21 Jan 2015

Warband Rules

Warband Rules

We are extremely happy to announce that the first set of official Pendraken rules will be available very soon, Warband, written by Steve Hardy!

Warband provides all the rules you need to bring great battles between fantasy armies to your tabletop.

Using miniature figures and terrain, you can fight battles from the glorious sword and sorcery epics you've read about.
You can play games against your friends or competitive battles against worthy opponents.

Warband is designed to be simple to learn and difficult to master, and so it uses a single consistent task resolution method throughout the rules.  Whether you’re trying to get a unit of warriors to move, seeing how effective it’s shooting or fighting is, or how well it has defended itself, you’ll be using the same dice pool mechanism.  You determine the number of dice to roll and each result of 4+ is a success.  The more successes you roll, the better your units will do, and the more likely you are to win.  Simple!

Of course fighting a good tactical battle, getting your units into advantageous situations, and making effective command decisions will mean you’ll be far more likely to win.  Coming up with effective tactics for your chosen army to defeat your opponents is what will take you time to master.

So with Warband’s intuitive rules you’ll be fighting the battle not the rulebook, and hopefully having a lot of fun into the bargain!

You'll be able to decide which of the fantastic races you'd like to command and then construct your force from the lists provided.
Warband includes complete army lists for twelve armies, with abilities, options, spell lists, and descriptions including;
Barbarian men, Dark elves, Dragon men, Eldritch vampires, Goblins, High elves, Hill dwarves, Lizardmen, Samurai apes, Taurians, Undead, and Wood elves.

Army composition and optional upgrades are highly flexible, allowing you to build the force that best fits your style of play.  If you'd like to command a horde of bison riding barbarians, rampaging minotaurs, skirmishing ghouls, or serried ranks of deadly elven archers then you'll find something to suit you in the Warband rules.

The rules are currently at the printers and we're hoping to have the finished rulebooks with us very soon.  As well as the printed copies (available through the Pendraken website, priced at £16), there will also be pdf versions available through Wargame Vault (price to be confirmed).

To go with these new rules, we are giving our Fantasy ranges a complete overhaul to provide as much variety as possible.  The new ranges will feature larger packs of 25 assorted infantry, 12 assorted cavalry or 3 guns with crews, each priced at £4.50 per pack.  All of these packs contain maximum variety, with no two figures being the same!  Phil Lewis has spent a huge amount of time sculpting these, changing weapons, adding shields, cloaks or pouches, to make every figure different to the last.  As far as we know this level of variety has not been seen before in this scale, so we're really looking forward to getting these released and out there to complement the new rules!

The first two revamped ranges to be released will be the Hill Dwarves and the Goblins, each coming with a handy new army pack built around the Warband rules.

We're really excited about this and can't wait to get Warband released, along with the new ranges.

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