29 May 2018

Tree of Liberty

Tree of Liberty

Tree of Liberty, Morningstar's Tactical Two Pager games are a series of simple but engaging games filled with fun and flavour. Each one takes up only two sides of easy-to-print A4, eliminating the need for a quick reference sheet and providing our players with a cheap source of entertainment.

Tree of Liberty is a wargame for the usual brigade-to-division sized battles of the American Revolutionary War for independence. With minimal tweaking, it could be used for other battles between Europeans and natives on the American continent from the abandonment of the pike to the arrival of the rifled musket.

The game has an order-based activation system which allows enemy interruptions, and elegant firing and melee mechanics that resolve the entire attack by picking multiples (doubles, triples &c) out of each attack roll. The "Disorder" based morale system integrates personal and force level morale to produce believable results with no more book-keeping than a d6.

The rules as written are for models from 15mm to 28mm - halving or doubling ranges will give good games in smaller or larger scales. An average-sized game takes about two hours once you know the rules, and large games can still be finished in an evening. If you are playing a large game, you may want to invest in a few counters to mark the use of initiative orders.

Gamers in the US and UK have enjoyed this game during its three years of playtesting! Get your copy now at a cheap, cheap price!

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