11 May 2018

The Most Awful Situation, 1814 in France from The Wargaming Company

The Most Awful Situation, 1814 in France: The Campaign of France and The Six Days

After the crushing defeat of the French Army at Leipzig, a series of small actions allowed what was left to retire into France; but the hostilities continued through January as the Allies pressed vigorously. In mid-February the Emperor had determined to change the conditions of the war. Outnumbered four to one, the French would go on the offensive. Napoleon conducted the most brilliant campaign of his career: The Six Days; fighting and winning four battles in six days.

The Most Awful Situation includes everything you need to begin recreating the first two phases of 1814: organization, maps, historical briefings, and uniforms.

Two campaigns, Nine scenarios, Twenty-seven maps, Over 700 uniform images created especially for inclusion in this series and offering!

Outnumbered 4:1, bring it on…
9 scenarios covering both the initial Campaign of France and The Six Days:
1st Bar-sur-Aube
La Rothière

The Most Awful Situation Campaign Guide is compatible with Et sans résultat! Original and Second Edition as well as most any other tabletop Napoleonic wargame.

The Wargaming Company

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