75

ME37   German Asia Korp, throwing grenade (10)

ME38   Turkish Generals (Cemal Pasa + Sevki Bey) with map   £1.00

ME38   Turkish Generals (Cemal Pasa + Sevki Bey) with map

WWI Russian

RP13   Senior Officers (2)   £0.60

RP13   Senior Officers (2)

RP14   Generals (Tsar Nicolas + Grand Duke Nikolaevich) with map   £1.00

RP14   Generals (Tsar Nicolas + Grand Duke Nikolaevich) with map

- Packs contain 30 foot / 15 cavalry, priced at £5.25 unless shown otherwise.
- Italics denote revamped packs.

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Pendraken Miniatures

25 May 2018

Yorktown, Memorial Day, 20,000 Students on Battlefields, and More

Yorktown, Memorial Day, 20,000 Students on Battlefields, and More

On October 19th, 1781, General George Washington accepted the surrender of General Lord Charles, Earl Cornwallis, ending the last major battle of the Revolutionary War at Yorktown. The nearly three-week-long siege prior to this moment was the culmination of the Patriots' alliance with the Kingdom of France, whose navy bested the British on the Chesapeake Bay and cut off Cornwallis' escape. Several of Washington's French colleagues, including the Marquis de Lafayette and the Comte de Rochambeau, were present at the surrender, and the alliance that won the day at Yorktown continues to this day with the modern French Republic.

Eight decades after Cornwallis' surrender, Yorktown witnessed the roar of cannon once again. Southern forces blocked General George McClellan's Army of the Potomac as it embarked upon the Peninsula Campaign during the American Civil War. After a month-long stalemate that bought the defending Southerners valuable time, McClellan used the town as the base of operations against the Confederate capital at Richmond, in an operation that he and President Lincoln hoped would bring a swift end to the war. Unfortunately for both men, as well as the Union cause, General Robert E. Lee launched an audacious counteroffensive that resulted in the defeat of McClellan's army and ultimately saved Richmond.

More than 150 years after McClellan’s duel against Lee's Army, American Battlefield Trust members will be descending on Newport News, Virginia, for our 2018 Annual Conference. From May 30 through June 3, our members will explore Yorktown and other historic battlefields that shaped the nation we are today -- battlefields that you and other Trust members have helped to save.

If you are not attending in person, we welcome you to join us on social media as we explore Revolutionary and Civil War sites on the Peninsula. We’ll visit places like Fort Wool, which witnessed the first battle between ironclad warships; Richmond-area battlefields, including Gaines' Mill, Malvern Hill, and Cold Harbor; and historic Yorktown. There will also be tours through Fort Monroe, Seven Pines, and many more. Follow the action with the hashtag #BattlefieldsConference2018 or see live updates on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Commemorate Memorial Day

Each May, Americans gather to remember the fallen soldiers from throughout our country’s history, from the Revolutionary War to the present day. We have compiled a list of programs, events, and activities at some of America’s most famous battlefields and historic sites, from Georgia to New York.

20,000 Students on Battlefields!

Our Field Trip Fund has helped 20,000 students visit battlefields and historic sites! This fund allows students to experience the places where history was made, including sites like Gettysburg, Independence Hall, and Antietam. Because of our remarkable members, 20,000 students were able to experience some of the most important places in American history. We are deeply thankful for your support, and honored to reach this remarkable milestone.

Military Unit Lineage

We have compiled a collection of articles tracing the lineage of some of the most famous units in American military history. You can read about the 21st Infantry Regiment (the “Gimlet” regiment), Alexander Hamilton’s own 5th Field Artillery Regiment, the 7th U.S. Infantry ("Cottonbalers" Regiment), and more.

Clara Barton Collection

We recently met with the National Museum of Civil War Medicine to explore the museum’s Clara Barton collection. Watch our new War Department video to peek at artifacts found at Clara Barton’s office in Washington, D.C., including a book containing the names of Union soldiers who died at Andersonville prison.

A Message from Jim Lighthizer

This month, we announced the American Battlefield Trust an umbrella organization that encompasses the Civil War Trust and the Revolutionary War Trust. If you haven’t viewed the video yet, watch Jim Lighthizer describe this exciting new chapter in battlefield preservation story.

If you have used Amazon Smile to contribute to the Trust in the past, thank you! Your purchases have contributed more than $14,000 to battlefield preservation. You can continue to support battlefield preservation through your purchases under the American Battlefield Trust umbrella. Visit our site for instructions on how to change your charity selection, or how to sign up for Amazon Smile today.

Seminary Ridge

We have launched an effort to save 18 acres at Seminary Ridge at Gettysburg. This land saw fierce fighting on July 1, 1863, and is some of the largest and most significant unprotected acreage remaining at Gettysburg. Learn more about this initiative an effort of the Civil War Trust and help save Seminary Ridge today.


American Battlefield Trust

24 May 2018

12mm Australian M113 Medium Reconnaissance Vehicle (MRV) from Butlers Printed Models

One Australian M113 Medium Reconnaissance Vehicle (MRV).  Available in 6mm (1/285), 12mm (1/144), 15mm (1/100), 20mm (1/76) and 28mm (1/56).

An M113A1 mounting a Scorpion turret.  (Official designation Carrier, Fire Support, Full Track M113A1 (FS) Scorpion Turret)

 Australian M113 Medium Reconnaissance Vehicle (MRV)

Australian M113 Medium Reconnaissance Vehicle (MRV) picture 1

Australian M113 Medium Reconnaissance Vehicle (MRV) picture 2

Australian M113 Medium Reconnaissance Vehicle (MRV) picture 3

Pictures shown are for 15mm models

All models supplied unpainted, unbased and without crew (figures)

3D printed to order

Butlers Printed Models

12mm Australian M113 with T50 turret from Butlers Printed Models

One Australian M113 with T50 turret.  Available in 6mm (1/285), 12mm (1/144), 15mm (1/100), 20mm (1/76) and 28mm (1/56).

Available armed with either twin 30 cal machine guns or one 30 cal and one 50 cal machine gun

Australian M113

Australian M113 picture 1

Australian M113 picture 2

Australian M113 picture 3

Pictures shown are for 15mm models

All models supplied unpainted, unbased and without crew (figures)

3D printed to order

Butlers Printed Models

12mm Keiler (Leopard 2 prototype) from Butlers Printed Models

One West German Keiler (Leopard 2 prototype).  Available in 6mm (1/285), 12mm (1/144), 15mm (1/100), 20mm (1/76) and 28mm (1/56).

This version of the Leopard 2 prototype is circa 1969

Keiler (Leopard 2 prototype)

Keiler (Leopard 2 prototype) picture 1

Keiler (Leopard 2 prototype) picture 2

Keiler (Leopard 2 prototype) picture 3

Pictures shown are for 15mm models

All models supplied unpainted, unbased and without crew (figures)

3D printed to order

Butlers Printed Models

23 May 2018

1:144 V-1 Launch Ramp Full Length with Accessories from Combat Group Dynamix

1:144 V-1 Launch Ramp Full Length with Accessories from Combat Group Dynamix

This 1:144 V-1 Launch Ramp Full Length with Accessories model includes a.) eight modular sections, b.) one base support, c.) four bipod supports, d.) one adaptor module for connecting the steam generator, e.) one gas generator, f.) one starter device, g.) one compress air cylinder set for the starter device, h.) one Fi 103 F-1 (V-1), i.) one Fi 103 A-1 Reichemberg II twin seater, j.) and two trolleys for the Fi 103s.

V-1 Launch Ramp Full Length with Accessories

You will be able to complete a full eight section launch ramp. The ramp takes up approximately 344mm/13.5in X 25mm/1 in of floor space excluding the accessories.

The model is fabricated with state of the art "3D Printing" technology. Highly detailed. Product of Hong Kong.

Combat Group Dynamix