6 May 2015

Gunboat: Squadron Commander Rules

Gunboat: Squadron Commander Rules

Capitan Games Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of their Napoleonic Naval Gunboat Rules, Gunboat: Squadron Commander. The rulebook will be available to order for £25.00 from our online shop in a week or so.

The beautiful 10mm scale gunboat kits (made and designed in collaboration with Laser Dream Works from the U.S.A.) and crew figures are in stock, and can also be ordered from the shop.

After the highly successful launch of the range at Salute" on 25th April, we would like to thank Southend Wargames Club for their cleverly designed and executed demonstration game, The Siege of Rosas 1808. The concept of the rules is to provide an uncomplicated, fun game which can be completed in an evening… but beware! The blood flows freely!

Capitan Games Ltd

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