30 Jan 2015

New 10mm Beau Geste Range

New 10mm Beau Geste Range

New 10mm Beau Geste Range 25% Pre-Order Discount.

Little Wars Miniatures, a new joint venture between S&A Scenics and Lancashire  Games, has its first new range available to pre-order with a massive 25% discount.

Our 10mm Beau Geste range allows you to to field the brave Foreign Legion against those pesky Arabs!!

The range will be available from 1st March; however, if you pre-order before 18th February, you will receive a massive 25% discount.

Sample figures will be on show on the S&A Scenics stand at the Vapnartak show in York on 1st February, and available to buy from Lancashire Games at the WMMS show in Wolverhampton on 8th March.
Foreign Legion.

New 10mm Beau Geste Range picture 1

Little Wars Miniatures for full details.

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