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Ancient History Magazine 16, May-Jun 2018

Ancient History Magazine 16, May-Jun 2018

Ancient History Magazine 16 with Exploring Roman Britain

Even though the Romans officially took the British Isles with military force in AD 43, it would be many more decades before they could truly claim it as their own, thanks to a gradual process of integration and assimilation.

Theme: Exploring Roman Britain

Andrew J. Roberts, 'Romanization, diversity, and change - Becoming Roman Britain'.
Angela Youngman, 'Londinium's mysterious Roman past - The London Mithaeum'.
Svenja Grosser, 'Entertaining the masses - Spectacula in Londinium'.
Jasper Oorthuys, 'Roman ideas about the island - Those wretched Britons'.
Sadie Watson, 'The Roman conquest of Britain - Interaction, integration, assimilation'.
Carole Raddato, 'Visiting London's Roman remnants - Walking the London Wall'.


Hareth Al Bustani, 'Alexander of Abonoteichus - The false prophet'.
Richard W. Field, 'Ancient paradox or anti-war materpiece? - The Trojan Women'.
Julie Ackroyd, 'The peculiar popularity of Mithras - Killing the sacred bull'.
Graham Sumner, 'The Roman army on screen, part 10 - The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964)'.

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