Wargaming Rules

Wargaming Rules

My Wargaming Rules For 10mm Wargaming. In this part of the site I will list all the rules I use for wargaming and my opinions.

I started using Rapid Fire probably about 12 years ago when I joined the Grimsby Wargames Society which was written by Colin Rumford and Richard Marsh, Colin used to be a member of the Grimsby Wargames Society until he moved. 

However we spend most of our time playing Black Powder now at the club mainly with 15 mm ACW figures and 28 mm Napoleonic's the rules are written by Rick Priestley and Jervis Johnson, we also use Hail Caesar which was also written by Rick Priestley.

Rules designed predominantly for 10mm or smaller.
  1. 1914 Rule Book & Card Deck
  2. Adeptus Titanicus: The Horus Heresy Rules
  3. Aliens Rules
  4. Banzai Age of the Country at War Rules
  5. Black Powder Rules
  6. Blitzkrieg Commander Rules
  7. Bot War Rules
  8. CAV Strike Operations
  9. Cold War Commander Rules
  10. Colours & Guns Rules
  11. Doctor Who Rules
  12. Dropzone Commander Rules
  13. Et sans résultat Rules
  14. Full Captain Rules
  15. Future War Commander Rules
  16. Gunboat Squadron Commander Rules
  17. Hail Caesar Rules
  18. Heavy Gear Blitz Rules
  19. Hordes & Heroes Fantasy Rules
  20. Hordes & Heroes Medieval Rules 
  21. Horizon Wars Rules
  22. Kriegspiel is what i use for running campaigns
  23. Lord and Lands Rules
  24. Manoeuvre Group Rules
  25. MechWarrior, Dark Age Rules
  26. Mythos of Legends Rules
  27. Panzer Korps Rules
  28. Pike & Shotte Rules
  29. Planetfall Rules
  30. Raging Empires Rules
  31. Rapid Fire Rules
  32. Severed Union 1861-1865 Rules
  33. Spitfyre: Eagles over Branz-Hûm Rules
  34. Squadron Commander Rules
  35. Starsiege Rebellion Rules
  36. Trireme Commander Rules
  37. VainGlorious France 1940 Rules
  38. Warband Rules
  39. Warmaster Ancient Rules
  40. Warmaster Rules
  41. Zombie Rules

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