7 Aug 2013

10mm Caesarian Romans from Adler Miniature

10mm Caesarian Romans from Adler Miniature

Having been asked to produce Ancients in 1/300th a fair bit over the years we have finally decided to do an Ancient range but to go up to 10mm. Myriad reasons for this but mainly its the extra size means we can depict the armour and dress of the period with greater detail and variations.

It also has the benefit of making the weapons more robust and also allows for the casting of figures with 'open hands' to allow for the fitting of separate more robust spears..

The first instalment are Gauls and Ceasarian Romans

Caesarian Romans

CR 1 Legionary advancing with sword ( 20)
CR 2 Legionary advancing with pila
CR 3 Legionary throwing pila
CR 4 Legionary standards(4), musicians(8), Optios (4), Centurions (4)
CR 5 Mounted and dismounted Legate and tribune, musicians (2)Aquifer (1)
CRC 1 Bodyguard cavalry (4) ( Not yet available)
CRC 2 Legionary cavalry ( 15) ( Not yet available)

TRANR 1 Legionary shield transfers ( 21 scutum and 4 round patterns ( Four patterns available)

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