18 Jun 2020

New British Releases from Victrix Ltd

These are the latest developments with the 12mm/1:144 scales WWII range. The British heavy weapons are almost complete but we are still waiting on the 3” mortar and crew to be sculpted.

The Hanomag is now going to the tool room. At some stage we may plan to produce an accessory sprue to include PaK 35, engineer bridges, flame throwers etc.

The M3 will have both British and US crew options in the same set. It is also off to the tool room.

We will shortly start sculpting the US infantry sets.

Available now:

VG12001 Panther
VG12002 Sherman M4A3 75mm
VG12003 StuG III
VG12004 Panzer IV H
VG12005 Cromwell

Next releases:

VG12006 Sherman M4 Firefly
VG12007 Tiger I
VG12008 Churchill 6pdr
VG12009 M10 Wolverine
VG12010 M5 Stuart
VG12011 Puma Armoured Car

M3 Halftrack

Sd.Kfz. 251

British Infantry

German Infantry

Victrix Ltd

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